Teacher Feature: Meet Eric Isaac!

In this series, we’ll be highlighting our incredible teacher roster for Camp Souldust. In these interviews, you have the opportunity to get to know our marvelous teacher beings, and the support people who make Camp Souldust extraordinary! 

Eric Isaac is a sound healing dealer.  According to his Camp Souldust profile, he “… is a musician and certified sound practitioner, intuitive and empath. He is a member of the Yakima Nation and spent his childhood immersed in tribal song, dance and traditional medicine, all of which are infused in his sound healing practices.

Eric has an innate sensitivity to sound and its transformative power and utilizes his gifts as an artist and musician to create the perfect sound tapestry for each individual or group he works with.”

That I inhabit a body, I bleed when I get cut, cry when I hurt and love to laugh and love!

As the camp schedule gets rolled out, tell us, what gifts will you be sharing with camp?

I am doing the group sound baths. I am also doing what we’re calling the sound fueling station where campers can get a 10-15 minute sound session with crystal singing bowls tune up. All proceeds from the sound fueling station will go towards Camp Souldust scholarships.

I love that so much! What a lovely offering and a great way to give back to a community we all love so much. If you don’t mind, share the passions that fuel what you teach.

I’m passionate about Art, Design and Architecture hence the industrial design degree with and art history minor. I love chemistry and atomic structure, road tripping to and exploring national parks, soaking in hot springs and singing bowls and sound.

You have such an interesting background. Now let’s talk about you, personally. What would you say makes you ridiculously, fabulously human?

That I inhabit a body, I bleed when I get cut, cry when I hurt and love to laugh and love! My human body that has genetic mutations that have given me lots of opportunity and field my curiosity to explore my mind, body and spirit.

Well, that’s deliciously straight forward, isn’t it? I bet you have an amazing sense of humor too. Tell us about your favorite type of shenanigan!

I have negative connotations with the word “shenanigans” because it was the word used by my parents and my parent’s friends to describe the things we (my brother, cousins, and friends) did on and around the family farm/s that would eventually lead to one of us kids getting hurt. So I love humor and wit and love to laugh but I do not participate in “shenanigans” with people.

Well, it really is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. I get it.  Let’s switch gears. What about camp gets you jazzed up?

What I love about camp is the campfires because of the mesmerizing dancing of flames and the crackling sound of the woods and the outdoor sounds at night and the smell of the fire–– oh, and saying blue bunnies, blue bunnies, blue bunnies to get the smoke to go the other directions [laughs].  I enjoy listening to the conversations around the campfire and the humor and laughing.

Ready to meet Eric?

Eric will be teaching at Camp Souldust: Magic in the Woods. A chance to play, explore, grow and meet new friends (and maybe talk about blue bunnies!).

Missed Eric at camp? No problem. Check out our Events page to see what’s coming up next.

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