I’m not an artist (writer, creative person, etc.), do I need experience to participate?

You do not need art experience to participate in a Souldust event. Our events are not technique-based, all you need is the desire to connect with your intuition, listen to your soul’s voice and express yourself. A Souldust workshop or retreat can be wonderful experience if you’re sometimes intimidated by creative expression.

I have not taken a Souldust workshop before, where should I begin?

All Souldust events are accessible to all levels of experience, both artistically but also within the Souldust family of programs. However, if you’re looking to get your feet wet before diving into a series or joining us for an adventure, the half- and full-day workshops such as Intuitive Collage and Burn the Boats are a great place to begin. Or contact us to discuss.

I would love to attend a Souldust event, but do not see any in my area?

We are primarily based in the Pacific Northwest right now, but have plans for national and international expansion. If you think your city would be a great place for us to visit next, please drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here.

Are your events only for women?

The Souldust community is open to all, we believe everyone can benefit from reconnecting with their intuition and true self. However, there are times when an event may be women-only due to venue logistics or the nature of the offering. Event descriptions will always note women-only, when applicable.

Do you have a cancellation or refund policy?

Most programs are non-refundable due to our up-front investment, but you can usually transfer to a friend who has not already registered. See our cancellation policy for more details, as policies vary depending on length and cost of the event.

Travel Retreats

What do you include in your travel retreats?

Travel retreat inclusions will vary by event, but typically include a guided workshop series tailored to the essence of the locale, some form of daily movement, multiple hosted excursions and local experiences, all breakfasts and some or all lunches and dinners. When possible, group transportation from the closest airport(s) will be provided. You are on your own for airfare and other transportation needs.

I prefer to have my own bed/room/bath, is that possible?

All events are set up so that every participant has their own bed. When possible, we make private room options available for an additional charge. Some venues are not large enough to support this alternative, which will be noted on the event description. Private baths are also dependent on the venue.

Will you help me with my passport/visa/other travel logistics?

In the event description as well as in post-registration emails, we will let you know whether a passport, visa, shots, etc. are required. It is your responsibility to ensure these details are addressed in advance of the trip.

I have food intolerances and allergies, do you support them?

At the time of registration, we invite you to share any dietary needs. We will notify our host venue of these needs, but cannot guarantee they will always be met, especially in countries where the cuisine is in opposition to allergies. Given we strive for freshly prepared food in our experiences, common intolerances are usually manageable. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to appropriately prepare yourself for the region’s cuisine.

Working with Souldust

I have a group who I think would enjoy a Souldust experience, do you do private events?

We would be happy to work with you to organize a private for friends, business or otherwise! Most workshops can easily be delivered as a private group experience. Minimum numbers + various reimbursements may be required. Give us a shout to discuss how this works.

I love what Souldust is doing and would like to get involved, is that possible?

We are always open to Guides who share the Souldust vision, as well as new offerings that are in alignment with the spirit of what we are bringing to the world. At this time, all Guides operate as independents, not employees. How collaborations emerge depend on the nature of the work, the need and opportunity, what your tribe looks like right now, and more. Please get in touch through our Contact page and we’d be happy to explore further.

Do you make charitable contributions?

Souldust is committed to giving back to the world. We donate 5% of profits for every travel retreat to a charity specific to the region we are visiting, as well as donate 5% of overall profits to charity. Our focus is on charitable endeavors that support the tenets of Souldust offerings:  creativity, ecology/nature, personal growth and international service. If you have a specific charity you would like to suggest which fits within one of these categories and could be considered for the annual 5%, please contact us.

Do you solicit guest posts or articles?

The majority of our posts and articles are written by Souldust guides, with occasional guest appearances by associates or past participants.  We will invite and/or accept guest posts on specific topics, from credible authors who have published content either on their own blog or another reputable site.  Posts must not have been previously published elsewhere. Feel free to contact us if you have an idea.

I have a good/service I think the Souldust community would love, can I get it featured in a post, or in the recommended resources list?

We are open to highlighting goods and services that are in alignment with our vision and mission, in a non-commercial way as part of a more comprehensive blog post or article. Any books, goods or services would need to be actually used by a Souldust guide before they would be featured. Feel free to contact us if you have an opportunity.