New Moon in Capricorn: Own your reality


Transits for December 28th 2016 through January 26th 2017

Happy New Moon!

Wow, we are living in amazing times. I know that for most this still looks chaotic and awful, but truly, big things are shifting. Many of us are being called into our higher selves, to live our purpose full on now, regardless of how ‘ready’ we feel. Eek!

It really does appear that we are being divided into two different realities – and I don’t mean between Republican and Democrat. I mean the reality of those who feel empowered and alive, and the reality of those who still think their power lies in the hands of others (and therefore needs to be taken back).

The divide is between those who are cluing into the fact that life is always and only a reflection of your own inner reality, and the ones still believing that life happens to them. One side is emerging into a life that is more fulfilling and on purpose then they could ever have imagined, and the other is drowning in resentment and helplessness.

We are currently purging ourselves of our collective victim consciousness and how far you’ve come on that journey relates to the amount of suffering you’re currently experiencing.  I know that’s a strong statement, but I believe that with every fiber of my being.

This is our collective mission right now – own every last piece of your reality, for it all belongs to you and you alone.

This is where your power lies. This is where our evolution as a species lies. Own your reality, own your power.

“So, that all sounds well and good” you say, “but how exactly do you own your power with a demanding boss at work, two small kids at home and to top it all off a nut about to be President?”

There is always a reason to be a victim, and I’m not saying that dismissively. There truly is. I don’t care how beautiful your life is, you can always find a reason to blame someone else for keeping you down, which is why for most people it’s our go-to solution. Blaming others for our problems makes us feel justified in our suffering, it makes life a little more bearable.

But herein lies the shift….would you rather blame your boss for your lack of free time — therefore not having it be your fault, but still not having your free time? Or, would you rather see that it’s a fear of failure that keeps you working those long hours, and work on that fear until it no longer rules you? You have no power if it’s your boss’s fault. You have all the power if it’s your own.

Your kids will hate you if you don’t give them everything they want therefore you martyr yourself to them (kids have your power). Or, you won’t feel like a worthwhile mother if you don’t give your kids everything they want, so you work on your hidden beliefs on what it means to be a good mom (you have the power). You’re afraid of a Trump presidency, so you complain to all your friends about how evil he is (the government has your power). Or, you’re afraid of not having a voice, so you start speaking your truth as loud and as proud as you can, and empowering others to share their voices too (you have the power).

We are leaving the era of victim consciousness, and all it takes is a shift in perspective.

This month (and all of 2017 really) this is our goal, self-empowerment through the release of victimhood.

To start this off, we’re getting a little help from Mercury as it comes into a harmonious aspect with our collective karmic purpose (North Node) today through the end of next week. This means that our communication to others as well as to ourselves will be more clear and ‘on path.’

This clarity will come into full form on the 8th when Mercury ends its Retrograde cycle and comes back online, helping us more openly own and speak our truth, as well as lessening our ability to get lost in the fog of others’ ‘realities.’

And, just in case we need a bit of a push in this whole ‘owning our own reality’ thing, the Sun (our collective focus) is coming around to hang out with Pluto (our collective transformation) for the first two weeks of 2017. Pluto is a take-no-prisoners kind of energy that is hell bent on transforming its surroundings.

This happens somewhat gracefully if you’re on board with the change, and somewhat forcefully if you’re not.


The change is happening either way, so you might as well find a way to flow with it.

You’ll get plenty of opportunities to test out that ‘flow with it’ energy this month (especially the first week of January) as this transformation of inner and outer structures energy (Pluto) comes into a conflict with Jupiter, expanding those conflicts, especially in relationships.

The closer the relationship, the bigger the mirror, so allow any and all triggers that come up to lead you deeper into your own ‘reality,’ knowing that you have the full power to decide what you want there, and what you don’t.

This Jupiter square Pluto energy will last through summer, so you’ll have plenty of chances to work with this new power. As a side note, this particular energy brings out a collective love for the ‘tossed aside’ so be open to old beliefs that you discarded long ago to possibly resurface, as well as more urges to ‘thrift’ for those buried treasures (literally and figuratively).

To help with all this transformation, we have a veritable party of planets hanging out in the compassionate and idealistic sign of Pisces, with Venus and Mars joining in this month, along with the locals Neptune, South Node and Chiron who moved in a while ago. This translates to our love, power, idealism, comfort and healing all having a deeper connection this month to the understanding that we’re all in this together. If we use this gift to its fullest this month….who knows what amazing things we can accomplish.

Feel comfortable in your power, share it with the world, heal others in the process, repeat.

To conclude, the underlying theme of the month (New Moon) is the hard working, mature and goal-oriented sign of Capricorn, and the culmination of this energy (Full Moon) will be in the nurturing, comfort-loving and home-oriented sign of Cancer on the 12th.

A Capricorn/Cancer cycle means our hard work will be focused on maturing our emotions this month, eventually allowing us to reach new and deeper levels of comfort in the ultimate goal of taking responsibility for how we feel, regardless of the situation.

And that, my friends, is how you control your reality.

Mantra for the month
“I am always in control of how I feel about my reality”

Best of luck on all the transformations you’re going through! We’re all in it fighting the good fight, (which don’t forget is always with ourselves) so be kind to yourself! Thank you for all the love and courage you put out into the world and I’ll talk to you again in January!

Love, Veronica

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