Making mud pies

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It’s tempting to think that all dust is bad. That we should shoot for the super-clean, perfect house, job, family, lifestyle, Facebook feed. That’s what all those spirituality gurus and Real Simple articles would have us believe, right? Organize. Clear out. Make it all look pristine.

But let’s be real, not many of us want to live in the equivalent of a sterile hospital environment. We want a life filled with abundance, color and vitality. We want a little bit of mess to make us intriguing and real. Mix-and-match patterns that break all the rules. A kitchen sprinkled with the flour and chocolate is evidence of a happy baking day. Tears and laughter can both leave us weak and messy, but who would give up those connections to our humanity? Let’s face it: the most interesting people and places in this world are rarely the squeaky clean ones.

At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty,
your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.
– Shanti

The question is what you’re going to do with that mess, that chaos and that dust – and how often you’re planning to drive yourself crazy straightening, dusting, and FIXING yourself.

If my personal journey through often soul-sucking career climbing, single motherhood, and lost dreams and wishes has taught me anything, it’s this: I certainly don’t want a layer of dust caked on my core self, hiding my light. I want to shine out from under it.  But I am okay with a little dust here and there. It’s what makes me special. It’s proof of a life well-lived and hard-fought. And this is true for you as well, I’m sure. Where does your “dust” come from? Why is it there and can you turn it into something really amazing, something creative and unique to yourself?

Yes, you can.

Because it’s your dust. It’s soul dust.

website_blog_mudpie2So instead of sanitizing it out or constantly hiding it from the world, turn your soul dust into stardust. Make it sparkle.

Remember when you were a kid and you made mud pies with complete purity of purpose? There you were, taking something people scrape off their shoes and turning it into art. Not just art, but a delicious pie topped with dandelions, a pie that you would later offer up to your parents for dessert.

Transform your soul dust into a mud pie. Get it wet, infuse it with yourself, make it delicious. The most revered art on the planet — whether it’s a painting, a musical composition, a poem — usually reflects bits of the artist’s pain, suffering, fears, and pressures. Her authentic soul dust, her truth. But she finds relief by shifting that soul dust into an artistic mud pie. Something beautiful and thoughtful and rare.

But how? Well, that’s what the Souldust community is all about. Finding ways to shake off the dust and turn it into something beautiful in your own life. Helping you shine brighter from your core. Have you ever seen dust sparkling through a window? Beautiful. Be that.


Camp with us. Play with us. Wander with us. Explore with us. Together, we’ll help each other crack open our hearts and reclaim the passion, energy and intuition that we lost touch with over the years.

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