February 8-10, 2019
Bainbridge Island, WA


We feel connection…

To the natural world, to fellow humans, to the stars in the sky. We have the ability to intuitively tap into that deep energetic weaving with one another, the inter-connectedness of all beings. But within that connection lives injustice and oppression, of people and planet. A culture where many struggle to survive, let alone thrive. How do we revitalize and honor the deep connection? How do we create equity and liberation for all?

Compassion Camp is an immersive, experiential gathering that weaves community connectedness,
social justice learning, and intersectional agency with active practice.

“Until we know the assumptions in which we are drenched,
we cannot know ourselves.”

Adrienne Rich

What makes Compassion Camp so special?

Without fail, something stunning happens at every Camp Souldust. A crew of goofy + soulful humans show up, ready and able to change the world with laughter, compassion and deep connection. Surrounded by wonderfully weird and real people, it becomes easier to breathe. To be yourself and be present with all the beautiful and tough parts of life.

Compassion Camp elevates this beloved experience. It blends the worlds of magic and justice, of personal development and activism, of soulful creativity and social change.

This is an invitation to consciously immerse in community together. It isn’t a conference with hundreds in a lecture. It’s not a workshop you attend and then immediately go back into life-as-usual.  Camp is an opportunity to practice together. To make mistakes together. To choose to listen, to experience being heard. To find a new way of belonging.

Way beyond a “social justice 101” workshop.

More than learning about oppression, Compassion Camp is a deep dive into co-creating this world we wish to live in. We connect in workshops and experiences ranging from subtly thought-provoking to intensely transformative. We explore questions like:

What is intersectionality and how does it affect me?
How do we resist oppression of people and planet?
What does reconciliation require?
How do we stay spiritually grounded?
How do we learn about the oppression we don’t experience?
How can we choose to no longer perpetuate oppression in our daily lives?
How can we be our own versions of “activist,” and where does magic fit in the mix?
How do we practice daily resilience?

These are not quick fixes. Healing requires an intentional, ongoing choice to be present and compassionate. We will return to our everyday lives with embodied ways to enact more intersectional awareness, reconciliation, equity, and justice within our spheres of influence. Ready to create our own communities of compassion.

Rehumanizing through joy and discomfort.

Rehumanization is “the nonviolent process of rekindling the sense of empathy.” Deep exploration of social justice is vital and healing–and it needs to be fully digested and metabolized if we want lasting change. It requires resilience that simultaneously holds the joy of being alive and the discomfort of growth and truths.

At Camp, we reclaim this empathy through a joyful tapestry of creativity, movement, ceremony, and deep play. We recognize our individual and social selves in our privileges and oppressions with clarity and care. We love, share, and learn together to deepen and rekindle our connection with nature and our own humanity.

We also bravely embrace the inevitable discomfort. We cultivate resilience around the ways we’re marginalized. Choose resilience instead of fragility when we see how our privilege intersects with another’s oppression. Sit with that full-body prickly sensation of waking up, instead of numbing out. Nurture resilience through self-care, so we can stay human as we show up each day.

“Camp allowed me to reconnect with my deeper and truer self. I left feeling motivated and ready to go. It changed my life in the most beautiful way. So much gratitude and love in my heart for the entire experience. The location is perfect ~ dreamy and beautiful. The choices for the workshops – everything was just amazing.”
Katie B., Camp Souldust 2017
“I met great people, made great friends but most of all I learned to love and forgive myself. I learned to be in the moment, express love, live in gratitude, set intentionality, create hope, choose joy and be happy.  Souldust has permeated my personal and professional life in so many ways and I am using much of what I have learned in both areas. I am super grateful for the experience!”
Alicia N., Camp Souldust 2018

“This was an absolutely incredible, potentially life altering, amazing experience in a deeply beautiful setting, a chance to reconnect to your child-like self and to connect with other phenomenal people, an opportunity to check out of the hustle and bustle and check into your heart, mind, body and soul… and to connect and share with and learn from other beautiful souls. Camp connected me back to my spiritual side and helped me release sadness and anxiety from 20 years ago.”
Spring C., Camp Souldust 2017

“Camp Souldust is soul rejuvenation. I needed a community that feels the same way I do and I found it here.”
Karen T., Camp Souldust 2017

“Camp Souldust changed my life. It made me realize that I have so much untapped energy, potential, love, and magic. I’ve learned new methods to bring out my shine. Souldust literally dusted my sleeping soul.”
Nadine B., Camp Souldust 2018

“Given the opportunity to interact with a large group of like minded people showed me that there is a movement happening. One I’m proud to be part of and want to share with all I come in contact with. I walked away feeling elevated, elated, and emotionally satiated. I found answers where I had no idea I had questions. I found connections with people I would have never met otherwise. More than anything I come back to this world knowing there are more good people out there, and I’m excited to meet them.”
Karen O., Camp Souldust 2018

Compassion is sacred soul work.

Everyone and everything carries a touch of the sacred. Our souls are wired for deep connection with the extraordinary world that surrounds us. Like a forest with its roots intertwined below the surface, we are meant to hold and stabilize one another, to grow together. As humans, we have forgotten our intrinsic magic. The society we live in has caused us to forget who we are, who came before us, and why we are here.

Compassion Camp taps into the essence of this vital soul work that is anti-oppression. Our natural surroundings– the trees, earth, waters and skies– will graciously nourish our journey. Ceremony and ritual will honor those to whom the land belongs, and invite our ancestors to show us the path.

In this space, we can embrace our sacred ancestral roots and use our creative power to consciously cultivate a different society. One that dismantles our harmful programming and heals our collective wounding. That supports the agency of our identities and celebrates the richness of our diversity. A society that affirms the fullness of our inherent potential to be and do more for ourselves and each other.

Caring for our community: choice + support.

  • Every workshop time slot has sessions only for BIPOC (campers who are black, indigenous or people of color) and/or LGBTQIA.
  • Non-binary/trans campers can choose between womens, mens or non-binary/trans cabins. BIPOC campers can choose to room with other BIPOC, or opt for general/mixed cabins.
  • Facilitated processing circles are open during free times. There are also affinity spaces for campers who want to process privately with others who share their marginalized identities.
  • Our “camp counselors” double as a community care team, led by a queer POC therapist who specializes in social justice and supporting marginalized populations. This team holds space for learning and trauma needs when they arise.
  • Staff receive training on gender language, cultural appropriation, trauma-informed teaching, and more.
  • Our venue is ADA friendly. Support is available for guests with mobility and other needs.
  • 10% of registrations are scholarships, with priority for marginalized populations.

A Day in the Life

7:30 AM.  Early riser? Wake up and shake it out in an optional Rise & Shine workshops such as yoga, hiking and ecstatic dance.  At 8:30 AM, grab a nourishing breakfast, where you can bond with other campers (over a cup of coffee, or three!)

10:00 AM. Dive into a workshop with our soulful + playful community of talented social justice teachers from across the spectrum, who will help you dust off your soul, open your mind and make change.

12:30 PM. By now you’ve worked up an appetite, so head in with your fellow campers for a lunch to sooth your palate, body and soul. Got allergies? We’ve got you covered.

2:00 PM. Another workshop, more time to explore new aspects of your awareness and growth. Engage in subjects that push your comfort levels and spur your activist heart into action. After the  workshop, attend a facilitated community conversation, color a masterpiece, or simply unplug and wander the trails.

5:30 PM. Dinner time! Need we mention the delicious food again? Fill your belly, then break for an hour or two to take a nap, engage in conversation, or join a mixer.

8:00 PM. Gather with the whole crew for our indoor campfire, with treats like special guests, s’mores, and maybe even a talent show. Afterwards, optionally join a Night Owl workshop like yoga or an adventure by moonlight. Then, we’ll all head off to our cozy bunks, dreaming of another soul-lifting day.

The Guides

The Lineup

Stay tuned for the complete Compassion Camp teacher lineup, which is a mix of alumni teachers + new additions from near and far. We are excited to experience the gifts of each of these individuals who have committed themselves to building a better world.

Aaron Johnson

Holistic Resistance

Abigail Rose Clarke

Embodied Life Method

Andréa Ranae Johnson

Social Change Coach + Facilitator + Writer

Daemond Arrindell

Poet, Performer, Teaching Artist

Dylan Wilder Quinn

Trans Healer + Community Builder

Laura Perlin

Ritualist + Ancestral Lineage Repair

Miik Wells

Cheshire Catalyst

Niema Lightseed

Medicinal Poet + Embodiment Teacher

Porsha Beed

Holistic Resistance

Rian Roberson

Psychic Guardian + Space Wizard

So Sinopoulos-Lloyd

Queer Nature

Sample Workshops

Addressing Intersectionality

As individuals, we are comprised of a multitude of identities. Some of areas of identity may afford us certain privileges and advantages, while others lead to marginalization, discrimination, and unequal treatment. In order to hold compassionate space for the multiple identities of others, we must first explore the multiple identities in within ourselves.

Using Pamela Hay’s (2008) ADDRESSING model, we will explore personal identity in the context of social privilege and marginalization, deepen our understanding of systemic oppression, and powerfully utilize language in order to identify and address social imbalance.


TransLiterate is a workshop to learn to use language and build embodied compassion to be skillfully inclusive of trans and genderqueer people. This workshop is specifically for people who already have the intention of love and inclusivity towards trans and genderqueer people.

You will learn the latest definitions relating to gender, how to create an inclusive experience for all genders from pronouns to microaggressions, and how to reach for authentic relationship with trans people. Expect groundedness, mindfulness, embodiment, storytelling, laughter, and heart connection to hold the space together.

Embodied Revolution

“The Church says: the body is a sin. Science says: the body is a machine. Advertising says: The body is a business. The Body says: I am a fiesta.” (Eduardo Galeano)

We’ve been taught that the body is a sin, a business, or a machine. How can we remember the body is a fiesta? How can we bring pleasure into our social justice work not only because it feels good and will draw more people into our movements, but also because at the core of our work is a rejection of body as sin, machine, and business? This workshop will be a collective flood of ways to bring pleasure to our organizing, that will quench the roots of our revolutions.

And more to come! Schedule coming soon with 50+ workshops and ceremony on disarming language, allyship, interrupting oppression, radical resiliency, ancestral healing, grief ritual, peacemaking, restorative justice, spiritual bypassing, deep relating and processing, gender healing, the list goes on…

“I would not have you descend into your own dream. I would have you be a conscious citizen of this terrible and beautiful world.”

Ta-Nehisi Coates
What's Included

Your registration includes…

2 nights dreamy accommodations 
in comfortable shared lodge rooms with private baths. 4-5 persons per room, queen and twin bunk options. Cozy bedding included.

7 delicious meals made from scratch with sustainably sourced ingredients, designed to nourish your body and soul while you learn and grow.

3 full days of learning with 50+ workshops to choose from. Workshop schedule to be published in December. Pictured: Ancestral Mask Making.

Daily all-levels Rise & Shine movement practices. Smash the Patriarchy board-breaking, anyone?

Inspirational all-camp experiences with rad people doing transformative work.

Full run of Camp amenities – including endless acres of trails & wetlands.

Evening campfire gatherings with the entire Camp family, filled with laughter and connection. Pictured: A cabin crew sharing otter love.

A delightful camp care package, filled with goodies both practical and magical.

An unforgettable opportunity for connection and transformation with Mama Earth, other radiant people and, most importantly, yourself.

About the Venue

We’ll spend our weekend together at the beautiful, nourishing IslandWood located on Bainbridge Island, land of the Suquamish tribe, within the Coast Salish peoples’ territory of the Pacific Northwest. This 250-acre outdoor learning center is rooted in “a belief that the natural world holds the power to educate and inspire not only the way we live, but the way we see. By gaining a new awareness—of nature, ourselves, and one another—we realize our true potential and our ability to chart a course to a better world.”

IslandWood is a convenient 35 minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle, or you can take the longer drive through Tacoma across the Narrows Bridge, then north to the island. The address is 4450 Blakeley Avenue NE, Bainbridge Island, Washington (directions).

This property is fully accessible and ADA-compliant.

“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.”

Desmond Tutu

Ready to join us?

Hooray!  Space is limited, so claim your bunk. This camp is open to adults over 18 of all genders. There will be at least 12 partial or full scholarship spots (apply here).

Registration for this all-inclusive experience starts at $795. Reserve your bunk by paying in full now, or choose a payment plan with the balance due by camp arrival. All payments are in United States Dollars (USD).

About the schedule. Check-in is between 8:30-10:30 AM on Friday 2/8.  We finish around 5 PM on Sunday 2/10.

About the bunks. All cabins are 4-5 person lodge rooms with a mix of twin/queen bunks. Queen beds are bottom bunks or stand-alone. Bottom twin bunks are first-come, first-served and we ask for your help in saving bottom bunks for those with accessibility needs. (We promise top bunks are comfy!) Very limited private and 2-person rooms available at additional cost, upon request.

Not included: Transportation, although we help organize ride shares. Workshop fees, where applicable (fees noted in schedule).

Please note all sales are final. After 72 hours from sign-up, registrations are transferable but are not refundable, and payment plans must be completed. No exceptions. So, please be sure before signing up.

Compassion Camp

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