Teacher Feature: Meet Niema Lightseed!

Niema Lightseed

In this series, we’ll be highlighting our incredible teacher roster for Camp Souldust. This is your sneak peek at our marvelous teacher beings as well as the support people who make Camp Souldust extraordinary!  

In this teach feech, we’re highlighting Niema Lightseed! She’s new to our camp teacher roster and we couldn’t happier to have her with us!

Before we get into some of your delicious details, would you mind sharing what makes gets you fired up about camp?

For me, it’s about getting to share what I’m most passionate about with a new group of people. Continuing to fuel and inspire the revolution with joy, play, authentic connection, grieving, truth-telling, and healing.

I imagine that the classes you’re teaching at camp will weave all of that loveliness together. Would you mind sharing how your gifts will show up at camp?

You’ll find me teaching Medicinal Poetry, Decolonizing Our Language, and Yoga

Sounds juicy! So fabulous and human… what makes you ridiculously, fabulously human?

Creating art. Dance, yoga, Qi Gong, hiking, and other movement arts. The capacity to feel everything, and to let those feelings move through me in a myriad of expressions from tears to poetry. That I actively expand this capacity on a regular basis by practicing forgiveness, acceptance, and allowance of my experiences and emotions.

My inherited trauma and commitment to healing it. That sometimes it gets the better of me. That I keep going. How deeply and unabashedly I love. My love of consensual, connected lovemaking. And chocolate. Surprisingly not at the same time.

This breath, right now, and then the next.

The revolution being an inside job: personal positive transformation as a key and prerequisite for collective healing.

Niema Lightseed

I love how soft and strong you are. It makes me wonder what deep passion fuels that.

The revolution being an inside job: personal positive transformation as a key and prerequisite for collective healing. Calling out the inequities, lies, and unhealthy programming I see with as much compassion as possible. The exquisite power of language, how it can be both one of the most limiting and destructive forces on the planet or a tool for liberation, depending on the intention and how it is wielded.

Dismantling the patriarchy by healing the rift between the feminine and masculine, inside me and around. Ritual as daily practice as everything I do. Healthy food. Healthy, open, fluid bodies. Full embodiment.


Love is such a central theme here! But it can also be intense. When you’re sharing your gifts and healing teachings, how do you keep your heart light?

Dance! Playing in nature. Collaborating with other artists to create something that could only be born in the space where we meet. Meditation. Mindful (occasional) psychedelic use. Really good movies. Smiling at strangers. Deep, vast conversations about the nature of the cosmos and our own hearts, and how they are the same.

We’re doing this exploratory exercise where we are asking our teachers to make a haiku that describes them. Care to share one?

Born of Earth and Star
Somehow both yet neither one
She waits on cliff’s edge.

Want to meet superstar Niema?  

Niema is going to be joining us as a teacher at Camp Souldust: Magic in the Woods and Camp Souldust Mini: Nature Edition. Both are great opportunities to play, explore, grow and meet new friends!

Missed Niema at camp? No problem. Check out our Events page to see what’s coming up next.

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