New Moon in Leo: A time for collective badassery

Happy New Moon!

And Happy Birthday Leos! Your heart, passion and zest for life is what keeps this world inspired. Thank you for always putting your full self out there, vulnerabilities and all, so that we can continually look to you to see just how heart-explodingly beautiful this game of life can really be.

This is your month to shine.

And… The total Solar Eclipse is this month! On August 21st, the majority of America will be able to see part of this magnificent event. The total eclipse will only be traveling through eleven states, but we’ll get a pretty spectacular view at over 90% totality. This hasn’t happened since May of 1994, and even then that eclipse was annular, not total.  In 1994, I remember standing outside my school with my little cardboard ‘eclipse viewer’ and being totally awed by the sight of that ‘Ring of Fire.’  

So, go outside (with protective eyewear, not just sunglasses!) and watch as the Moon comes around to completely obliterate the light of the Sun, turning our bright morning sky into either an evening dusk or, if you’re in a city that’s right on the path of the Eclipse, into complete darkness.  

To find out more details about where, when and how completely you will experience this Eclipse, here’s a great site.

Ok, on to the transits!

Transits for July 23rd through August 20th 2017

Last month was about transformation through owning more of your softer side. How did that go for you? Did you open up to the inherent strength in your vulnerabilities? Or did you throw another few locks on the door that keeps all that ‘weakness’ out of sight? The choice is always your own to make but, for those of you who embraced your inner softie and therefore came into more wholeness, this month is going to be mind-blowing.  

To get the most out of this month, continually ask yourself  ‘is this experience an unwanted explosion or a beautiful firework?’ They’re both the same energy. It’s just that one is seen as awe-inspiring and purposeful, whereas the other is seen as purposeless.

The trick is getting on board with the fact that it ALL has a purpose and, most importantly, your soul is the one creating it. (Oh, yes, it is.)

To start off this month’s dramatic light show, today’s New Moon in Leo involves not just the Sun and Moon (which all New Moons do) but also Mars, planet of power and action. This means that the seed we are collectively planting this month is one that combines and channels our identity (Sun), our emotions (Moon), and our power (Mars) into our deepest soul desires of how we want to express our own beautiful and vulnerable creative selves to the world (Leo). The fact that we are ALL being asked to do this is where the firework-slash-explosion energy comes into play.

Can we all in fact be our full unique and powerful selves and maintain space for others to be their own fully unique and powerful selves without either side feeling stifled? My guess is that at the beginning of the month the answer to this is a big ‘Nope’, but by the end of the month, depending on how well we channel our collective energy, the answer might turn into a hopeful ‘you know, this just might work!’  

The reason for this shift is that all that Leo New Moon powerful self-expression energy is starting off in tense conversation with Uranus in Aries. This energy can be summed up as ‘I do what I want!’ or the ever-popular ‘Yep, don’t care, still doing it my way.’ Mixing Uranus’s ‘I do what I want and you can’t stop me’ with Leo’s ‘look what I can do! Is it good? Am I good?’ is a recipe for disaster or delicious. Either lots of people are getting their feelings hurt when others don’t validate their talents, or, if we can rise to the challenge, its a recipe for turning your unique self expression up to eleven. Uranus’s super power of ‘I’m just going to do it anyways’ added to the mix will lessen any inhibitions you might still have towards giving it your all.

The culmination of this energy will be during the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on August 7th (at 11:11am Seattle time!) in the sign of Aquarius. A Lunar Eclipse is a time of balancing what we, collectively, are being asked to bring in with what we are being asked to let go of for good. It is a time of reaping the rewards for earlier seeds planted, as well as a final goodbye for what is no longer serving you. More info on Eclipses at the end of this post.

An Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse means that the culmination of all that powerful, uninhibited, self-expressive energy we planted at the beginning of the month–– what we are bringing in–– has the opportunity to bloom into a harmonious, humanitarian community (Aquarius). This means that all of us doing our own thing can truly lead to the betterment of the group! In fact, it’s the only way group harmony is sustainable. If we all live out our heart’s desires, our lives feel fulfilling and we no longer have anything to rebel against. We are fully empowered. Fully empowered means there’s no more ‘those evil people over there,’ because we’ve made peace with all the ‘evil people in here.’ (Yay, shadow work!)  

In summation, this Full Moon we are being asked to bring in more heart, passion, excitement, creative vulnerability and the ability to let people REALLY see us. We are being asked to let go of any detachment (especially from emotions via overthinking things) we still have hanging around as a way to shield ourselves from our own and other’s vulnerabilities. 

Let go of all of that control; it’s not serving you anymore.
You’re in good hands, I promise––your higher self’s got your back!  

While the August 7th Full Moon Eclipse won’t be visible to those of us who live outside of Australia or parts of Africa, the August 27th New Moon Eclipse will be, and it is totally going to shake shit up, hopefully in all the right ways. First, this Solar Eclipse will be a Total Solar Eclipse, meaning that for a good chunk of the USA, the Moon will come around to almost completely block out the light of the Sun. This sight creates awe and fear in us humans, just as it has for thousands of years and, to be able to experience it so close to home, to such an extreme, is a once in a lifetime experience.

Adding in the emotional and spiritual meaning, Solar Eclipses are massive portal openings for us all, each one dropping another puzzle piece of understanding into our collective consciousness. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st (technically the start of next month’s New Moon energy) can be thought of as a giant, sparkly, glowing puzzle piece bringing understanding on how we can all shine more brightly as individuals, more fully embodying our heart’s desires, as well as bringing in unknown information on how to start shining as a collective too. Eclipses are universal ‘A-ha!’ moments. They are an energetic upgrade to our collective soul journey. 

And what are we about to collectively get an upgrade on?  

Being total badasses.

The time for hiding is over, people. We’ve done our shadow work, our healing, our baby steps towards our soul callings, and our toes in the water of that great ocean of infinite possibility.  

You’re ready.  

It’s time to shine.

Mantra for the month

“ When we all fully embody the selves we came here to be, the collective heals itself ”

Astrology Cliff Notes – Eclipses

Eclipses are when the Sun, Moon, and Moon’s Nodes come together, either all on the same sign (Solar Eclipse) or in opposing signs (Lunar Eclipse). This happens about every 6 months, and they come in groups of two or three, a couple of weeks apart. Sometimes an additional New or Full Moon is added into the mix, depending on how close they are to the Nodes at that time. The thing that makes them ‘rare’ is that Eclipses can only be seen in certain parts of the world at any given time. So, while they technically happen every 6 months, your country might only see a few in your lifetime.

A Solar Eclipse is always a New Moon and a Lunar Eclipse is always a Full Moon. In many ways, these act exactly the same as New/Full Moon energy. The only difference is that in addition to involving the Sun and Moon monthly cycle, they include the Moon’s Nodes (the two points on the ecliptic where the orbit of the Moon crosses) which contributes their two year-ish cycle through a sign. This creates a longer time period of the beginning-to-culmination energy cycle, and also adds the intensity of the meaning of the Nodes–– our Collective Karmic Purpose. Every eclipse during that two year cycle serves its own function in furthering the Collective Consciousness, shown through what it’s connecting to or opposing at that time.

Solar Eclipses offer intense focus on either what we are bringing in (connection to the North Node) or what we are releasing (connection to the South Node). A Lunar Eclipse is the balancing of these two energies. The Solar Eclipse is the underlying, personal energy and the Lunar Eclipse is the outward-focused, relationship, culmination energy. They have been called Portals to the Divine and are believed to open us up to a new conscious awareness. Each one can be thought of as another puzzle piece being dropped from the heavens, helping us get that much closer to divine consciousness.

Eclipses have fascinated astrologers for millennia and often coincide with big changes in the world, both unconsciously–– such as in the emotions of a society–– as well as  physically––earthquakes, fires and the like. 

Their purpose is to shake things up and get us back on the right path.  Enjoy this energetic growth spurt!

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