Harnessing the Power of Spring and Creating a Life You Love

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One of our greatest spiritual tasks during springtime is to connect with our creativity; to establish a relationship with our inner artist.

Creativity comes in so many forms. As a human living on Earth, you create. You create meals to eat, a home to live in, this life you’re living. These are all your creations & they require your creativity to come into existence.

You are a creator.

And one of your spiritual tasks for this time of the season is to connect with your inner artist & create.

Because this is the time in spring when everything in nature starts growing like crazy. Living things are soaking in this intense growth energy right now. Nature’s exploding with leaves and flowers, vines are stretching everywhere. And you, also, have this incredible potential for growth.

Spring’s growth energy is naturally flooding into your life and your spirit right now. When you combine that incredible growth energy with your own power to create … You’re a magician! And you have the very real power to grow whatever you want for yourself in your life.

This month be creative just because. Challenge yourself to push pause on that old “I’m not creative” story. Let go of any expectations you place on the outcome. Your work this month is to simply connect with the part of yourself that creates; to stretch that creative muscle.

It doesn’t matter what you do… Draw, sing, bake, dance, collage, garden, color; whatever you’re drawn to. Let go of any attachments to the outcome, and let it flow. Just create. Just because.

The more regularly you’re connecting with this part of yourself,

the more intensely your inspiration and flow will come.

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5 Ways to Nurture Your Creativity

1. Meditate

Meditation calms your mind. And when you calm that inner chatter, it heightens your intuition and allows your creative side to open wider.

Set aside some time & plan a creativity date with yourself. Before you begin, set a timer & spend 2-5 minutes grounding yourself in this creative space. Take deep breaths & allow your mind to calm.

When the timer goes off dive into your creative task and see what comes out. Remember, there’s no attachment to the outcome. Just let it flow.

2. Spend time in nature

Spending time in nature is a solution for nearly everything. No surprise, it’s also really good for getting your creative juices flowing, and spring is an ideal time to get outdoors and enjoy the splendor of the natural world.

Schedule some time to surround yourself with greenery, woodlands, water–– any natural setting. Use that time to find creative inspiration. Before you embark on your adventure, ask yourself, “What do I feel inspired to draw (write, paint, sing, etc.)?”

Use your time in nature like a walking meditation. Take everything in and see what the outside world stirs inside you.

3. Experiment with materials

Is there something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t? Something that’s always sounded fun to experiment with?

Art supply stores (or even your kids’ art supply cabinet, the craft section of a second-hand store, or your local Buy Nothing, Freecycle or other hand-me-down groups) are a great inspiration. Take some time to evaluate what calls to you. Find a way to treat yourself to some fun art supplies and dive in.

Play around with whatever calls to you and connect with the process however it happens. Allow yourself to immerse in your new medium, however feels best, and enjoy the ride.

4. Play!

Kids are so great to do these activities with. They have a beautiful ability to connect with their creative side without any judgment. For them, being creative is all about the process.

Whatever your chosen medium, channel that childlike energy and just play. Give yourself the freedom of detaching completely from the ego of whether or not your art is “good,” and enjoy that it’s fun.

Still stuck? Get dirty. Make a mess. Throw your torn collage pages on the ground! Allow yourself the space to play and find the joy–– or, even perhaps, the less savory feelings–– in the process. However you need to feel, do.

5. Set a Daily Challenge for Yourself

Whatever your artistic medium is, challenge yourself to do it for 10, 15, or 30 minutes every day for the next week or month.

The more regularly you’re connecting with this part of yourself, the more intensely your inspiration and flow will come. And the more you create, the more masterpieces you will stumble upon.

Remember, springtime is all about freshness, growth, new habits, new life, the beginning of abundance. When you harness that energy, you embrace your potential.

So, go on–– get creative!

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