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Rachel Ford

Founder of Souldust, Rachel is a nerd for intuition + alchemy. She loves witnessing people waking up to the magic of the world around them, who they are and claiming all of their magical superpowers, and being seen in all their glory by others.

Souldust was born from a time of stress, anxiety, depression and heath issues. The proverbial “I’m almost 40, this is not my beautiful life” existential mid-life crisis of restlessness, coupled with the sense of being disconnected and detached from life’s pleasures. This crisis led back to the paintbrush, journal, trail, beach, and passport.

Now, Rachel shares the practices she used to reclaim her essence, her soul spark. Practices around intuition, mindfulness, magic-making, clarity-seeking, authenticity and integrity. These practices served and continue to serve her daily in both personal and professional settings, including decades as a software executive AND as a full-on solo mom. Following “the signs” and owning her own brand of weirdness has led to amazing experiences, opportunities and relationships, as well as clearing space for growth and healing.

Now,Rachel lives by the “teach what you need” principle, infusing all Souldust offerings with her love for creativity, compassion, nature, and deep connection to the soul of the world and each other.  She is obsessed with building a community of people willing to see and be seen, listen and be heard, a community that welcomes in all walks of life with open arms and hearts. When not facilitating workshops, acting as chief troublemaker, or trying to walk the Souldust path, she can be found hugging her golden retrievers (Betty and Henry), nerding out at sci-fi movies with her teenage son, rearranging the furniture yet again, or acquiring more art supplies than she can possibly use in her lifetime.

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Mellissae Lucia

Melissae’s great passion is to rekindle the innocent joy within each of us. Life is a great treasure hunt to reclaiming the wild beauty within, and living from that inspiring place. All of Mellisae’s work is designed to help us embody our essential creative knowing.

She is a sixth generation Northwest native who grew up in Seattle’s studio glass art movement. Melissae worked for Dale Chihuly as a teenager and was deeply inspired by his independent visions. In her 20’s, she lived in Milan, Italy. Her educational background is in child development, archetypal psychology, and social justice issues. She also went through a “Martha Stewart” phase, getting married and looking forward to having children.

When Mellissae was 33, her husband died of cancer, sending her on a seven-year Vision Quest to resurrect herself. The Oracle of Initiation divination deck emerged from that transformative time and she now teaches about the beauty of our rainbows in the dark the paradox of our greatest gifts hidden within our shadows. Mellissae is currently working on a new deck and book about tapping into our wild creative freedom.

Mellissae has always been a very curious and enthusiastic person who sees the world as a magical playground. Nature is her true home, but she is also an urban explorer who adores hip-hop, graffiti, and the vitality found in the city. Having grown up in a family of artists, every cell in her body is attuned to recognizing the beauty within everything.

Her superpower:  “I instinctually find the hidden magic places.”

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Jennifer MacNiven

Jennifer teaches people to tune into themselves -- their breath, bodies and mind – through yoga, photography, and mindful wellness. She teaches be mindful of your connection with the environment around you, and how to get naturally aligned with how you nurture your body and the relation is has to your whole self. Her passion is helping others explore their inner and outer worlds.

She has spent the last few years traveling the world, most recently setting up residence in Bali. She feels strongly that it is her soul’s path to travel, be in nature, and be in motion. It is in her blood to be moving around and experiencing what life has to offer, learning about other cultures and capturing their essence with her “soul” photography experience.

Jen is a certified yoga instructor and health and wellness coach. She translates her passion for these practices, as well as her boundless love for and experience in traveling, into personal coaching and travel retreats. She is also a long-time professional photographer, which lends itself well to seeing things from a new perspective and creating lifestyle shifts.

She loves dancing and moving her body, hugs and conscious connections, being outdoors, camping, biking, swimming, chocolate… LIFE. In her words: “Pacha Mama … Mother Gaia … Mother Earth … she has so much to offer and share and I love being her forever student!”

Jen’s favorite childhood activity: Playing outside in fields, gathering unique plants, admiring them and putting them into a “brew” to active powers.

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Veronica Smith

Veronica Smith works with individuals to help them find clarity on their life's purpose and strengthen their personal power through her astrological and empathic abilities.

“It’s funny how things change. Every once in a while something will come into your life, and forever after you are changed by it. For me, this something was astrology. I feel like the knowledge and understanding I have of this medium was given to me, but the trade off was I was meant to share it. And not just with others, but also with myself. The depths of knowledge I have found from analyzing my own chart, has healed me in ways I didn’t even know were broken. There are very few things that bring me more joy than to see this same transformation in others just from hearing the information in their chart explained to them. What a gift that I get to share this powerful, healing tool with the world.”

Veronica has been a professional astrologer since 2012 working with clients from all over the US and Europe. She has also been a professional artist since 2008, having shown and sold artwork in many cities around the US as well as Florence, Italy and London, England. The combination of these two loves formed into Soul Map Mandalas in 2014.

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Nicole Marie LM, CPM

Before she ever became a Midwife or Spiritual Mentor, Nicole was highly empathic and intuitive. For many years, she allowed her voice and intuition to be influenced by others, losing herself in the process. Over the last 15 years, Nicole has worked hard to find her voice and re-discover her intuition -- cultivating sacred moments in the ordinary and using rituals to weave it all together.

Now, Nicole is on  a mission to help everyone shine their light fully, claim their power, discover their voice, intuition and live the life they have always dreamed of. After burning out in her career as a midwife, she left to follow the urging of her Soul to hold space for those worldwide seeking to rebirth their everyday lives into their works to art.

During her 10 years as a midwife and 3 years studying with a Shaman, Nicole held sacred space for women in various settings. Now, she guides women through the physical, emotional and spiritual birth process, rebirthing their lives, themselves and their Souls in the process.

Her passion lies in helping others get unstuck, connect to their intuition, and discover how they want their lives to feel.  By connecting to feelings, the Soul’s purpose comes shining through, leading to more authentic lives. Nicole knows that everything is more fulfilling when you are connected deeply to yourself first … then the world around you follows.


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