Permission … to do what?

This blog is the first in a Permission Slip series by Souldust Guide Jennifer MacNiven, where she shares her own journey of transformation.

When you hear the word, permission – what does it mean for you? So often, you may rely on someone else to make a decision for you. Think about where in your life you might be asking for permission.

  • Your livelihood? (corporate 9-5 or digital nomad?)
  • How you look and dress?  (dress up or down?)
  • Whether you’re living the “dream”? (married with kids or solo?)
  • Relationships? (who is in your life? how do you relate to them?)
  • To do that thing you want to do? (travel? write a book or blog? )
  • To have personal time? (are you always “too busy”?)
  • To love something or someone… yourself included? 

Guess what, this isn’t elementary school! You no longer need to ask permission to do things like go to the bathroom. You get to decide what your life looks like. Congrats, you’ve come a long way, friend.

So many of us seek permission, whether it’s for validation or approval. I know this all too well and have fallen into a state of unable to make ‘big’ decisions in my life without asking for permission first. Does my family approve, my friends, a job, what will people think of me? All without asking myself FIRST.

If you are feeling that desire for permission before stepping out of your comfort zone, consider asking these questions.

  • What do I think about it?  What stories am I telling myself?
  • How do I FEEL? Notice the emotions and your body.
  • How are my values showing up?  Are they still relevant?
  • How are my beliefs showing up? Are they true?
  • How are societal standards showing up? Do they matter?
  • What are my desires? What do I want?
  • Who am I looking to for approval?  Why?

Feel into why you are not listening first to your soul for the answers. Why have so many of us defaulted to seeking permission from others, versus seeking permission from ourselves?

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on why that idea of giving myself permission was so foreign, my struggles with and the transformation of letting go, and coming face to face with my own desires and sources of joy.

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Jennifer MacNiven

Jen teaches people to tune into themselves — their breath, bodies and mind – through yoga, photography, and mindful wellness. Her passion is helping others explore their inner and outer worlds.  Her soul’s path is to travel, be in nature, and be in motion, and she has spent the last few years traveling the world, most recently setting up residence in Bali.  Jen is a certified yoga instructor and health+wellness coach, as well as a Souldust Guide. She is also a long-time professional photographer, which lends itself well to seeing things from a new perspective and creating lifestyle shifts.  Jen loves dancing and moving her body, hugs and conscious connections, being outdoors, camping, biking, swimming, chocolate… LIFE.

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