The Experience

Reading tarot can be daunting.

72 cards, 72 meanings to memorize!

When we first encounter tarot reading, our inner voices can be less intuitive and sound like this: “How do I memorize the tarot spreads AND the meanings AND how these cards fit together? And then there are the reversals! Aah!” Sometimes our tarot panic response is to bury our nose in a tarot book each time we pull a card…and then never really put the book down.

Despite our brains’ best attempts at tricking us into tarot overwhelm and memorization overload, we will turn our panic into panache at this workshop intensive on all aspects of tarot – The Major Arcana, The Minor Arcana, The Court Cards, and a Deep Dive into Reading Spreads. Choose any combination of workshops you want to work on, or come all day for an intensive experience.

In Fool to Mystic, we are gathering to call in what it’s really about – grounding in our own power and intuition, and rooting ourselves deeply into the many generations of tarot readers before us and tarot descendants to come. We will draw on patterns, story, laughter, and connection to break learning tarot into a tangible and easeful experience. We will explore tarot as a tool for healing our deepest wounds and calling in a brighter future.

This workshop is great for folks with no experience, or folks that have some experience reading but are looking to deepen their relationship with their decks and with their own healing through tarot. This is also a class for people who want to learn to read tarot away from the books, and more deeply with their own intuition..

Our Hero’s Journey: The Major Arcana (Feb. 24, 10am-12pm)

In this workshop, we will break down the Major Arcana – our big, life-changing milestones and impactful spiritual learnings – into tangible, relatable pieces. Through storytelling, journaling, and reflection, you will learn tools for remembering each card, go through a healing journey of your own using the Major Arcana, and leave feeling more grounded and able to read Tarot for what it is meant to do – reflect your own powerful, intuitive self.

The Daily Show: The Minor Arcana (Feb. 24, 1pm to 3pm)

After diving deep into life-changing milestones and impactful spiritual learnings, it’s time to chill out a bit and lean into learning the Minor Arcana: the day-to-day happenings that show up in our lives. Through grounding in the ancient wisdom of symbols and numbers and playful memory games, we will learn 40 seemingly-complex cards with ease. This workshop does not include the Court Cards.

Be Your Own Highness: The Court Cards (March 3, 10am to 3pm)

The Court Cards are by far the trickiest part of the tarot – how can we possibly dive into the nuances of each card in a short two hours, and leave with any understanding of what these are all about? Through finding familiarity, collage, humor, and story time, of course! We will draw on our own family and friends to draw on stories about people you love, all while learning deep characteristics of the tarot Court Cards. Bring photos of people you love, magazines that speak to your soul, or a keen (or wonky, or funny – everything is welcome here!) knack for drawing.

Channeling your High Priestess: Diving Deep into Multi-Card Readings (March 3, 1pm to 3pm)

It’s time to bring it all together – what does it mean to read a multi-card spread? How do you tie the question, the card meanings, and the card locations all together? It is easier than you think, and practice in community really helps. This workshop is all about you – you will get a lot of practice reading for yourself and for others in a low-stress and friendly environment. Walk away trusting your relationship with your own intuition and understanding the many ways you can use tarot to provide clarity, divination, reflection, connection to guides and ancestors, and more.

“The Major Arcana workshop with Dylan gave me a whole new insight on tarot decks. Dylan was very kind, sweet, informative and wonderful. Very helpful with questions, didn’t judge and allowed you to make your own decision.” – Karen T.

“Dylan was a real and accessible person who gave equally to everyone in the workshop. Major Arcana was a fun start to learning Tarot.” – Sally T.

This Workshop Covers…

  • An exploration of tarot in its many modalities – as a divination tool, as a mindfulness practice, as a connection to spirit and guides, and as a processing tool – however you want to use it is the right way for you!
  • Invitation to participate in a variety of interactive activities, from discussions to partner events to small skits, that are all consent-driven. Our bodies, hearts, and minds need to feel safe participating in a way that feels good to leave room for our intuition to take over.
  • Practice reading tarot spreads.
  • Memory games and stories to help your brain ingest information.
  • Grounding into the history of tarot, which welcomes our spiritual bodies to connect with our ancestors and descendants of this practice.
  • Understanding some of the cultural norms that lead us to doubting our own power and intuition, and an invitation to move through these norms and into something different.

What’s Included

You will go home with tarot “cheat sheets” for both the Major and Minor Arcana that are clearer and quicker than books, and leave room for your own power and intuition to take over. You will also walk away with a collection of tarot spreads that are simple practices for people looking to get more comfortable with multiple card readings.

Bring something to write with (if you learn well that way – other ways to reflect are welcome), and a tarot deck and book if you have them. There will be a few communal tarot decks to share and enjoy.

Your registration also includes beverage service– coffee, tea, water, etc. Bring your own snacks and lunch, or explore the many restaurants in nearby Pioneer Square. There will be an hour in between workshops to eat, rest, and connect. There is a kitchen on site (no microwave).

Dylan will also be available during this lunch hour to respond to more personal, pressing tarot questions.

The Guide

Your Guide for the Day

Dylan Wilder Quinn
Trans Healer + Community Builder

Dylan Wilder Quinn (they/he/she pronouns) is a distracted Gemini with a deeply focused, organized double Virgo. They lead workshops on collective liberation, consult on trans inclusion and undoing our whiteness, teach and read tarot, and provide trauma-informed healing sessions focusing on embodiment and neurobiology, all while living out of an off-grid tiny home. As broad as these topics may seem, they all orbit around one central star – manifesting another world that they know is possible, infused with intimate connection, spiritual grounding, trauma healing, and care for our earth and each other.

Dylan’s non-binary gender and anti-oppression work in this world results in a gentle and spiritual framework that strives to heal ourselves from our toxic gender socialization and how it shows up in reading tarot, and teaches us to draw from our ancestry and intuitive power to create liberated change for our bodies and communities. For Dylan, tarot is not just a predictive or processing tool – it is also a chance for us to move through our attachment to perfectionism, the upwellings of shame, the fear of the unknown, and to transform our hesitant connection with our inner voice into a powerful and grounded trust in our own self. All genders are welcome at this inclusive workshop to come explore what this may mean for you.

Where & When

Welcome to Our Favorite Place to Hang

This workshop is held at our SODO (South of Downtown) Seattle location, affectionately known as Souldust Studio. We are a hop, skip & a jump from CenturyLink Field, easily accessible from the Link light rail Stadium Station. There is plenty of nearby parking (we try to avoid game days). Address and details on how to get to the Studio will be provided upon registration.

Workshops begins at 10 AM and ends by 3 PM. There is a 1 hour break between the two sessions. We ask guests to arrive 10 minutes before a workshop start time, so that we can all begin promptly together.


“Don't try to comprehend with your mind.
Your minds are very limited. Use your intuition."

Madeline L'Engle

Ready to make magic?

Awesome!  This popular workshop has limited space, so we encourage you to claim your spot early. The workshop is open to adults over 18 of all gender identities. The age restriction is due to sometimes mature conversations, please contact us before registering anyone younger than 18.

Registration is $33 to $44 per workshop. $44 workshop (Court Cards) includes supply fees. For all workshops and camps, we offer at least 1 scholarship spot per 10 registrations. Partial and full scholarships are made available if a workshop meets minimum registrations, inquire re: details on our contact form.

Please note all sales are final. Registrations are transferable but non-refundable, so please be sure before signing up. You can read the full cancellation policy in our Products & Services Terms of Use.


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