Permission to go with the flow

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This blog is the third in a Permission Slip series by Souldust Guide Jennifer MacNiven, where she shares her own journey of transformation. Here are the first, second and third posts.

In this crazy go-do-be world, we often miss out on opportunities that could happen if only we could go with the flow. Do you long for permission to do things on the fly, to just go with the flow of how life unfolds?

When you give your schedule room to breathe, amazing things can end up filling the gaps.

This past week, I met a friend for lunch. She’d been working 70-hour weeks and spoke of little free time. This particular weekend, however, with only a few things booked, we talked about a day trip up north to go paddle boarding. A full weekend getaway definitely wasn’t going to fit into the schedule.

I invited another friend to join us who lived in the area we were visiting, but she was heading out of town. In fact, she offered up her home to us since she wouldn’t be back for five whole days. How could we say no?! Without hesitation, the commitments my friend had clung to when planning our “day trip” were miraculously able to be rescheduled. She gave herself permission to escape the hustle and bustle of a planned-to-the-minute weekend and gave into the flow.

The relief that overwhelmed her was palpable.

Over the weekend, we both gave ourselves permission to sleep in, explore at our own pace, stand up paddle board, visit the market, create a painting on canvas, go for walks, appreciate the birds singing their songs and to chase the sunset.

We designed each moment, in the moment. There were no plans, just adventures unfolding.

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Tell me, are there things in your life you could clear off your calendar so that you can go with the flow and experience life as it unfolds, without planning?

Did the thought of that just give you anxiety? If so, you’re not alone.

I was the same way, but learned to tune into my core desires by closing my eyes and taking a deep breath. Try it. Feel into your heart space, tune out the noise of others, quiet the chatter-filled mind, pause the urge to please everyone but yourself. Imagine what space in your schedule looks and feels like. Does it feel like freedom?

If you’re the type that needs permission to give yourself this freedom, I’m gladly giving you permission. Permission to give yourself permission to clear a day off a calendar (better yet, an entire weekend) and just see how you feel. Tune in, reset, and enjoy the beauty that organically unfolds.

If you know anything about me, flow is how I go through life. Not to say I don’t have plans, but I give myself permission to leave space, allow, feel the moments and be present. Undoubtedly, the most beautiful experiences occur when you’re in the flow.

So… What are you NOT planning on doing this weekend?

Perhaps you too can have a chance to flow, minus the anxiety of keeping up with a ‘planned’ schedule. Perhaps there will be unexpected conversations, spontaneous experiences, naps, quiet time, last-minute meals with friends who you haven’t seen in forever, art projects.

What is the ‘thing’ you always want to do? Consider doing that. Check in with your heart now. Does it sigh with relief? Notice the natural smile that slowly emerges on your face. Who doesn’t love that feeling?

In this Permission Slip Series, I’m honored to share with you my struggles, transformations, growth, finally letting go and looking deeper into my true soul’s desires. Finding joy. Finding peace. Giving myself permission to live.

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Jennifer MacNiven

Jen teaches people to tune into themselves — their breath, bodies and mind – through yoga, photography, and mindful wellness. Her passion is helping others explore their inner and outer worlds.  Her soul’s path is to travel, be in nature, and be in motion, and she has spent the last few years traveling the world, most recently setting up residence in Bali.  Jen is a certified yoga instructor and health+wellness coach, as well as a Souldust Guide. She is also a long-time professional photographer, which lends itself well to seeing things from a new perspective and creating lifestyle shifts.  Jen loves dancing and moving her body, hugs and conscious connections, being outdoors, camping, biking, swimming, chocolate… LIFE.

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