New Moon: An American Chart Reading

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As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we’re now fully immersed in some massive changes. While the potential for growth and healing is incredibly vast, the way to get there is not exactly a walk in the park. As a result, this month’s newsletter is a bit different. Instead of the usual more horoscope-esque focus, I’m going to tackle a slightly larger viewpoint…

How this month’s energies are going to affect America and its future.

Transits for August 21st through September 18th 2017

The changes we’re experiencing right now are many fold and will continue for several years, culminating in America’s Pluto Return in 2022. While there will be several moments of change until then, this month’s Eclipses, as well as America’s Nodal Return next June, are some of the biggest energetic times shaking things up in this American Evolution.

All of this is to say that America, as a country, is getting a solid once over. For the next couple years, that’s hitting hard against what America feels comfortable in and identifies with on a deep level (the 3rd House Aquarius Moon of America’s Natal Chart) as well as what America is actually meant to strive towards (America’s North Node in Leo in the 8th).

So what does that mean?

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First, let’s get into what America already feels comfortable with. America’s 3rd House Aquarius Moon means that as a country, our comfort zone is in big picture logistics and ideals. The positives of this are that America genuinely thinks of itself as progressive and humanitarian (“We have the Statue of Liberty! ‘Bring us your huddled masses,’ it says!”). The negatives of this are that the way we view things creates a strong detachment from anything outside of what’s ideal. (We talk a big game around “all men being created equal,” but is that true for anyone who’s neither white nor male?) There’s also a bad habit here in America to assume that if we don’t understand each other’s feelings, those feelings are unimportant to the point of invalidity.

The detached and out of touch comfort zone we find ourselves in has been with America since its inception. It’s who America has always been, and why we’re “still struggling” with racism; we’re not “still” struggling with it, it was written into the very fabric of what the country’s founders wanted.

This is why America as a country doesn’t just need to be fixed, it needs to evolve into its next iteration.

This month’s eclipses bring this truth boldly front and center, because if we want to change as a country we have to acknowledge the roots of who we are. This is where our incredible potential for growth lies: in collectively tearing off of the delusional veil that America is a country “by the people and for the people.”

Because it’s not, and never has been, unless you have a very limited definition of who qualifies as people.

As with any personal work, we will never be able to progress until we see the true ground that we stand on, and then start our path from there. Together, as a country, we also must do this. For many, looking down to see where we actually stand is a mind warp, like taking off the wrong prescription of eyeglasses, and it can be wickedly uncomfortable.

But like all shadow work and soul expansion, you have to uncover the dark before you can venture any further towards the light.

This is what Monday’s Eclipse is about.

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The ‘Great American Eclipse’ will be in the sign of Leo, which means that we, worldwide, are being asked to express and own our deepest, most heart-bursting passions and share them with the world with childlike abandon. Sounds pretty lovely, but you know who’s fighting that hard core? America’s detached, intellectual “but only share those deep passions if you’re doing it RIGHT Aquarius Moon, which will be exactly opposite all that juicy Leo Eclipse energy.

That means that the Eclipse is highlighting, and maybe poking at, all the areas of our American identity that clash with the Eclipse’s ‘go be your sparkliest self’ energy–– our nasty, old habit of pointing fingers and shunning and shaming. It’s a big deal for these energies to come out of the shadows to be looked at, and it requires massive amounts of energy for most of us.

But the reason we are being asked to look at this truth expands much further.

This brings us to what America is actually meant to strive for (America’s North Node in Leo in the 8th). In other words, America’s Karmic Purpose.

As a country, all that detached idealism is our comfort zone not only because of our Aquarius Moon, but also because of our Aquarius South Node. The South Node shows where we’re comfortable, but learning to grow out of, the North Node shows where we’re headed. This means that America’s Karmic Purpose is to acknowledge the uniqueness of us all as individuals.

We will accomplish this by stepping back and really realizing that our unique and creative collective self is empowered through joining up and helping to support other people’s unique and creative selves (Leo 8th House). In other words, we will transform through each one of us Americans fully embodying and expressing our truest selves.

Now is the time to let yourself shine. It’s the American thing to do!

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And that, while being activated somewhat during this month’s Eclipses, will be massively activated next June when America has its Nodal Return.

That means that everything that is happening right now will either hit a peak or a breaking point next June. If we all do our shadow work, we can look forward to a peak.

In conclusion, all of this is preparing us for the biggest of turning points, the ultimate shake-up: America’s Pluto Return of 2022. Pluto is the planet of transformation and when it comes around to connect back to its starting point, it is a time of new beginnings, whether by choice or force. My view on what this Pluto Return will signify is that the structure of America will change in a dramatic way. This could manifest in several ways such as the country falling to literal pieces with states each going their own way, or perhaps we’ll write a new constitution––therefore earning a new birthday and a new chart. However it plays out, something big is headed our way, and while change is inevitable, I truly believe that it can work out for the best… IF, and only if, we do our homework.

The first task for that homework assignment is acknowledging who we really are, where we actually stand, and what gifts are we–– as a country, and as individuals–– uniquely able to express and feel fulfilled by.

Consider these points while you look up at the Moon coming around to Eclipse the Sun on Monday, allowing its full force of energetic wisdom to give lead the way.

We are all in this together.

And we’re ready for the coming change.

Mantra for the month
“Your uniqueness is beautiful and allows me to better understand and express my own.”

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Best of luck on all the transformations you’re going through. We’re all in it fighting the good fight (which don’t forget is always with ourselves), so be kind to yourself! Thank you for all the love and courage you put out into the world.

Astrology Cliff Notes – Eclipses

Eclipses are when the Sun, Moon, and Moon’s Nodes come together, either all on the same sign (Solar Eclipse) or in opposing signs (Lunar Eclipse). This happens about every 6 months, and they come in groups of two or three, a couple of weeks apart. Sometimes an additional New or Full Moon is added into the mix, depending on how close they are to the Nodes at that time. The thing that makes them ‘rare’ is that Eclipses can only be seen in certain parts of the world at any given time. So, while they technically happen every 6 months, your country might only see a few in your lifetime.

A Solar Eclipse is always a New Moon and a Lunar Eclipse is always a Full Moon. In many ways, these act exactly the same as New/Full Moon energy. The only difference is that in addition to involving the Sun and Moon monthly cycle, they include the Moon’s Nodes (the two points on the ecliptic where the orbit of the Moon crosses) which contributes their two year-ish cycle through a sign. This creates a longer time period of the beginning-to-culmination energy cycle, and also adds the intensity of the meaning of the Nodes–– our Collective Karmic Purpose. Every eclipse during that two year cycle serves its own function in furthering the Collective Consciousness, shown through what it’s connecting to or opposing at that time.

Solar Eclipses offer intense focus on either what we are bringing in (connection to the North Node) or what we are releasing (connection to the South Node). A Lunar Eclipse is the balancing of these two energies. The Solar Eclipse is the underlying, personal energy and the Lunar Eclipse is the outward-focused, relationship, culmination energy. They have been called Portals to the Divine and are believed to open us up to a new conscious awareness. Each one can be thought of as another puzzle piece being dropped from the heavens, helping us get that much closer to divine consciousness.

Eclipses have fascinated astrologers for millennia and often coincide with big changes in the world, both unconsciously–– such as in the emotions of a society–– as well as  physically––earthquakes, fires and the like.

Their purpose is to shake things up and get us back on the right path.  

Enjoy this energetic growth spurt!

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