New Moon in Virgo: You’re Already Whole

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Happy New Moon!

We made it! We’ve now come out the other side of all that intense Eclipse season energy and have lived to tell another tale. What’s next?

Transits for September 19th through October 18th 2017

The last few months have asked a lot of us. The push to expand, to shine till it blinds, to roar your truth, to dance till you drop–– it’s all been overwhelming at times. The Eclipses highlighted every last hope and fear we have and brought it all to the surface for examination.

We expanded our minds so wide that we perhaps no longer remembered what we were first looking at.

This collective work towards discovering who we are and why we’re here has been profound for many of us. We now sit on the other side of this wild and reckless growth-filled soul expansion as raw, unshelled, and crystalline-clear beings. The truth has been found, as it always is, through the annihilation of the box that used to contain it. The Holy Grail of ‘who am I?’ has been discovered, and the pure simplicity of what was found has left us in tears of laughter as to how we could have ever overlooked it. That Holy Grail is this: we have never needed to be anything other than exactly who we are.

In the wake of realizing that we are so much more than we ever knew we were, we’ve made peace with our searching.

All the pushing to “be our best self” are, in the end, just more ways we tell ourselves we “aren’t there yet.”

You’re perfection lies within, and has never left you, regardless of whether you were aware of it or not. You can never lose it. It is your birth right as a human being.

Right now, in this moment, with the job you have and the partner you picked and the struggles you hide, you are already perfectly living your purpose. Anything else is impossible. It’s only our brain that tells us we’re doing it wrong, never our soul.

This grand Eclipse made sure to remind us of that.

September’s New Moon sets the stage for this month’s focus on clarity with the inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) coming together in Virgo (the sign of organization and purification) all of which are asking us to take this new, profound, painfully simple realization–– that we are already whole–– and create a new gilded frame to live in. We’re being asked to rethink why we felt such a strong need to escape our old selves, and instead fall in love with the simple, everyday life we already have. We are being asked, like the pure beings we are, to come down, come in, and find the joy in the uniquely human acts of our day to day lives. To chop wood, and to carry water. To live this human life.

Pluto in Capricorn makes for a harmonious connection to the Virgo party, allowing for this simplified focus to transform us, but not in a slash-and-burn manner. So much has already been broken wide open that this month we’re not transforming through shadow work; we are transforming through letting go of the need for it. We no longer need to search for answers, trying to find our “spiritual nature” as if it had ever been possible for us to be separate from it.

We came down here to have the magnificent experience of being human, which includes all the little things, not just those that excite us with their sparkle and flash.

This month we are setting aside our spiritual path with the knowledge that we have never and can never be cut off from it, and we’re diving into the meticulous world of our day to day lives. Purge all thoughts about being incomplete and instead revel in the ecstatic details of the daily life you get to experience as the brilliant human being you already are.

The culmination of all this energy arrives with the Full Moon in Aries on the 5th, asking us to take this clarity to create a new identity and sense of self. One that no longer seeks to improve, but instead embraces being human–– every last bit of it–– as the gift that it is.

You’re already “doing it right.” So sit back, smile, and enjoy to the fullest all the housekeeping that’s awaiting you. It may seem “too small,” but from your soul’s perspective, it’s just as awe-inspiring and magnificent an experience as everything else.

Mantra for the month
“Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry, water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” Zen Proverb

Best of luck on all the transformations you’re going through! We’re all in it fighting the good fight, (which don’t forget is always with ourselves) so be kind to yourself! Thank you for all the love and courage you put out into the world.

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