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Astrology Crash Course

Oct 14, 2017 10:30 AM-3:30 PM
Seattle, WA
Before your spirit emerged from the ether, you created a map within the stars –– a map to take you all the way from the Earthly body you inhabit and back to your essence, your soul, your power. This map is your Astrological Birth Chart and it’s full of hints and tips for rediscovering the ancient wisdom you have at your fingertips. Your chart is one of the most empowering gifts you have ever given yourself, and learning how to decode it is the key to unlocking your unique, personal, magical toolkit. Love the sound of it all, but can’t vibe with reading through a dozen books? This hands-on, visual workshop is for you. Join astrological powerhouse Veronica Smith in a simple workshop designed to make understanding your chart easy and enjoyable. You’ll begin with fill-in-the-blank style planet, sign, and house basics, cutting and pasting your personal information into an easy to use template. Additionally, you’ll identify your North Node –– the biggest breadcrumb to lead you home to your ultimate Karmic Purpose in this life. No artistic talent or previous knowledge of astrology is required, just bring your curiosity and birth date, time and place! You'll be welcomed where you’re at, and, upon completion, will emerge with a deeper understanding of your own soul contract. This workshop is limited to 12 participants. BYO lunch, we will break halfway through to refuel. [arrow] About Veronica Veronica Smith works with individuals to help them find clarity on their life's purpose and strengthen their personal power through her astrological and empathic abilities. “It’s funny how things change. Every once in a while something will come into your life, and forever after you are changed by it. For me, this something was astrology. I feel like the knowledge and understanding I have of this medium was given to me, but the trade off was I was meant to share it. And not just with others, but also with myself. The depths of knowledge I have found from analyzing my own chart, has healed me in ways I didn’t even know were broken. There are very few things that bring me more joy than to see this same transformation in others just from hearing the information in their chart explained to them. What a gift that I get to share this powerful, healing tool with the world.” Veronica has been a professional astrologer since 2012 working with clients from all over the US and Europe. She has also been a professional artist since 2008, having shown and sold artwork in many cities around the US as well as Florence, Italy and London, England. The combination of these two loves formed into Soul Map Mandalas in 2014.  Veronica also writes monthly New Moon reports for Souldust, as well as teaching at Camp Souldust.
Good Shepherd Center 4649 Sunnyside Ave N Seattle, WA 98103
Veronica Smith
Travel Retreats

Souldust Bali: Immerse Yourself in Joy

Oct 29-Nov 5, 2017
  What if you were to take the mundane aspects of life and elevate them into a joyful celebration, every day? The spiritual island of Bali and its magnificent people, full of welcoming smiles & sacred traditions, have a beautiful way of honoring every aspect of life. To truly appreciate this beauty, you have to immerse yourself in the unknown with open arms and wide eyes, to step away from what you know and live every day. By doing so, you will also witness a transformation in yourself … seeing your own beauty and experiencing deep, cellular joy. Travel with Souldust to a transformative Balinese experience, where we set aside fear and judgment and immerse ourselves in the beauty of Bali.  Seasoned Souldust Guide and world traveler, Jen MacNiven, will take you on a gentle, sacred soul experience that includes daily movement, energizing workshops, and unique cultural experiences and excursions. You will return home with Bali in your heart, a clear, expansive sense of the joyful, light-filled woman you are, and practical tools and practices to make every day sacred and bright. [arrow] The call to Souldust Bali... Do you ever feel boxed in, as if you are living a life that does not reflect who you truly are or what you are capable of?  Does it feel claustrophobic sometimes, not being in alignment with your truth, your gorgeous light?  Is there a yearning for more beauty and joy, every day? What if you could step out of this box for a week and let yourself just slip into the flow of a culture that honors the everyday sacred?  What if you could experience the freedom of releasing beliefs and expectations, releasing fear and judgment, and easing instead into what feels right and true in your soul? What would life feel like if every moment, even the most mundane, were clear, sacred and beautiful? What if you were to gaze at the edges of the unknown and smile with delight? Through cleansing rituals in holy water temples, sacred walks amongst rice fields, sunrise volcano hikes, Balinese blessing ceremonies and more… Bali will gently ease you out of your comfort zone and then bring you back to your true essence, allowing you to clarify and then honor who you are and what you you really want in life. Souldust Bali is for the woman who... Feels called to bring in more joy, laughter and a deep sense of self into her life, Knows there is an exciting truth waiting to be revealed, beyond the old standby beliefs and patterns, Is ready to step out of her comfort zone and say goodbye to judgment, Craves that brilliant sense of light + bright that comes from clarity and pure authentic expression, and Appreciates experiencing this with a group of sisters on the same path. Are you already feeling the light wanting to burst out, to be seen?  Bali is waiting to embrace and honor you. [arrow] The transformative Balinese experience... 8 days, 7 nights accommodations at Soulshine Bali retreat center and yoga oasis, owned by rocker Michael Franti. "We created Soulshine Bali to be a place of happiness where you can chill in a fun, friendly atmosphere, explore the beauty of Bali, enjoy delicious organic food and let your soul soar in the sun." All-inclusive delicious meals in Soulshine's organic Soul Kitchen, homemade with love onsite using fresh, local ingredients.   Daily meditation + movement. Each day begins with us gathering to ground ourselves for the day. Whether it's meditation followed by a gentle yoga flow, a meditative walk in the rice fields, or creative movement, the time will be tailored to the day's intention. Held on-site at the Shala Bali, this daily movement will be accessible for all levels of experience.   Excursions and activities that engage with the soul of the Balinese culture. Every experience in Bali is an opportunity to connect with the sacred in yourself. Your time in Bali includes a purifying Balinese water temple cleansing, a sunrise hike up to a magical volcano, visiting the vibrant Bali markets, and receiving a traditional Balinese blessing.   Joyful activities connecting to flow.  Wrapped around the cultural experiences are soul workshops and activities led by Jen MacNiven, to help you release beliefs and rejuvenate your soul -- including breath work, a blissful outdoor spa treatment such as as flower petal bath, sound bath, and expanding your wings in ecstatic dance. [arrow] More about Soulshine Bali https://youtu.be/HDiSz6AuEXc Soulshine Bali was founded in 2011 by two friends, Michael Franti and Carla Swanson, whose shared love of Balinese culture inspired them to design a place where others could come and enjoy the magic of this beautiful island. A boutique hotel and yoga retreat oasis located five minutes outside of the village of Ubud, Bali in Indonesia, Soulshine has been dedicated to creating a place of happiness where people can come to relax, adventure, deepen their practices, eat great food, play in the sun and get back to being themselves. All of the people on Soulshine's amazing team come from nearby villages, and will make you feel welcome from the moment you arrive. Onsite amenities include the Soulshine fruit & juice bar, open air yoga studio with stunning views, gorgeous infinity pool with diving platform, complimentary drinking water, onsite massage treatments and more. [arrow] All the included goodies 8 days, 7 nights luxury accommodations, in either a shared or private room Full run of Soulshine Bali premises and amenities Daily homemade, organic meals, with options for all types of diets (all included) Daily meditation and yoga/movement practice, including flow and yin yoga (suitable for all levels) Daily guided group workshops, including self-exploration through journaling, breathwork and sound Excursion to cleansing Tirta Empul water temple Excursion to Yoga Barn ecstatic dance, including lunch + tour through Ubud markets Excursion to sunrise volcano hike, with meditation at the top of the volcano Excursion to blessing ceremony, either at the waterfall/river or with high priestess Ida One included massage treatment Specially curated gifts to remember your experience All transportation for planned excursions and trips into town Gratuities for services provided during our time at Soulshine Transfers to and from Denpasar Bali airport Note:  Itinerary and activities are subject to change due to availability or other circumstances. Not included Airfare or other travel costs to/from/in Bali Transportation outside of retreat activities Travel insurance (recommended) Alcoholic beverages at any meals Optional additional spa services [arrow] Your guide on this journey... Jen MacNiven Growing up as a military kid, change was the norm for Jen... but it wasn’t easy. Change created major challenges, programmed beliefs and a ‘different’ way of life.  Having ticked off all the expected life boxes -- college, graduate school, corporate job, buying a house -- Jen found herself spinning on a hamster wheel, unfulfilled and unhappy. After the end of a 12-year career, she took an unplanned, last-minute trip to Bali … where life forever changed.  1 month turned into now 3 years where Jen has traveled and lived abroad in 14 countries on a soulful, spiritual quest to step out of the predictable life boxes and forge her own path to authentic health and happiness, a life filled with celebration. Jen's journey has taught her new spiritual + holistic practices and traditions, including training in healthy eating, meditation, and yoga. While the journey of self-discovery never ends, this multi-year experience has shifted her focus 180 degrees, fueling not only her own authenticity but a deep desire to be of service, sharing what she has learned to support the transformation of others. [arrow] Ready to wander with us? Hooray!  Space is limited to 14 women ready to feel the flow on October 29 - November 5, 2017, so we encourage you to claim your spot early. $2295 to 2895 to register, depending on your room choice.  Reserve your spot by paying in full now, or optionally choose a payment plan with the balance due prior to retreat arrival. Custom payment plans available upon request. All payments are in United States Dollars (USD). Also, due to venue and energetic commitments, registrations are non-refundable.  You can read the full cancellation policy in our Products & Services Terms of Use.
Soulshine Bali Ubud, Bali Indonesia
Jen MacNiven
Travel Retreats

Souldust Guatemala: Embody the Elements

Oct 14-21, 2017
Imagine your bare feet on the warm earth and the brightest stars you have ever seen in the sky above you. A fire burns in front of you; there is chanting in a language that you can’t quite understand, yet it lulls your soul into a meditative trance. The waves of Lake Atitlan lap at the shoreline in the distance. In that moment, you realize your medicine, the gifts you share with the world, are alive and vibrant in you, in this place known to be the center of the Earth. This is a place where your medicine is born. Each day, connecting all of your senses in an element clears off the proverbial dust of your day-to-day life, the dust that has kept your medicine hidden. You know you are meant to make a big impact in the world, and until now you haven’t know what that would look like. You feel alive as you zip line over the trees; magical, as you explore the local villages and connect with local artist and their gifts; sacred, as you experience a cacao ceremony; vibrant, as a Mayan shaman performs a fire ceremony, and powerful, as you hike to in mountains near dormant volcanos. Join Souldust for a transformative week in Guatemala, where your connection to yourself and your gifts will unfold through each of the activities infused in our time together. Your Souldust Guides, Rachel Ford and Nicole Marie, will lead through a unique journey of exploring what makes you authentically you through the elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water, discovering your own path and your own rhythm in the heart of this rich culture. [arrow] The call to Souldust Guatemala... Do you feel, in your bones, you are meant to impact the world in a big and soulful way but aren’t sure how? Feeling disconnected from life and purpose? Do you yearn to rise up, to feel vital and energetic, your path unfolding with alignment and clarity? What if you could slow down, spread your authentic wings, and trust your intuition to lead the way to your unique gifts? What if your connection to the elements is where your inner wisdom lies, your heart’s rhythm waiting to be acknowledged? We are all unique and beautiful souls, with a passion and message that needs to be shared, not hidden away. It begins with remembering who you were when you arrived in this lifetime ~ are you burning hot with Fire? expanding with Air, flowing with Water, grounding into Earth?  Step into and embody your own special magic. This is your medicine. Souldust Guatemala is for the one who… Knows they are meant to do something impactful with their life and is ready to discover what that is, Is ready to let go of all the things that aren’t working so they can cultivate a life that is of their own making, Longs to discover the wisdom of Earth Medicine and the teachings of ancient Shamans Loves rituals and ceremony, but knows life can’t always be so serious. Laughter, shenanigans and a dance party or two are bound to happen. Are you willing to say yes to you and your authentic gifts? We see your standing in our circle of elementals sharing their Medicine, bare feet on the ground, looking up to the stars in the sky. And perhaps, even howling at the moonlight. [arrow] The elemental Guatemalan experience... 8 days, 7 nights accommodations at the warm and welcoming Villa Sumaya retreat and wellness center, located on the shores of gorgeous Lake Atitlan, in the shadow of three volcanoes.  You will stay in cozy, beautifully decorated room with private bath, either shared with another guest, or a private room. In addition to having access to the many amenities of this property - including kayaks, sauna, solar hot tub and more -  we will partake in their daily delicious homemade meals at Cafe Sumaya Sol. Daily medicine wheel + element workshops. After breakfast, we'll gather for a group workshop, either on-site or combined with an excursion. In these workshops, we will explore the practices and rituals of medicine wheels, walking through an element and direction each day, culminating in the creation of your own wheel and practice. Elemental flow movement. We begin each day with a yoga flow practice tailored to the element and intention of the day, led by Souldust Guide and guest yoga teacher Carla Jean Lundgren. Held in a beautiful yoga shala overlooking the lake, this practice is accessible for all levels. Excursions and activities that engage with the soul of the Guatemalan culture. Every day will have an opportunity to delight our senses with the vibrant energy of Guatemala. Our lineup of activities includes excursions (by boat) to two towns for cultural and artisan immersion, a mountain trek, zip line tour (air element!),  Mayan fire ceremony, and traditional cacao ceremony. And, no worries, there will be free time to unwind and explore on your own. Private spa treatment(s). Villa Sumaya offers a full menu of bodywork and energy services at their Harmony Spa, including Swedish, Ayurvedic and Thai massage. One 60-minute service will be included in your registration, with the opportunity to book more services during your free time. Note: Services may vary depending on time of year. [arrow] More about Villa Sumaya Retreat Center https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5aZRGkc8oQ Villa Sumaya is an eco-chic wellness center dedicated to rejuvenating holistic practices and healing modalities as well as preserving Mayan traditions and facilitating outdoor adventure, in the heart of the Altiplano.  All rooms at Villa Sumaya have warm, inviting décor, private baths, outdoor patios, amazing views, orthopedic beds and quality linens. Lake Atitlán is believed by the Maya to be the center of the universe where God’s seeds of mankind evolved. All the included goodies 8 days, 7 nights accommodations, in either a shared or private room Use of Villa Sumaya premises All breakfasts, lunches and dinners during your stay Daily flow yoga & meditation practice Daily guided group workshops Two excursions (via boat) to local towns for cultural & artisan experiences Guide-led mountain hike Zip line tour Mayan fire ceremony Mayan cacao ceremony + dance party! Curated gifts to remember the experience Transportation to and from Villa Sumaya (3 hour drive + 15 minute boat ride) Note:  This event is still being finalized. Itinerary and activities are subject to change due to availability or other circumstances. Not included Airfare or other travel costs to/from Guatemala Travel insurance (recommended) Alcoholic beverages at any meals Optional services at Villa Sumaya, including additional spa services, sauna, kayak rentals, etc. [arrow] Ready to wander with us? Hooray!  Space is limited to 14 sensory seekers, so we encourage you to claim your spot early. $2395 to 2895 to register, depending on your room choice.  Reserve your spot by paying in full now, or optionally choose a payment plan, with the balance due prior to retreat arrival. Payment plan commences month following registration, until complete.  Contact us if you need an alternate payment plan arrangement. All payments are in United States Dollars (USD). Also, due to venue and energetic commitments, registrations are non-refundable.  You can read the full cancellation policy in our Products & Services Terms of Use.
Villa Sumaya Santa Cruz la Laguna Guatemala
Nicole Marie Rachel Ford
1:1 Sessions

Souldust Personal Exploration

Sign up for 20-minute free consultation
Have you ever seen a heist movie with an expert safe-cracker? He gets out his trusty stethoscope and holds it to the door of the impenetrable safe. Everyone holds their breath while he turns the dial, one click at a time, until he hears the tumblers and pins move in perfect harmony, and the door to the safe swings open. You are an expert to the safe that is your soul, you are the one who can pick the lock. But you need to quiet yourself and listen. And you might need help remembering what to listen for - what does it sound like for those tumblers to fall into place? It’s hard to remember, isn’t it? There is a hunger for clarity and truth, to fully remember ourselves and be seen by others. Why do people enjoy Cosmo quizzes and online tests? There’s a popular website dedicated to random, unscientific tests … we complete one after another and share the results in Facebook. I’m this 80’s movie character! My ideal city is Barcelona! We are both trying to validate our perceptions of ourselves but are also curious about what might show up that we’ve forgotten. (For the record, I’m Mia from Ferris Bueller, my ideal city is Paris, my Myers Briggs is INTP, my Fascinator is Mystique, my astrological sign is Aquarius and Chinese zodiac sign is the Pig, the list goes on…) Sometimes you just need someone to look and listen and mirror back to you what’s going on. We’re all seekers and safe-crackers, but we’re looking through a window that is grimy on the outside. Let someone else rub a little dirt off the window for you. A Souldust Guide doesn’t have preconceived notions about who you are or who you should be. We listen, observe and reflect with you. We explore the dreams that may feel unreachable, and challenge perceptions that feel like they might be irrational. Through guided Souldust Exploration, we dig into recollecting who you are, at the core. Stop acting so small, you are the universe in ecstatic motion. - Rumi Rather than relying on arbitrary online tests, we harness tools for remembering, including creative activities such as intuitive collage, personal mandalas and maps, “homework” adventures as explorers of the world, and more. We borrow from tried-and-true practices such as the 8 limbs of yoga, mind mapping, chakra energetics, the Desire Map, and the Artists Way. These tools and practices are blended together for a custom coaching experience suited to where you are on your journey. On this journey, you test your intuition and get to know yourself again, setting aside distractions and judgments. It’s all about seeing and hearing that quiet voice from within, consistently. And, by doing so, you remember what you need to create alignment and live with ease, even thrive, despite the dustiness of day-to-day life. I don’t believe everyone needs a dramatic overhaul to have more ease, joy and energy. Just like extreme diets, great dramatic overhauls are usually not sustainable, and may be out of reach for those living with realities of fixed responsibility. But, there are ways we can tweak perceptions of these realities,  introduce change that will create more alignment and make you go “aaah, there I am." To open the safe, clear the haze from the windows. And then, sometimes, a dramatic change is exactly what is needed. Souldust Guided Exploration can be a one-time conversation to dig into a specific area or question. It may be to provide a fresh perspective, reignite a dream you’ve been hesitating to chase, or bring clarity to an idea that’s on the cusp of breakthrough. Or it can be a series of mentored explorations, where we collaborate to rediscover your soul’s journey. Contact us below to schedule your free introductory consultation. We'll determine if we’re right for each other, and what our journey together might look like. [gravityform id="12" title="false" ajax="true" description="true" tabindex="20"]  
Virtual or in-person
Rachel Ford
Travel Retreats

Souldust Morocco: Awaken Your Inner Alchemist

Mar 11-18, 2018
The call to Souldust Morocco... Wandering a foreign destination with Souldust is a field trip to sensory freedom, with an close-knit community of humans you never knew you needed in your life. Outside of the hum of daily life, you have permission to wake up, be fully yourself, and open up to new experiences. Deep connection to a new place, new people, yourself seeps into your very being. You see yourself mirrored in others, feel the strange familiarity of a land or cityscape. And you return home different. Refreshed. Energized. A bigger, brighter version of yourself. Join Souldust on an incredible week in Morocco, where we awaken our inner alchemists by moving with the colorful rhythms of this North African culture. Brightly colored markets lining ancient winding alleyways, filled with magic carpets, brilliant lanterns and vibrant spices. Palm readers, snake charmers, henna-painted hands, mysterious music drifting across a desert landscape. Rich, exotic food to delight and satisfy the senses, served in courtyards hidden behind brightly colored doorways. Your guide will lead you on a playful, intuitive journey of the soul that includes creative activities and unique cultural experiences and excursions. Land of the mischievous djinn, Morocco will transform you, gifting you colorful tales of desert nights and sensory delights. She will whisper to you at every corner you turn, inviting you to wake up, wake up, wake up. Morocco was a colorful and glorious rush of sights and sounds. As I arrived there I was greeted by a Souldust guide, given a primer on magic and then we dove into the heart-first adventures. The hikes, drives, tours and experiences gave me a snapshot of a rich, ancient culture while I learned about my intimate band of like-minded travel mates.  The week was filled with laughter, fascination, and joy.  I came back refreshed and better connected to my sense of wonder and I was ready to take on my life with a fresh perspective and a sprinkle of magic. ~ Maureen J., 2016 Morocco retreat guest Souldust Morocco is for the one who… Has a burning curiosity about and desire for new experiences and culture, Can feel the intuitive depths within, possibly even a restless energy waiting to be released, Wants to better understand how to play in those depths, and integrate them into daily living, Is ready to call in a bigger, brighter, magic-filled world for themselves, and Craves soulful community filled with laughter + deep connections. It's for the alchemist in you. The alchemist is one who transforms the mundane into the fantastic. Water into wine. Lead into gold. The grind of life into a wonderland of gratitude and potential. This is not about manifestation, trying to call in that new relationship, dream job or new house. This is also not about ignoring the more difficult aspects of life, or pretending that if we only think good thoughts, good things will happen. This is about waking up the part of you that hears the call of the world around you. The world that is waiting for you to come out and play, to shine. We are ALL full of colorful light bursting at the seams. Imagine it coiled inside, eager to be released. We just need to give ourselves permission to wake up to what's around us and in us. To invite, acknowledge and integrate our own magic. That's when the fun really begins. Are you feeling the longing for transformation from within?  Can you sense the opportunity for co-creation, but it feels blocked or uncertain? If this sounds like you, then Morocco is going to be your jam. We see that twinkling magic wand hidden in your back pocket, lovely. [arrow] Our mystical Moroccan experience... 7 nights accommodations at the luscious Peacock Pavilions, which we will occupy exclusively for the duration of our retreat. We love intimate locations that are beautiful while still being comfortable, operated by heart-centered people who welcome you with open arms. Nestled in 5 acres of olive grove just outside of Marrakesh, Peacock saturates the senses with its curated decor and cozy spaces for gathering and relaxing. Every room is amazing. The food is amazing. The hosts are amazing. Rooftop deck at sunset?  Yes, please. You will love it. Daily soul-expanding practices. You know you've heard it. That whisper of instinct nudging you to act, but you stayed safely inside the rules, the guard rails. You have felt the possibility in the world, the itchy edges of a giant technicolor awakening, but you don't know how to tap into it... What if... you could call on signs, dreams, synchronicity, and intuitive hunches? What if... you were capable of co-creating a life of integrity and purpose? What if... you could transform everyday experience into whole-hearted intentional living? Every morning, after a delicious breakfast, we prepare for our day of alchemy, gathering our energetic practices and tools for playing with the bright energy of Morocco, learning how to elevate everyday experience into the extraordinary. Daily excursions and activities that engage with the soul of this culture. We believe travel retreats are meant to be experienced through curiosity and exploration, not socked away all day looking at the walls of a hotel meeting space. That's why all Souldust retreats are packed full of gorgeous experiences that engage all the senses. This Morocco retreat includes a Moroccan cooking lesson, a guided tour of the historic sites and lively souks (markets) of Marrakesh, a relaxing spa day at a renowned hammam, an all-day trip to the charming coastal town of Essaouira with an optional camel ride on the beach, and an outing to the Atlas Mountains for a hike or mule ride... and more. Goats in trees? Check. Gorgeous Moroccan textiles and tile work? Check. Endless invitations to share Moroccan tea? Check. In the evening, we will gather for delicious meals either at the Pavilions or in a Moroccan town. At least one night, we will wander the exotic, mystical market square of Marrakesh - home to snake charmers, fortune tellers, dancers, storytellers and more. At the Pavilions, our evening activities include henna tattoos and an outdoor movie night under the stars. And, no worries, there will also be free time to unwind by the swimming pool or head back into town to haggle in the markets for gorgeous Moroccan pottery, rugs and spices. Delicious organic meals at the Pavilions, made fresh with local, seasonal farm-to-table resources and served either outdoors on the terrace or in the gorgeous Moroccan dining tent. Several evenings at the Pavilion will include cocktails & canapés before dinner is served. [arrow] https://vimeo.com/122532366 More about Peacock Pavilions Home base for our time together will be Peacock Pavilions. Located in Marrakesh on 8.5 acres of land, including 5 acres of olive grove, this stylish and eco-friendly abode has been featured in worldwide publications, including National Geographic Traveler, Elle Decor, Travel+Leisure and more. A row of fountains in a garden of roses leads you to the front door. Everything you see has a story to tell, with treasures gathered the world over. We have exclusive use of the property that includes rooftop decks, a quirky library, seating and dining areas for intimate discussions and cozy meals, and a spiral staircase leading to a catwalk high in the air, where you can sit on vintage embroideries and admire the view. The breathtaking beauty continues in the guest rooms. Luxuriously designed, the spacious shared bedrooms each feature a gorgeous fireplace and en suite bathroom. All rooms are double occupancy (twin beds) so, if you are traveling alone, we will do our best to ensure you are matched with a suitable roommate. Of course, all of our Souldust guests are pretty amazing. Outside, an arcaded terrace offers a magical place to relax near the inviting pool. Loungers & umbrellas offer the perfect spot to sunbathe or read. And the dining tent with its rich Moroccan rugs and textiles makes every dining experience a special occasion. [gallery size="large" type="slideshow" ids="789,788,2020,2021,2018,2017,2015"] [arrow] All the included goodies 8 days, 7 nights luxury shared accommodations Exclusive use of estate premises (terraces, pool, grounds) Daily homemade, organic breakfast 2 hosted lunches + 5 hosted dinners @ the Pavilion Daily workshops on waking up your inner alchemist Cultural experiences such as a Moroccan cooking lesson Henna party with cocktails & canapés Visit to traditional hammam spa Movie night in an olive grove under the stars Final night dinner party in the exotic dining tent Day trips to Marrakesh, Essaouira, and the Atlas Mountains Transportation, guides, and entrance fees for day trips Group airport transfers to & from the Pavilions (within designated time frames) Daily gratuity for services at the Pavilion Mystic toolkit for enhancing your experience + intuition One private session with Rachel to focus in on your personal style of magic-making Note:  Itinerary and activities are subject to change due to availability or other circumstances. Not included Airfare or other transportation to/from Morocco Transportation outside of retreat activities 3 lunches + 2 dinners, on excursion / free days ($20 or less per meal) Alcoholic beverages outside of hosted cocktail parties Optional activities on excursions, such as camel rides Trip insurance, which is strongly recommended [arrow] Your guide for the week Rachel Ford Founder, Souldust Rachel is a nerd for intuition + alchemy, she loves witnessing people waking up to the messages AND waking up to ~ remembering ~ who they are and all of their magical superpowers.  She shares practices she has used daily in both personal and professional settings, including leveraging mindfulness, clarity-seeking and intuition in her decades as a software executive AND as a full-on solo mom. Following the signs has led her to amazing experiences, opportunities and relationships, as well as clearing space for growth and healing. As the founder of Souldust, she is obsessed with building a community of people willing to see and be seen, listen and be heard, a community that welcomes in all walks of life with open arms and hearts. In travel retreats, Rachel delights in exploring and experiencing new cultures with wide-eyed, friendly curiosity, open to absorbing it all through conversation + connection. From the minute I signed up, I knew I had found a new tribe. When we drove up to our residence for the week, I was blown away. It was stunning.  The room was luxurious and welcoming. Rachel, Jennifer and the other attendees felt like instant friends. And the week only got better. I loved every outing and appreciated the impromptu moments of reflection and companionship. The new friendships made each new memory more sweet. We laughed, we adventured, we learned, we reflected, we supported.  It was more than I could have dreamed of.  The guides were flexible and attentive to our varying needs, checking in to make sure we were feeling connected and energized each day.  I left with zero complaints and a heart full of warmth. To have all of this within an amazing country was unreal.  I can't wait to attend another Souldust retreat.  ~ Juliana M., 2016 Morocco retreat guest   Ready to wander with us? Hooray!  Space is limited to 10 alchemists who are ready to make magic happen, so we encourage you to claim your spot early. This retreat is open to all genders but tends to be attract individuals who identify as female. Because of the shared room setup, other genders who wish to attend may register as part of a couple or with a friend, otherwise check in with us. There may be female guests who are comfortable with a mixed room, others who have expressed interest, or we can price an upgrade to a private room. $2695 to register for this event, which is all-inclusive except for 5 off-site meals. Reserve your spot by paying in full now, or optionally choose a payment plan, with the balance due before retreat arrival. All payments are in United States Dollars (USD).  Payment plans begin on the month following registration - contact us if you would like to make alternate arrangements. Also, due to venue and energetic commitments, registrations are non-refundable.  You can read the full cancellation policy in our Products & Services Terms of Use.  
Peacock Pavilions Marrakesh Morocco
Rachel Ford

Camp Souldust: Magic in the Woods 2018

Apr 20-23, 2018
For a full rundown of the Camp Souldust experience, visit the event website at campsouldust.com   Imagine yourself on a floating dock in the middle of a lake looking up at the sky as dusk fades away to reveal the stars.  You’re tired...but a good kind of tired, where you have expended energy refreshing your soul with laughter, physical movement, new friends and a deeper understanding of your own personal magic. Welcome to Camp Souldust. Making space for joy Camp Souldust is where the simplicity of the summer camp meets a world of soulful exploration.  You’ll become part of a tribe of vibrant, glorious, curious souls united in an analog, magic-infused experience complete with cabins, camp counselors and s’mores.  We’ll make space to help you unearth your soul’s calling right under the forest canopy. A world apart, close to home Camp Souldust is held at a comfortable, authentic, and rustic summer camp tucked into the woods on the shores of the Puget Sound, just an hour from Seattle. Our 4 day, 3 night camp will combine the abandoned joy of traditional summer camp goodness with exploration of subjects like chakras, spiritual yoga, breathwork, animal totems and so much more. [arrow] Connection. Sacred Art. Yoga. Rituals. Deep Conversation. Self-Love. Journaling. Meditation. Candlelight. Starlight. and... Belly Laughs. Campfires. Hiking. 20 Pieces of Flair. Archery. Friendly Competition. Summer camp + soul work = magic. Your registration for Camp Souldust includes... Shared cabin accommodations* for three nights, with a rock star counselor + a host of your new best friends Delicious meals + snacks every day (9 meals total), served in a traditional camp dining hall A delightful camp care package, with goodies both practical and magical Daily yoga or movement practice on our three mornings together - movement sessions will be accessible for all levels Inspirational all-camp keynotes from cool people doing transformative work Up to 7 expert workshops with Souldust guides and guest teachers (2-3 sessions per day), on subjects both playful and soulful. Workshops may include intuitive arts and crafts, chakras, animal totems, yoga for anxiety, elemental medicine, dreamwork and more, mixed in with traditional camp activities such as canoes, archery, climbing wall, ropes courses, nature walks... the list goes on. Note: These are examples only, lineup is still being finalized. Some workshops may have materials fees. Daily evening campfire gatherings with the entire Camp posse, filled with laughter and connection. And possibly s'mores, skits, and songs. Full run of Camp Colman amenities - we have it to ourselves all weekend - including trails, beach, canoes & rowboats, and more. Access to optional private sessions with energy healers, card readers, astrologists, yoga teachers, and more (additional fees apply). A priceless opportunity for connection and relaxation with Mama Earth, other beautiful humans and, most importantly, yourself. Transportation to Camp not included.  Campers encouraged to ride share where possible, due to limited parking + being kind to the Earth. *Full Disclosure: This is a "real" rustic camp adventure, bunk beds and all. (Although no worries, there are real bathrooms.) Slumber party!  For even more details about the Camp Souldust experience, visit the event website at camp.souldust.com. Ready to come out and play? Here's what you need to know... Price. Alumni campers get first dibs on bunks, so space is limited. Pricing is in tiers – in other words, the earlier you sign up, the better your price of entry!  2018 full price registration is $725. Get $100 off ($625) if you are one of the first 40 campers to register for our open bunks. Payment Plans. Extended payment plans are available, based on the number of months until the first day of Camp. There is no service fee for registering with a plan. For example, if you register 6 months early at $625, your plan will be a bit over $100/month for 6 months. Registration must be paid in full by the time you arrive at Camp. Start and Finish Times. We begin after dinner on Friday, around 6 PM. Check in as early as 3:30 PM to give yourself time to wander the beach or woods, or simply chill on the dock.  We wrap up after lunch on Monday around 2 PM. Early departures on Sunday are OK (we will be very sad and hope you can stay), but you will miss one round of workshops + closing ceremony.  Sorry, no discounted rates for early departures. Who Can Come?  Registration is open to adults of any gender, over the age of 18.  The camp is located on a forest hillside so its accessibility is limited; we recommend taking that into consideration if you have any physical limitations.  Please also note that smoking, alcohol and drugs are not permitted on the Camp Colman property. Cabin Assignments. Cabins are same-sex, so if you register with your opposite sex partner, you will be in separate cabins. If you are registering to be in a specific counselor's cabin, or registering with friends, you can specify that at registration or send us an email. Otherwise you will be assigned an awesome cabin and will have a host of delightful new friends by the end of the weekend! Activity Registration. We are still finalizing the lineup of teachers for the Camp workshops. Once that is complete, you will receive notification that registration is open so you can sign up for your preferred workshops! CANCELLATION POLICY. Please note all sales (registrations) are final and non-refundable, due to the complexity of the event. This includes registrations made using a payment plan option. The registration is transferable -- in the event of an unexpected conflict, you can transfer your registration to a friend or family member. In other words, please be sure when you sign up! More Questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions. Additional logistic details will be sent out as we get closer to our adventure together, but please feel free to email us with questions.
Camp Colman 20016 Bay Road KP S Longbranch, WA 98351 USA
Rachel Ford ...and more to be announced!
1:1 Sessions

Oracle of Initiation Reading

Scheduled with Guide
An Oracle of Initiation reading with Mellissae Lucia offers both practical and profound insights on navigating the unfolding of your soul.  Mellissae uses her own Oracle deck as a sacred map to reveal the terrain of your unique brilliance, what is yearning to be activated in this lifetime. Through embracing your Rainbows in the Dark -- the paradox of your greatest gifts hidden within your shadows -- you may unleash the creative potentials that you came here to embody. Mellissae’s own journey into the New Mexico desert, birthing the deck after the death of her husband, is an example of how to use the Oracle's deep wisdom and compassion to liberate your wild, intuitive knowing. Claim the life of your dreams with the Oracle of Initiation’s illuminated guidance. During an Oracle of Initiation reading with Mellissae, you may: Learn specific practices, strategies, and rituals to cultivate your intuitive knowing and embody your authentic gifts Discover how your creative Muses wish to work with and through you Recognize the current initiatory cycles you are in and how to best meet their lessons, including avoiding the pitfalls and illusions of this stage of spiritual awakening Investigate the potential for manifesting a creative idea you wish to bring to life Understand what your dreams, signs, and synchronicities are trying to reveal about the next steps on your path Reframe your initiatory struggles, releasing the hidden power available in these sacred growth opportunities Clear constricting cultural and familial beliefs to claim your unique voice Courageously explore what your inner adventurer really wants you to do with your one precious life Readings can be either 30 or 60  minutes in length, and are usually virtual via telephone or Skype.  Because Mellissae is an adventurer herself, she is often on the road but an in-person reading may be an option if she is in your area.  Within 48 hours of purchasing your reading, Melissae will be in contact via email to schedule a date and time. Photo credit: MK Barr
Mellissae Lucia
Something magical happens when we step outside. The sun on your face, the wind in your hair. You are completely and utterly in the moment, connected to nature – your soul and mind in complete alignment. Anything is possible. Maybe you’re feeling scattered. Shaky. Ungrounded. It’s time to breathe fresh air and get back in touch with your primal instinct. In our camps, you can step away from the chaos of everyday life and find firm footing again. Our activities will ignite your senses and inspire the rituals your soul craves. In nature, you and newfound soulmates will find space. Connection. Clarity. Firmly rooted, you’ll be more in tune with your instinct than you’ve been in a long, long time.
You’ve gotten good at wearing a mask. In today’s 24/7 connected world, you layer on the armor of what others expect of you – your boss, parents, kids, significant other. You’re so used to reacting that you’re not even sure what makes you tick anymore. What if you were seen and accepted exactly as you are? Who is that person? Do you remember? How do you turn that gray numbness into brilliant technicolor? How do you feel vibrant, warm and alive again? If you’re feeling lost or out of alignment, it’s time to get creative. Your intuition is under there, like a tree bud in winter. It knows you. You just need some tools to give it a voice again.  Souldust workshops engage from the heart, helping that inner voice of your true self emerge and shine.
Magic happens when we travel. We feel freedom - discovering new sights, sounds and smells. Like a child, you are never more alert and present than when everything is unfamiliar. You are awash in wonder. You feel lighter, expansive, open to possibility. In this sensory overload you find yourself. The vibrant pulse of a bustling city or the quiet majesty of a mountain ridge awakens your senses and ignites your creativity. It envelopes you, seeping into your bones and your heart. Your intuition comes into sharp focus once again. You feel connected. To this new place. To new people. To yourself. Ancient thinkers refer to this connection as anima mundi, or the soul of the world. The entire world as a collective soul and intelligence. No matter where we go or who we are with, we are all parts of this same soul. You feel this connection more profoundly when you take yourself out of your familiar day-to-day life and awaken your senses. In this way, you come back to yourself. You recognize your place in the world. And you realize that no matter where you are, you’re at home.
Have you been killing yourself over a life or business goal, but not sure why the prospect of achieving it feels heavy and hollow? Is there a restlessness — you know you’re not where you want to be but not sure where “there” even is? Are the everyday stresses and demands of “being who you’re supposed to be” tarnishing the brilliance within you? Are you even sure who “you” are anymore? The real you is in there and she’s yearning to be heard. You just need tools to hear what she has to say.  If you have a specific dragon that needs slaying or a knot that needs untying so your work and life can feel more “right”, come explore your path with a Souldust Guide. Together, we'll take aspects of sensory exploration, creativity, intuitive practice, ritual and more and swirl them together to create a custom catalyst just for you. So you can make meaningful, healthier decisions. Stand comfortably firm amidst the chaos. Let’s get practical and playful to create the life you really want, and align who you are on the inside with what you experience on the outside.

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