New Moon in Taurus: I’m worth it

Transits for April 26th through May 24th 2017

While last month’s focus was all about deciding who we really are and what we actually want, this month is all about grounding those newly discovered wants into manifestation. And what’s the toughest part about manifesting your desires?

Believing, with every fiber of your being, that you’re actually worthy of having them.

This month we dive headlong into that worth and, hopefully, will come out the other side transformed because of it. This manifestation process starts off with today’s New Moon in Taurus, the ultimate self-worth-knowing sign. Taurus just wants life to be beautiful and comfortable. It asks us to stick to our values and honor our needs, and only build from this solid ground.

When you really start honoring your needs and acknowledging your self worth, what often happens — especially in this crazy matrix world we live in — is things start to slow down. Instead of doing a million different things a day, you just do a few. Because, in truth, that’s all you have the energy for, that you can physically be present with and enjoy.

To most minds, the ego tells you during this process, ‘but you can’t slow down! You need to send this email and write this paper and this and this and this! That’s the only way you’ll manifest your dreams!’ While lots of progress can happen with all this go go go energy, in reality, most of the things you really want to create benefit more from the ‘slow and steady’ approach.

Our soul’s deepest desires are the main energies that benefit from this slow and steady growth, and this month sets the stage for us to truly manifest these soul level passions by using this grounding Taurus energy to usher in the main highlight of the month, the North Node’s switch into the sign of Leo.

The Nodes are the marker of where we’re all collectively headed towards, our new horizon of potential. They are called our Karmic Purpose points, and show us which direction to head in order to expand our consciousness and fulfill our soul missions.

We all have our own personal Karmic Purposes, a guiding light that we can follow our whole lives. But ,on top of that, all of humanity shares Collective Karmic Purpose points. These collective True North guiding lights shift signs every year and a half and, in so doing, continually shift our collective focus.

The fact that our Collective Karmic Purpose is changing this month means that we are switching our focus of the last 18 months away from the Virgo energies of seeing things in terms of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ so as to analyze and perfect our surroundings. We are moving into disconnecting from all that judgement and need for perfection, and coming into our new Leo Collective Karmic Purpose of expressing our soul’s deepest creative desires.

We are leaving the Virgo perfection-seeking tendencies behind
and moving into a journey of finding or solidifying our Leo Inner Roar.

The fact that this switch is happening during a Taurus Month of ‘know your worth and don’t forget to enjoy the comforts of life’ adds some solid footing to start us off on this journey of following your heart’s desires and having the courage to express your full, vulnerable, creative uniqueness is a new path for you.Been on this ‘follow your heart’ journey for a while now?  Then this month, as well as the next 18 months, will give you the energy to solidify and firmly root these desires.

The Full Moon adds the final piece to this manifesting as the Nodal Shift’s first hours come during its bright rays (Nodal Shift into Leo and Full Moon both happen on the 10th of May). All Full Moons are manifesting points, the culmination of the seed that was planted on the New Moon. The fact that this Full Moon is also syncing up with a major consciousness shift means we are setting ourselves up for the most fertile of beginnings for those new to expressing their unique talents, and the most powerful of groundings for those well on their way.

One last thing to add to this magic. The Full Moon will be in the sign of Scorpio and also will exactly trine Pluto on the same day. This means that the culmination point of the self worth seeds we planted are not only helping us more fully enter into our ability to express our soul’s creative desires, but that in doing this we are able to transform our old limiting structures (Pluto in Capricorn) and merge with others whose passions perfectly fit our own, so as to create more than either could do on their own (Scorpio).

Said another way, we are not only transforming ourselves through having the courage to express our heart’s desires, we are transforming the collective right along with it. This is the new path we are all stepping onto and, the longer you wait to embrace it, the more the ‘old path’ will do its best to push you off your current trajectory and onto the path that is meant for you, the one only your heart can know.

Have the courage to express the gifts that you came down here to share. You won’t just be transforming yourself in doing so, we’ll all benefit by hearing your Soul’s regal Roar.

Mantra for the month
“Expressing my Soul’s Passion transforms me and through this process, I come to understand my full worth.”

Veronica Smith

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