Teacher Feature: Meet Juliana Morris!

Welcome to another installment of our interview series where we highlight our incredible teacher roster for Camp Souldust. In these interviews, you have the opportunity to get to know our marvelous teacher beings, and the support people who make Camp Souldust extraordinary!  

Dr. Juliana Morris is the “girl next door” with a PhD. A lovely mix of sacred warrior spirit and earthly delight, she’s always up for a down-and-dirty conversation about sexuality and intimacy.

So Juliana, what kind of magic will you be bringing to camp?

A tantric workshop and body image workshop. The tantric one is all about learning the truth about the basics of tantra and connection to self and to others. It was so much fun to teach last year I had to bring it back! Body image is a topic brought up a lot in my work. I felt really called to bring the topic to Souldust–– keeping it real, fun, and healing.

Who doesn’t love fun and healing? Holding that space can be intense, though, and you even hold a PhD, so I know you’re in it for the long haul. What fuels you to do the kind of work you do?

I absolutely adore connecting with others. I love having deep, meaningful conversations and light, silly, fun moments. I’m passionate about my work–– helping to raise the level of conversation about sex and sexuality for all genders, all orientations and all relationships. I love helping deepen someone’s understanding about sexuality–– moving from nuts and bolts to truly grasping that sexuality is our essence and our true authenticity.

I’m passionate about my work–– helping to raise the level of conversation about sex and sexuality for all genders, all orientations and all relationships.

I heart authenticity. Speaking of being authentic, what makes you fabulously, ridiculously human?

I think this past weekend sums up how I show up in life–– ridiculous and real and fabulous. I planned a day with my college friends, which is something I get to do only twice a year. Right before I was supposed to leave to meet up, I found out my sitter may bail. I started to unpack, disappointed. Then it was back on. Back to packing. Go to a basketball game and find out we are on TV. A lot. I am wearing a KY t-shirt. “KY” meant for University of Kentucky but it looked like KY Gel because of what I do. OOOOH the jokes I was texted! End up being noticed by a follower out after the game and had a half-hour talk about sexuality with a stranger turned friend at dinner and then rounded the night out with hours of interpretive dancing and trying to impress my friends with my curling skills. Go home after hours of fun to see my TV had fallen off the wall and smashed my mantle keepsakes on the way down and then ended the day snuggling with my little one watching the Olympics while she gave me the makeover of all makeovers!

Whew, that sounds like a wild life! I love it. It sounds like you embrace the Camp Souldust concept of shenanigans pretty wholeheartedly! What kinds of shenanigans do you enjoy?

Fuckery! Pranks, interpretative dancing, shield maiden reenactments, and talking about all things sex and sexuality.

YES. That’s the camp spirit we know and love! Speaking of camp, what are you excited about?

I love the openness and authenticity of Souldust. I love being able to reconnect with my inner child who LOVED camps growing up. I love the chance to live amongst the trees, to spend time with gorgeous souls and to live authentically will full acceptance. It is SO MUCH DAMN FUN!

Juliana will join us at Camp Souldust as a teacher and an amazing listener. A great opportunity to play, explore, grow and meet new friends!

Missed Juliana at camp? No problem. Check out our Events page to see what’s coming up next.

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