Altered Altars of Self

A liberating weekend dedicated to your freestyle ritualist
& electrifying your wildest dreams.

What might happen if you playfully stepped into your most creative embodiment? In this dynamic, immersive weekend, you will awaken new levels of your expressive energy body through sound, color, movement, symbolism, and ARTual (art + ritual).

You will be guided into spaces where you access new conviction to write your future “story,” illuminating your most joyful & fulfilling life ahead. MYSTIC GRAFFITI’s energy of undeniable self-expression will open you to NEW rules, NEW roles & NEW life adventures.

You are giving the Universe notice: this is where I’m going. This weekend is the doorway opening you to all the ways you are supported & inspired. To trusting your inner ceremonialist in practical and profound ways. To reclaiming your innate intuitive wisdom, and navigating from that potent place.

"Art is freedom. Being able to bend things most people see as a straight line."

Author Unknown


Step into an Immersive & Multi-dimensional Experience…

By committing to this journey you are gifting yourself the time & space to relax, rejuvenate, and nurture yourself. This is when you remember your sacred nature. This is when you remember all you truly know. Not what you think, but what you know.

Mellissae Lucia and Whitney Freya will guide you through transformative processes invoking clear visions of your most authentic self, and how to freely express the fullness of that in the art that is your life. Xanne Sarka will get the giggles flowing with her movement playshop designed to create ease, freedom and joy through creative play.

Woven throughout this luscious Souldust time-between-time, we will create with color and imagery, explore guided meditations as the gateway to unlocking the intelligence of your unconscious, be bathed in sound bath vibrations, and experience playful, embodied movement practices that will remind you of the gifts of this physical life & strengthen your enthusiasm for what you can create & experience now.

It is time to re-enchant the story of your life…

We each have a choice right now: to allow the external world to dictate our inner knowing, or take back our creative freedom, honoring what brings us joy, fulfillment, and passion. The pathway to this new level of personal freedom & authenticity is guided by the wisdom of your body, both physical & energetic. Your Mystic “Street Artist” is ready to break the outdated rules you inherited, tagging your authentic signature on everything you do.

Woven throughout the weekend will be projects engaging collage & mixed-tape-media, glue & glitter, cutting & scratching in a myriad of ways, encouraging you to embrace the parts of you who are yearning to come out and PLAY!

The Intuitive Body Map Altar, inspired by a wild-style divination process, reveals aspects of yourself that are ready to be liberated & ignited. The messages that come through, the truths that have been hidden until now, have the ability to delight, surprise, and motivate.

You will also craft a unique Deconstructed Dream Altar Book to activate your own illuminated manuscripts within, developing skills to consciously write your next most compelling “chapters.” This  irreverent and playful process will awaken you to the wonder, awe and delight all around, by slowing down to receive. Your Book will mirror the messages that will help you cultivate a state of presence. This presence will nourish your daily routine and energize your body, mind, and spirit.

Whitney, Mellissae and Xanne are all wizards at honoring the natural, creative mystic within you. And the community that forms for any given camp has the air of divine “we were meant to meet in this time and place.” The collective that will form is infinitely supportive & collaborative, giving you permission to radiate your truest self. No experience necessary to make and feel the magic.


“O M G I can’t say enough. Mellissae’s energy is positively luminous. She is inspirational and fun. For a person like me, who is not a visual artist, to feel nourished and inspired by an artsy workshop the way I did in ‘Create Your Own Oracle Deck’, is an amazing gift.” – Sally, Camp Souldust alumni

“I really love Mellissae‘s energy. It felt like we were soul sisters right out of the gate. Her class was interesting and I liked the process of creating the altars. I’ve always been fascinated with them. And the process isn’t one I would have chosen had I known the ins and outs of it, I’m glad I took it. I got a chance to connect with my fellow campers in a way that was unique, vulnerable and lovely.” – Maureen, Camp Souldust alumni


This weekend covers…

  • Embracing your innate ritualist to nourish & inspire magic in everything you do.
  • Using imagination + art processes to access the wisdom of your intuitive knowing.
  • The healing benefits + bliss of vibrational sound healing.
  • The vital role of movement & playfulness in feeding and freeing your artistic energy.
  • How ARTual (art + ritual) as a personal, organic, daily practice can shift old, limiting patterns.
  • Learning divinatory collage & art techniques that will help you decipher the signs and synchronicities in your life.
  • Why claiming your creative courage and confidence are literally the most powerful tools you have for moving through these intense times.

Connect with a crew of joyful co-creators. You will enjoy the time and space to go deep within, to rediscover that enchanted dialogue with your soul. This is an immersive, multi-sensory experience. There will be guided meditations and journeys, sound baths, sacred movement & more mystic play.

Included in your experience…

At this mini camp, you will experience all of the hallmarks of a Camp Souldust experience– connection to creativity, self-care, play, spirituality/woo, nature, embracing your gifts, and a deep sense of belonging– with a special emphasis on the healing properties of embodying your creative wisdom. Your camp registration includes:

  • Cozy overnight lodging in shared cabin lodging, complete with a counselor + new friends
  • 4 delicious meals + snacks throughout our time together
  • A curated care package of goodies for the weekend
  • A full weekend of creative activities, including the Intuitive Body Map and Dream Altar Book
  • Healing sound bath + guided meditations
  • A Sneaky Deep playshop with Xanne Sarka
  • Free range of the beautiful forested camp property, complete with trails and beach access
  • A fabulous smorgasbord of crafting supplies to go deep into your art making mode

For the Altar’d book aspect we invite you to bring an oversized, hardcover book that is precious to you, such as a “coffee table” art book, or a children’s book. If you don’t want to sacrifice a precious book, then head over to the thrift or used bookstore to find one that tickles your fancy . We will deconstruct your book in fascinating ways to create a personal traveling altar full of new worlds of possibility.

You will also be asked to bring miscellaneous tools to further inspire and support your creation, which will be provided in a packing list. Will you be one of the campers lingering all night by the fireplace, delving into the organic and evolving messages flowing through the pages of your oracular opus?



The Lodging

About the Venue

We’ll spend our weekend together at Camp Colman, a youth summer camp located on the Case Inlet in lower Puget Sound. Since 1912, its protected salt water lagoon, shoreline and 100 densely forested acres have offered a rich environment for people to learn about themselves, their surroundings and living in a community.

If you’ve been to summer camp before, your nostalgia will go into overdrive.

Set on a quiet + private wooded hillside, Camp Colman is equipped with all of the usual summer camp amenities and playful delights. Join us in the Lodge for morning movement, or paddle peacefully in a canoe on the inlet. Meet new friends around the campfire, or take a quiet hike on the Blue Heron Trail. The opportunities for growth and relaxation are endless.

Conveniently situated on the Key Peninsula, Camp Colman is an easy 60-90 minutes driving distance from Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia. The address is 20016 Bay Rd KPS, Longbranch, Washington (directions).

The Guides

Your Weekend Soul-Stirrers

Mellissae Lucia

Intuitive Artist + Mischief Maker

Mellissae’s great passion is to rekindle the innocent joy within each of us. Life is a great treasure hunt to reclaiming the wild beauty within, and living from that inspiring place. All of Lucia’s work is designed to help us embody our essential creative knowing.

She is a sixth generation Pacific Northwesterner who grew up in Seattle’s studio glass art movement. Mellissae worked for Dale Chihuly as a teenager and was deeply inspired by his independent visions. Her educational background is in child development, archetypal psychology, and social justice. She also went through a “Martha Stewart” phase, getting married and looking forward to having children.

When Mellissae was 33, her husband died of cancer, sending her on a seven-year Quest. The award-winning Oracle of Initiation divination deck emerged from that transformative time and she now teaches about the beauty of our rainbows in the dark – the paradox of our greatest gifts hidden within our shadows.

Whitney Freya

Creative Visionary

Whitney Freya made an intuitive connection between the act of creating art and creating life back in 1996, and since then she has taken her audience along with her as she shares insight into all the ways your visual world is guiding you into more magic & a more fulfilling way of living. Her latest book Rise Above, Free Your Mind One Brushstroke at a Time is an explosion of color & inspiration for you, the LIFE ARTIST.

For 22 years now, Whitney has been guiding her clients into a Personal Painting Practice that is both sacred & mystical. She is devoted to helping people use art making as a spiritual practice and expressive living. She uses art as an energy work medium and as a portal to connect to the subconscious and Source energy, allowing for new healing insights and personal growth. Whitney is known as a muse for guidance in ways to tap into creativity as a pure language of our souls. She is also a mother of three, an author, motivational speaker, and creative entrepreneur.

Xanne Sarka

aka "Xaxxie-K"

Xanne, also know as Xaxxie-K, is the founder of Sneaky Deep Collective, an organization on a mission to ignite social change through play.  As a “recovering serious person” who found healing and a renewed zest for life through creative play, she embraces the ethic of play very SERIOUSLY.

Xaxxie-K is passionate about supporting others to reunite with their child-self, creating wonder, spark and magic along the way!  Be forewarned:  when she guides you into what may appear to be silly, childhood games… something “sneaky deep” is occurring below the surface.

"Creativity is an act of defiance."

Twyla Tharp

Ready to get mystic with us?

Hooray!  Space is limited to 40 campers who are ready to express themselves with abandon, so we encourage you to claim your spot early. This retreat is open to adults over 18 of all genders. There will be 4 partial or full scholarship spots awarded.

$375 to register for this all-inclusive weekend. Reserve your spot by paying in full now, or optionally choose a payment plan, with the balance due before camp arrival. All payments are in United States Dollars (USD).  Payment plans begin on the month following registration – contact us if you would like to make alternate arrangements.

Please note all sales are final. Registrations are transferable but non-refundable, so please be sure before signing up. You can read the full cancellation policy in our Products & Services Terms of Use.

Souldust Mini Camp: Mystic Graffiti


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