New Moon in Pisces: Love all your selves

Holy moly, what a month!  To start, let me say to everyone, you’re not losing your mind and the world isn’t conspiring against you, even though right now I know it might feel like that (especially if you have any personal planets anywhere near 8 degrees of Pisces). In fact, if you’re really struggling recently, thank your lucky stars because now you’re getting to the good stuff.

I promise.

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Transits for February 26th through March 26th 2017

The song of the month is integration, and all the planetary energies are joining in with their respective harmony and dissonance in this universal choir. First off, there is the intense conversation between Pluto (transformation), Jupiter (expansion) and Uranus (change) asking us to go further down the path of healing through integration of the self and ‘the other’. Plus, Venus (love) turning around to go retrograde on the 4th, has us looking back and reintegrating those pieces that feel unloved and skipped over.

The star of the show though is the powerful energy of the February 26th Solar Eclipse, and man is she singing her heart out.

This Eclipse marks the end of the Virgo/Pisces lessons we’ve been swimming through for the last two years, and is going out with one last intense push. This push is not a conscious push in some set direction though, it is a push into chaos itself.

Because, in the end, chaos is the only realm where true integration lies.

Chaos is just another way to describe a situation we can’t find an explanation for. Something outside of our conscious awareness. This eclipse is bringing up all the energies that up ’til now were lying dormant in our subconscious, secretly running the show, unbeknownst to us.

These energies were put down into that shadowy basement of our unconscious because, when they first appeared on the scene, they were given the label of ‘bad’ and so we decided not to look at them, hoping that our lack of conscious attention would make them go away. In reality, it only creates a ‘can’t quite put our finger on it’ emptiness inside that we can never shake and, more importantly, a division. A division that also mirrors out into the world around us.
The chaos that’s surrounding us right now is the answer to that division and emptiness, if we allow it to be.

Let me give an example of what I’m talking about.

Let’s say that, when you were younger, you had an experience of being teased because you didn’t know something. Maybe a group laughed at you because you didn’t know that Santa wasn’t real or Africa wasn’t a country or any number of experiences. Let’s say that these experiences made you feel ashamed about your ignorance, and so you stashed it away in your unconscious basement, wanting to never look at it again.

And, to make sure that that pesky ignorance never showed up again, you put on a mask of Intelligence, tightly attaching it to your persona, desperate to never have ignorance rear its ugly head ever again.

This creates a division in yourself, one that adores intelligence and despises ignorance. This is the birth of shame, and when you create the division of shame in yourself, you also create the division of shame in the world around you.

You now can’t stand people whom you have labeled ignorant because they trigger your own shame of ignorance, and you hate them for that. All because that little self that got labeled as dumb and got put in the basement has to live every day of its life feeling shamed.

We are collectively being asked right now to integrate those shamed selves that we have left behind, and in so doing we not only come into wholeness as an individual, but as a collective too.

I think the stickiest thing about integration with your forgotten shadow selves is that we often get a bit off track with how to go about it. You might try to fix it by saying“ok, I’m going to befriend my dumb little self so that I won’t have to deal with ignorance ever again.” In reality, that’s just more division.

The goal of this eclipse is is in fact truly loving that shamed self. Finding the benefits in ignorance, remembering times when it has helped you, and giving thanks to it. True, deep, tears of joyful gratitude for your ignorance. And, here’s the most important part, not wanting it to go away, but instead finding it a nice, cozy, and permanent spot in the sunny world of your consciousness.

Finding and holding space for both your intelligence and your ignorance (“I am grateful for my ignorance because it inspires me to learn about new things and also allows me to resonate with and have compassion for those that are also learning new things,” “my ignorance allows me to leave the comfort zone of what I know and see that everyone is intelligent in something” or whatever resonates with you) is what real integration is.

I’ve used the example of intelligence because collectively it seems to be a major division that many people are dealing with right now, i.e. “us smarties over here and you dummies over there” (which shows that many heartfelt apologies and batches of cookies need to be made for our inner airheads so they can finally feel loved and accepted). Each of us has our own unique shame that we are being asked to find the beauty in and set a place at the conscious table for.

(Hint, if you don’t know what yours is, just take note of what traits in others you can’t stand — that’s your soul’s way of calling you back into integration.)

This is where we’re at collectively. We are living in intensely powerful times and the call to overhaul our old way of divisive living starts within. It can only ever start within. Heal and integrate your own divisive shame, and in the process you are equally healing and integrating the divisions in the world around you.

This is the next step in our evolution. For years now we have been trying to ‘perfect’ our lives and our world, and many of us have gotten far on this path to our ‘ideal life.’ But it can never be complete until we include space for ALL the different parts of us (individually and collectively) at the table. Only then do we get the full benefits of wholeness.

And what are those benefits you ask?

Freedom. Complete and total freedom.

Mantra for the month
“I release all shame, I love all the ways I am light and all the ways I am dark.”

Veronica Smith

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