Making space and s’mores

One of our recent participants, Maureen Jann, was kind enough to write about her personal experience of the May 2015 Camp Souldust, a 3-day overnight Desire Map retreat held at Lake Crescent in the Olympic National Forest.

Man, did I need a vacation.

It’s really hard to remember who you are when you’re buried in daily obligations. I work two jobs, have a twenty hour commute, am trying to be a good mom to a toddler and still have a life.  Sometimes I feel lost and frustrated.

Serendipitously, I ran across Souldust.  I cheated, because I know Rachel (the lovely proprietress). She told me about Camp Souldust. Cabins, comrades, The Desire Map and yoga.  I knew I needed to go.

As we pulled up to Lake Crescent, it was clear this was going to be a lovely weekend.  The time was right to make space for me again.

Being a natural skeptic, the self-help-y nature of The Desire Map felt a little too granola for me, but I tried it anyway.  That’s what I tell my two year old to do, and being a hypocrite is not on the table.  An hour in, I knew it was special.  As a highly motivated person, I always have more than my share of goals.  The Desire Map showed me that not all of them were going to get me where I wanted to go.  It was time to re-evaluate.

And, as luck would have it, there was a silent meditation walk.  Turns out this was a perfect time for me to reflect on what I had just discovered.  There is safety in silence.  I needed that time to think.  Think….that words feels foreign sometimes when we’re in the vortex of a swirling busy life. It was a luxury.  A luxury I desperately needed.  I started making some choices to put my life back into balance.  It was time to make time.

After a delicious dinner, it was campfire time and summer camp nostalgia crept in.  The simplicity of the outdoors came rushing back while we made s’mores and a few friends.

When I walked away from Camp Souldust that Sunday afternoon, I walked away with a few new things.  I walked away with a little space in my heart and head to give me time to build the life I wanted for myself and my family thanks to Rachel and The Desire Map.  I packed up a more comfortable and limber body thanks to Carla’s yoga.  The tools I gained reminded me that I can take action in my life.  The decisions I make matter.

And you know what?  The changes I’ve made are making my days nicer and my head a healthier and happier place. I made space for me.  By doing that I’ve made space for the people and the things I love.


Have you had an experience that left you space to breathe?  Tell us about it in the comments.

And, if you want to find a little space like the lovely Maureen did at Camp Souldust, you might consider signing up for one of our upcoming Camps.

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Maureen Jann

Daughter of the hard working German variety, Maureen Jann has mostly been focused on building the career she’s always wanted.  As she eases her toe into motherhood (four years in and it still feels this way), she’s unearthing callings that take her beyond marketing. Travel and purpose are the new black. Maureen looks forward to sailing through the next stage of her life learning about the world and herself with an open heart and open mind to become even more deliciously human.

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