New Moon in Aquarius: Time to get in the game


Transits for January 27th 2017 through February 25th 2017

So how goes it on the whole ‘owning your own reality’? It’s a biggie, no doubt about it, maybe even the biggest of biggies. Maybe even our whole reason for being here.

Imagine for a moment that you, or at least soon-to-be-you-You, are hanging out with a few of your buddies, floating around in your not yet 3D forms, crouched around a pile of possibilities. You pick up a checkered piece that says ‘can’t depend on parents for support’ and say “Ooh! This will help me realize that I can rely on myself,” and add it to your life map. You pick up another greyish piece labeled ‘power struggles with partners’ and say “this will help me figure out what a boundary is and learn to truly love myself.” On and on you and your buddies go, until you decide on all the pieces you’re going to play with this time around.

These are the cornerstones of experience that will help you deepen your understanding of what the human experience can be, and live this life to its fullest. Your life map.

There’s a pervasive human belief that life is best if it is easy and comfortable, but easy and comfortable rarely get us to our biggest and brightest selves. Most of us need plenty of challenges to overcome, in order to fully realize our power. Our souls know this and so helpfully show us the way by supplying all the challenges we could ever want. And, if we missed it the first time, they’ll send in round two with a little more oomph.

Isn’t that nice of them? Those higher selves, always so thoughtful.

I believe our souls leave a few ‘wake up, shake up’ moments in our path, to ensure that when we finish this particular life map and come back into source consciousness, we don’t smack our foreheads (or what would be our foreheads if we had foreheads) and say “Crap! I did it again! Yet again, I got sucked into that belief that exists down there that someone else is calling the shots and talked myself out of living the life I really wanted to live. GAH. Alright, lets try it again, maybe the 29,000th time’s a charm.” And once again, you start creating a new life map (aka Birth Chart) with your buddies, but this time with even bigger shake ups and more opportunities for playing this game to its fullest.

We pick our own challenges and we decide how strong of a push we need in every moment. We are only playing this game with ourselves.

Life is always and only a reflection of our inner reality, for our highest and best good. We call in the experiences we need to push us into our most beautifully badass selves. If we want change, we usually need something to push us to the limit, over an edge, so that that change becomes a priority (near death experience, illness, Trump). Without that intensity, it too easily falls into “oh I’ll start that movement next year, I’m too busy at the moment.”

Empowerment is simply the realization that you are the one calling in your experiences, and that every last one of them is to help you become who you are meant to be. Even that really, really yucky experience that crawled out of a dark corner. Actually, especially that one.

Once you find how even that one fits into the whole of your life map, that’s when the walls drop and your mind is blown with how powerful of a soul you’re really meant to be.


So, bring it on, 2017.

No matter where you are on the spectrum of empowerment, this year is going to propel you forward on that lofty goal, and this month is the jet fuel that really starts things moving.

First off, Mars, our collective power and drive, will come out of its mystical and slightly confused fog it’s been in since mid-December, and come charging into the sign of Aries today. Mars loves being in Aries, and this fiery ram is raring to go since it’s spent so many months recently in confined and confused signs — not to mention its square to Saturn (lessons and maturity) the last few weeks. Collectively, we’ve all been feeling been hemmed in for a while and, starting this month, that energy backlog finally has an outlet.

If you can channel that energy into something meaningful, fantastic! But, be aware that the energy is rushing through whether you’re channeling it or not, so can easily create some ‘learning moments’ with others if not used consciously. In other words, it’s either energy that propels you forward in the way of your choice, or it’s energy that propels you forward through life ‘out there’ giving you situations for you to push against. Both eventually get you to the same destination, but it is so much easier to just choose to create your own reality from the get go!

All that Mars energy is just a preview for what’s headed our way mid-month because, hold onto your hats, it’s Eclipse Season! Eclipses are massive turning points in our lives, and every year they bring us a couple of (air quote) opportunities to level up and experience a growth spurt in consciousness.

Eclipse season, turning growth up to 11!

This particular growth spurt opportunity will begin February 10th with the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo, and will continue through the end of the month. (It can be felt months out on either side of this window, this is just the peak time). A Lunar Eclipse is a time of balancing what we are collectively being asked to bring in, with what we are collectively being asked to let go of for good. It is a time of reaping the rewards for earlier seeds planted, as well as a final goodbye for what is no longer serving you.

A Leo Eclipse means that we are collectively being asked to bring in our most self expressive, fantastically flamboyant heart’s desires, and willingness to express those hidden gems ‘on the stage of life.’ Leo wants to enjoy the game of life to the fullest and knows that, the more she shines, the more others hear their own inner calling to shine right along with her. On the flip side of that, we are also being asked to let go of detachment and ‘armchair diplomacy.’

You’re in this whether you want to be or not (spoiler alert, you want to be), so it’s time to get your butt in the game.

How can your own unique talents be better expressed for the good of the group? What do you have to offer the world that no one else has to offer? This isn’t an energy of martyring yourself for the collective. This is an energy of not putting up with anything less than full self expression of your brightest, shiniest self, and then using that as your battle cry for change. Ooh, I get excited just thinking about it!

To finish up, this month starts it off, but this energy will be with us through the end of 2018, so we’ve got plenty of time to perfect our individual lion roars. But don’t wait too long or you’ll just get more ‘opportunities’ to grow. Maybe in the end, though, that’s not such a bad thing.

Mantra for the month:
“Life’s challenges only help propel me further into living my life to its fullest.”

Astrology Cliff Notes – Eclipses

Eclipses are when the Sun, Moon and Moon’s Nodes come together, either all on the same sign (Solar Eclipse) or in opposing signs (Lunar Eclipse). This happens about every 6 months, and they come in groups of two or three that happen a couple of weeks apart (the New and Full Moon of a month, but sometimes an additional New or Full Moon is added into the mix, just depending on how close they are to the Nodes at that time).

A Solar Eclipse is always a New Moon and a Lunar Eclipse is always a Full Moon. These act in many ways exactly the same as New/Full Moon energy, except instead of only involving the Sun and Moon with a month long cycle, they also involve the Moon’s Nodes (the two points on the ecliptic where the orbit of the Moon crosses) which add their two year-ish cycle through a sign to the mix. Not only does it create a longer time period of the beginning-to-culmination energy cycle, it also add the additional intensity of the meaning of the Nodes, which is our Collective Karmic Purpose. Every eclipse during that two year cycle serves its own unique purpose to furthering the Collective Consciousness shown through what it’s connecting to or opposing at that time.

Solar Eclipses are intense focus on either what we are bringing in (connection to the North Node) or what we are letting go of (connection to the South Node), and a Lunar Eclipse is the balancing of these two energies. The Solar Eclipse is the start/underlying, private/personal energy and the Lunar Eclipse is the outward focused/relationship, culmination energy. They have been called Portals to the Divine and are believed to open us up to a new conscious awareness. Each one can be thought of as another puzzle piece being dropped from the heavens, helping us get that much closer to divine consciousness.

Eclipses have fascinated astrologers for millenia and often coincide with big changes in the world, both unconsciously (emotions of a society) as well as physically (earthquakes, fires and the like). Their purpose is to shake things up and get us back on the right path. Enjoy this energetic growth spurt!

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