I have not taken a Souldust workshop before, where should I begin?

All Souldust events are accessible to all levels of experience. We think Camp Souldust is the ideal place to begin, as it gives you a buffet-style experience of different teachers and topic that are also delivered in workshops, retreats and elsewhere. If you’re looking to get your feet wet before joining us for an adventure, the half- and full-day workshops such as Intuitive Collage are also a great place to begin.

I would love to attend a Souldust event, but do not see any in my area?

We are primarily based in the Pacific Northwest right now, but have plans for national and international expansion. If you think your city would be a great place for us to visit next, please drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here.

Are your events only for women?

By and large, our events are for everyone! Our community is a beautiful tapestry of different personalities and people. We are blessed that Camp Souldust in particular attracts a lovely, diverse, inclusive community of campers ~ along all the spectrums of age, race, gender expression, sexual identity, religion, shape & size, ability, economic class and more.

Registration for overnight events is open to adults over the age of 18. Some workshops are also open to teenagers. Past guests have ranged from 14 to 70+. We treat our community as a village, which values the contributions of all. We recognize that everyone has wisdom + experiences to share, and that the wisest of the bunch may be 22 and the most bright-eyed and bushy-tailed may be the one with the most trips around the sun!

There are times when an event may be limited to feminine-identifying guests due to venue configuration or the nature of the offering. This is always noted in event details, when applicable.

I’m not an artist (writer, creative person, etc.), do I need experience to participate?

You do not need art experience to participate in a Souldust event. Our events are not technique-based, all you need is the desire to connect with your intuition, listen to your soul’s voice and express yourself. A Souldust workshop or retreat can be wonderful experience if you’re sometimes intimidated by creative expression.

Do you have a cancellation or refund policy?

Most programs are non-refundable due to our up-front investment, but you can usually transfer to a friend who has not already registered. See our cancellation policy for more details, as policies vary depending on length and cost of the event.

Do you make charitable contributions?

Souldust is committed to giving back to our community and our planet. For every Camp experience, we set aside 10% of registrations to be gifted as partial or full scholarships. We also fund carbon offsets for our events and contribution additional dollars to charitable endeavors that support the tenets of Souldust offerings:  creativity, environment, personal growth and community/social justice. If you have a specific charity you would like to suggest which fits within one of these categories and could be considered for the annual 5%, please contact us.

Event Logistics

I prefer to have my own bed/room/bath, is that possible?

All events are set up so that every participant has their own bed. When possible, we make private room options available for an additional charge. Some venues are not large enough to support this alternative, which will be noted on the event description. Private baths are also dependent on the venue.


I have food intolerances and allergies, do you support them?

At the time of registration, we invite you to share any dietary needs. We will notify our host venue of these needs, but cannot guarantee they will always be met, especially in countries where the cuisine is in opposition to allergies. Given we strive for freshly prepared food in our experiences, common intolerances are usually manageable. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to appropriately prepare yourself for the region’s cuisine.

Will you help me with my passport/visa/other travel logistics?

In the event description as well as in post-registration emails, we will let you know whether a passport, visa, shots, etc. are required. We will also provide airport and other transportation details for making arrangements to get to the event. Unless otherwise noted, it is your responsibility to ensure these details are addressed in advance of the trip.

I have a group who I think would enjoy a Souldust experience, do you do private events?

We would be happy to work with you to organize a private workshop or camp for friends, business or otherwise! Most workshops can easily be delivered as a private group experience. Minimum numbers + various reimbursements may be required. Give us a shout to discuss how this works.

Working with Souldust

I would love to teach at a Souldust event, is that possible?

We are always open to new Guides who share the Souldust vision, as well as new offerings that are in alignment with the spirit of what we are bringing to the world. At this time, all Guides operate as independent contractors, not employees.

We regularly accept applications to teach at Camp Souldust, the details are available on this page. Retreats are typically led only by teachers who have done a stint at Camp Souldust and/or have a strong following that will help fill the event.

How collaborations emerge depend on the nature of the work, the need and opportunity, and more. Please get in touch through our Contact page– provide specific details about your idea– and we’d be happy to explore further.

I am a photographer (yoga teacher, etc.) and would love to join you at an event…

We love photographers and yoga teachers!  We regularly bring photographers and yoga teachers to Camp Souldust, our flagship event. Sometimes this is in trade, sometimes paid, depending on the nature of the engagement.

We do not typically do trade for retreats, given they are intimately sized events and thus cannot absorb the overhead of an additional non-paying guest. At times, we make space for a guest photographer who wants to attend at a significantly reduced rate in exchange for taking a small volume of photos to be used in future promotions.

Unless it is specifically a self-care or similarly focused retreat, we do not offer private photo sessions at events, as it disrupts the flow of the community experience.

Do you accept guest posts or articles?

Yes!  Heading into 2018, we are shifting to publishing daily and actively looking for fresh content and voices for the Souldust Journal. If you would like to write for Souldust, the details are on our Write for Us page. Additionally check out the FAQ page specific to the Journal.