Sep 21-24, 2017
Groovy Historic Beach House
Manzanita, OR

Intuition is an overused word these days. It seems like everyone claims to be a sensitive, a mystic, an empath. Which is amazing. We are waking up to our essential connectedness to this world. But, you don’t have to see dead people or predict lottery numbers to be intuitive. You also don’t need animal totem websites, fancy metaphysical tools or dream dictionaries.

The definition of intuition is “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.” That’s it. 

We wait, starving for moments of high magic to inspire us,
but life is full of common enchantment waiting for our alchemists eyes to notice.
Jacob Nordby

Call it a gut feeling, a woman’s intuition, spidey senses … we already have the dictionary, hear the voice. We have instincts, intuitive muscle memory. We hear our inner wisdom if we pause to listen and feel. If we remember and recognize the language of our souls. The ancestral knowledge imprinted in our DNA, the star stuff that is part of who we are at a cellular level.

Once you plug into that source of truth, clarity and ease begin to surface. You can see decision paths, navigate the flow of life, and operate in more integrity with who you are. You can see that magic is afoot, everywhere you look. And it can be SO MUCH FUN.

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Give yourself space + time

Until it starts jumping out at you like hearing your name spoken in a crowded room, intuition needs room to breathe, space to be heard and seen at the edges of your senses. And chances are you spend a lot of your time moving, thinking, going going going… not so much time or patience for quiet awareness, amiright?

During the Everyday Alchemy retreat, our cozy group of 12 will move together with ease, waking and resting with the rhythms of the natural world. Rise with the sun to greet the day with a leisurely self-serve breakfast ~ consider pausing for coffee + journal on the sun porch. Flow with low-key ease in the evenings as we greet the Autumn Equinox together, heading into a time of the year when the nights are longer than days. There will be a loose structure as we gather each day to explore, create and share, but room to move and shift as our group finds its magic groove.

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Our home for the weekend is a meticulously restored historic residence in gorgeous Manzanita, just steps from the wide sands and crashing waves of the Oregon coast. Lunches and dinners will be provided by a local caterer who takes pride in creating seasonal meals using locally sourced whole, organic products. She will personalize our meals for comfort, nourishment and our specific dietary needs ~ giving your intuition a workout can work up an appetite!  (Photo Credits:  Historic Reed House.)


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Awaken your inner alchemist

Sorry, this retreat is not about becoming a psychic, a medium, or a professional tarot card reader. It’s about using intuition as a practical tool for living. In Everyday Alchemy, you will flex and stretch your intuitive muscles, strengthening the connective tissue that binds you energetically to messages all around us.

This retreat is also not all shiny happy love & light ~ fact is, we digest and process messages about super-fun stuff like anger, grief, sadness and anxiety just as often as joy, love, purpose and freedom. Alchemy is about transformation. We may not turn water into wine or lead into gold (if you can, let’s be friends), but we are capable of transforming information into growth and action.

In Everyday Alchemy, you begin to trust your own knowing and gain confidence in your ability to use this knowing for clarity and self transformation.  To practice the way of an alchemist.

Here’s a taste of the everyday alchemy we will practice:

dream body intuitive collage from 2015 Dream Temple retreat

Creativity. Making art is a tried and true conduit to inner knowing, and does not require you to be an “artist” to be heard. Create full-sized intuitive collage ‘dream bodies’ as a visual expression of what is itching to be heard and seen. Play with other art and writing techniques to tease out insight.

Dreams. Dreams ~ night, day, and lucid ~ can be provocative and sometimes hilarious, smack you upside the head messages. Invite dreams to show up, practice recalling your dreams, and look at how to unpack a dream using your own soul language.

not-so-subtle “sign” in Dublin

Pattern Recognition. Also known as “it’s a sign!” Like that movie where the protagonist keeps turning the radio dial and every station is playing a breakup song, nature and life have a way of showing you patterns until you get the hint. Practice active awareness of signs and synchronicity. Dial into pattern recognition and when something might hold meaning or not. (Spoiler alert: Everything can have meaning.)

Trust the Vibes. Notice your body’s sensory signals of knowing, whether it’s a twist in your gut, a bursting heart, a feeling of expansiveness, or your skin crawling. You have built-in physical mechanisms and sense triggers ~ they will detect and tell you what is in alignment, if you pay attention.

Sacred Containers. Identify and ground into personal rituals and practices, the “containers” that help you stay awake, such as daily divination, free writing and sit spots. Discover what works for you as a way to stay receptive and connected to your flow of information.

pendulum play at Camp Souldust 2017

Woo Tools. Yep, we’ll still have a chaser of oracle cards, pendulums and other mystical goodies because they can be valuable messengers. However, we’ll practice integrating the information with trusting what’s inside. In other words, divination with a ‘grain of salt.’

Bottom Line: YOUR Soul Language. Look at the full spectrum of messages received + alchemical practices explored over the weekend, and distill it into the beginning of your own soul language dictionary and practices. Apply this language into specific inquiry, purposefully transforming it into not just being awake and listening, but an active tool for clarity and flow.


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Be seen in all your glorious quirkiness!

A huge part of any Souldust experience is being in community. This is a slumber party-style weekend together. Seriously. Time to rock those wild PJ’s!

Imagine 12 of the warmest, most open-hearted people you didn’t know you needed in your life. Ridiculously human humans who will see you exactly as you are ~ whether it’s reserved, boisterous, weird, traditional, swear-y, anxious, whatever ~ and be delighted by all of your awesome. Uncool and awkward? You’re our kind of people. (And, let’s be real, most of us are uncool and awkward.)

The Souldust approach to Everyday Alchemy includes learning how to be nourished by deep connection and collective energy. Practice how to observe and discern with kindness and objectivity. And benefit from a circle of witnesses, practicing how to take in observations as a litmus test for what is true for you from the inside. Yes, “being seen” might be a little scary at times. But it’s also soooo juicy and amazing.

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What’s included?

Soul-Soothing Lodging. 3 nights shared or private accommodations in our Oregon beach retreat that will make you go aahhhh.  Each room is charming and cozy, with the possibility of sleeping to the sound of crashing waves. 4 baths shared across the rooms.

Nourishing Food. 5 catered lunches + dinners, fixings for 3 daily self-serve breakfasts, and assorted snacks and beverages. A sample dinner menu might include apple sage brined chicken thighs with rosemary roasted potatoes, green beans with shallots, a garden salad with fresh berries, and homemade rosemary sea salt focaccia. Yum….

Belly Laughs & Connection. Also an abundance of play, unexpectedly meaningful conversation, beach walks and campfires under the (hopefully) starry clear skies of a New Moon. Not included: An excess of awkward small talk.

Treasure! Plenty of arts & crafts supplies will be on hand for our intuitive collages and other creative activities, planned and unplanned. Plus you will be gifted a curated mystic toolkit of goodies to play with for the weekend and beyond.

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Your guide for this experience

Rachel Ford

Rachel is a nerd for intuition + alchemy, she loves witnessing people waking up to the messages AND waking up to ~ remembering ~ who they are and all of their magical superpowers.  She has used the processes she shares daily in both personal and professional settings, including leveraging mindfulness, clarity-seeking and intuitive practices in her decades as a software executive AND as a full-on solo mom. Following the signs has led her to amazing experiences, opportunities and relationships, as well as clearing space for growth and healing.  As the founder of Souldust, she is obsessed with building a community of people willing to see and be seen, listen and be heard, a community that welcomes in all walks of life with open arms and hearts.

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Ready to magnify your intuitive superpowers?

Space is Limited!  This weekend experience has capacity for only 12 alchemists.

Schedule. Arrival time is between 4 and 6 PM on Thursday, September 21. We will check out by 11 AM on Sunday, September 24, wrapping up on the beach, weather permitting.

Getting There. Manzanita is on the Oregon coast, about 2 hours drive from Portland, a bit over 4 hours from Seattle. Transportation is not included but we will help coordinate ride sharing where possible. A portion of the drive is unbelievably scenic!

Sharing Options. Beds in private rooms can be shared with a friend or partner upon request, contact us for pricing to add a second person into a private room.

Extended Payment Plans. We sincerely strive to make our events accessible to all budgets. If you need consideration for an extended payment plan, please contact us below and we will do our best to accommodate. Note: Due to the intimate size of this retreat, it does not have any scholarship slots open.

Gender Inclusivity. While the majority of our events welcome all genders, there are times when the layout or size of a venue create limitations. This retreat is open to anyone who identifies as female or non-binary/two-spirit.

Cancellation. All registrations are final ~ transferable but non-refundable. Please be certain you want to join us before signing up.

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