We are blessed.

There is no other way to describe the extraordinary community that emerges and evolves at each and every Souldust event. Whether it’s at a 100-person weekend camp in the woods, or an intimate 10-person adventure on the other side of the globe, what we hear about most often are the deep connections forged with co-conspirators, and the emergence of each person’s magical essence. For some, it’s alignment snapping into place. For others, it’s a fierce claiming of truth. And, for some, it’s simply a release of that breath they’ve been holding, a brave surrender.

SO MANY guests return over and over again to soak in more of the Souldust vibes– they become part of how we share our love with the world. Here’s what a few have to say…

“Yes yes yes.
I’ve always felt like an outsider. This tribe exists.
It’s beyond meaningful. It’s beyond important. It fits my life’s mission.

These men and women of Camp… they engage in the work in such deep and profound ways.
I was deeply honored to witness it. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.”

Michelle A., Camp Souldust 2017

“It’s hard to describe the synergy and magic that happens when you get a group of soulful, like-minded spirits to congregate in the woods for 4 days of soul searching and talking about plants and trees, how to live a breakthrough life, finding your spirit animal, beading malas, being enveloped by a sound bath, learning the power of a pendulum, bonding with gorgeous souls and SO much more.”
Stephanie S., Camp Souldust 2017

“If you ran them quarterly, I would go quarterly. I have a pretty high stress corporate job, and don’t often have the opportunity to spend time in the woods getting in touch with my divine feminine and tuning in to my intuition. I am completely grateful that Souldust exists, and that I found it. I believe in magic, but some places and people and experiences make it easier to believe in magic than others, and Souldust is pure magic.”
Alicia C., Camp Souldust 2017

“Camp Souldust is soul rejuvenation. I needed a community that feels the same way I do and I found it here.”
Karen T., Camp Souldust 2017

“When you are with people that are part of your tribe, it’s a special kind of freedom. It’s shocking what kind of mental energy is spent making sure we don’t say the wrong thing to the wrong person. At Camp there was a giddy freedom of being silly, loudly cursing, and exploring with wonder with a group of like-minded nutjobs. As someone with social anxiety, it was a delight to skip the small talk and get to the meat of people’s joys and fears. It. Was. Amazing.”
Maureen J., Camp Souldust 2017

“Camp Souldust is full-on magic
that will help you remember who you really are,
and how this whole game of life is truly meant to be played.
It is a gift to your soul.”

Veronica S., Camp Souldust 2017

Intuitive collage has become a part of my whole being. I find myself needing it most when my head is cluttered and heart, shuttered. Upon completion of a small page, my soul feels heard, and mentally I am clearer to carry on about living, having wiped off the fog. In short, it is a sustainable practice for listening to the quiet voice.”
Samantha S., Intuitive Collage Workshop
“This workshop was about telling my mind and my mouth to take some time off and let my heart and subconscious do some talking. I ripped and cut images and words with abandon. When I finished, what I saw was a little freaky. I had put things that related to each other next to each other. I had a story to tell about where my inner self was that day. My heart was telling my head things to make me more aware of what I was feeling.”
Stephanie S., Intuitive Collage Workshop

“I’m not really a crafts kind of person and I not only found this fun, but also fascinating. I found this exercise to be an incredibly effortless way to peel back the layers of pretense and see and articulate different aspects of myself in a way I wouldn’t have otherwise.”
Megan S., Intuitive Collage Workshop
“The experience was challenging, enlightening, and stays with you as you continue to explore what the picture you made means to you. It was very interesting to just let something hit you although you’re not sure why it resonates with you. Also, Rachel was very knowledgeable, which was great.”
Lynnie F., Intuitive Collage Workshop

“Souldust Paris was amazing and rejuvenating. I loved all the food and slowing down to pay attention to the experience. I had always wanted to go to Paris, plus Rachel does amazing things so it was a no brainer.”

Melissa W., Souldust Paris (and Tuscany) 2016

“From the minute I signed up, I knew I had found a new tribe. Peacock Pavilions was stunning, my room was luxurious and welcoming. Everyone felt like instant friends. I loved every outing and appreciated the impromptu moments of reflection and companionship. We laughed, adventured, learned, reflected, supported. The guides were flexible and attentive, checking in to make sure we were feeling connected and energized each day. I left with zero complaints and a heart full of warmth. And, to have all of this in an amazing country was unreal. It was more than I could have dreamed of. I can’t wait to attend another Souldust retreat.”
Juliana M., Souldust Morocco 2016
“My Paris retreat was a dream come true! Rachel and Nicole were amazing. Every detail from the first email to the daily schedule was organized and easy. My fellow retreaters were mindful easygoing women, who became like family. I always felt safe and each day of exploring the senses was new and exciting. Our daily workshops and journaling helped me decode and break down what I was feeling. Rachel really outdoes herself and gives you the most beautiful experiences. Going on a Souldust retreat  is an adventure within an adventure, and rediscovering yourself through new cultural experiences is the ultimate in self-love.”
Melissa V., Souldust Paris 2016

“Are you ready to change your life?  At Souldust Tuscany, I came together with a group of women I didn’t know, opened myself up and awakened my spirit as I created a new path for my life. The setting was magical– looking over rolling Tuscan hills covered with olive groves and vineyards from our 14th century farming estate. Our bodies were as well fed as our souls, with daily homemade baked goods warm from the oven, fresh cheeses and meats, yogurt and fruit and pots of strong coffee.  Between workshops and personal reflection, we visited neighboring medieval towns, drank great wine and of course had wonderful meals.  When I returned home, others noted the shift in my spirit. I have continued to work with Debby, and am walking my path with greater confidence, communication, connection… and joy.”
Mona V., Souldust Tuscany 2016
“”Morocco was a colorful and glorious rush of sights and sounds. The hikes, drives, tours and experiences gave me a snapshot of a rich, ancient culture. The week was filled with laughter and joy. I came back refreshed and better connected to my sense of wonder, ready to take on my life with a fresh perspective and a sprinkle of magic.”
Maureen H., Souldust Morocco 2016
“My experience was awesome – I loved the combination of ritual and art.

I totally felt safe; that a sacred space was created and held. I was able to explore, expand and contract as needed. I loved that we were all seen as capable and responsible for our own emotions – while also knowing there was support if asked. That’s the highest and greatest we can be for one another. Loved it!”

Cyndi H., Camp Souldust 2015

“This was an absolutely incredible, potentially life altering, amazing experience in a deeply beautiful setting, a chance to reconnect to your child-like self and to connect with other phenomenal people, an opportunity to check out of the hustle and bustle and check into your heart, mind, body and soul… and to connect and share with and learn from other beautiful souls. Camp connected me back to my spiritual side and helped me release sadness and anxiety from 20 years ago.”
Spring C., Camp Souldust 2017
“Words I would use to describe Camp: Spiritual, magical, enlightening, challenging, granola, grown-up summer camp, awe-inspiring, peaceful, earthy. I had such a beautiful experience. It was interesting to see the wide range of personalities and share the journey with like-minded…. weird people.Wherever did so many different yet the same people find a path to each other? Kismet. I have a long way to go on my journey and Souldust was but another step in the right direction. It’s an awesome feeling to be so free from conventional life. Ahhhhh…”
Debra H., Camp Souldust 2017

“I am on a journey to rediscover parts of me that I lost over the last 20 years. Camp came to me at just the right time to encourage me as I embark on this journey of rediscovery. It is a way to explore and get in touch with what sets one’s soul on fire. What a wonderful way to help me find myself again!”
Sally T., Camp Souldust 2017
“Camp allowed me to reconnect with my deeper and truer self. I left feeling motivated and ready to go. It changed my life in the most beautiful way. So much gratitude and love in my heart for the entire experience. The location is perfect ~ dreamy and beautiful. The choices for the workshops – everything was just amazing. Camp Souldust is where all the human fairies gather to spread their magic!”
Katie B., Camp Souldust 2017

“The classes were amazing and the people– wow, never felt such love and acceptance before like that from an entire group.  It has changed the way both myself and my husband look at things now. The most amazing investment in time and money you would ever do for yourself or anyone you cared about!”
Charlene H., Camp Souldust 2017
“It’s hard to explain, you have to be there ~ think magic, connections and fun! My circle has expanded, and seeing everyone be themselves really gave me the ‘permission’ to be me. Not having to try to be “professional” or whatever. I didn’t feel there was a hierarchy. Everyone was approachable and learning together.”
Anonymous, Camp Souldust 2017

“SO DAMN FUN! LIFE CHANGING AND AWESOME adult play time in the forest, connecting with amazing people! Genius. Designed for me. I loved so much and feel so lucky to have it live on in my life every day.”
Jen H., Camp Souldust 2017
“Camp Souldust is the most AMAZING experience I’ve ever had in my life with some of the most awesome people I’ve ever met! It has forever changed me and the way I see myself and interact with others.”
Melanie S., Camp Souldust 2017