Teacher Feature: Meet Suzanne Ragan Lentz!

In this series, we’ll be highlighting our incredible teacher roster for Camp Souldust. You’ll get an opportunity to get to know our marvelous teacher beings, and the support people who make Camp Souldust extraordinary!  

This time around, we’re highlighting Suzanne Ragan Lentz! She led wildcrafting last year AND what she’s teaching this year sounds amaze-balls.

Hey Suzanne! What are you teaching at camp?  

I’m teaching Wildcrafting I + II and Heading Home: Space Clearing and Boundary Setting.

Wildcrafting I includes a walk through the woods of Camp Colman to identify plants and trees and learn their uses plus basic wildcrafting guidelines and how to find places to forage.

Wildcrafting II dives deeper with plant/tree communication (meditating with a plant/tree that you feel drawn to), ways to deepen your relationship through study of the plant through shamanic journey, botany, and the creation of your own Materia Medica.

Heading Home helps you navigate through the re-entry experience through energetic boundary setting and space clearing techniques. We’ll briefly explore your subtle energy body’s anatomy as a starting point.

Wow, those sound incredible. What fuels the wildcrafting and space clearing work you do?

I’m passionate about how plants and trees help to align your subtle energetic body–– also known as chakras + auric field–– and the ways in which folks learn how to ground in their own energetic power to create extraordinary things.

In a broader view, I’m passionate about clean water, the survival of the bees, green spaces, large living trees, learning–– currently genetics and runes, ancient knowledge that lives in the body, self-expression, civil rights, and loving more.

This is one of my favorite questions to ask: What makes you fabulously, ridiculously human?

I’m a soul in a body.

I’m not perfect. And it’s still hard to admit that.

One of the things I love about you is how your passions play in parallel with your fabulous sense of humor. How do you stay light and fluffy?

I do spontaneous performance art (a body movement/’dance’ or ‘kitten paws’ or a crazy look on my face) for my person. He’s not always receptive.

So, I can imagine a million answers to this one, but I’d love to have you share with everyone what makes you passionate about camp…

I love camp –– the campfires, witnessing folks transform from introverted and unsure to open and smiling within the course of the weekend, hugging trees–– duh, walking in the woods, talking to the plants, connecting people with their plant/tree friends.

Community and nature get me fired up.

Want to meet Suzanne?  

Suzanne is going to be joining us as a teacher at Camp Souldust: Magic in the Woods and Camp Souldust Mini: Nature Edition. Both are great opportunities to play, explore, grow, meet new friends, and–– of course–– hug some trees!

Missed Suzanne at camp? No problem. Check out our Events page to see what’s coming up next.

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