Seeking the wilderness within…

Connection is the key to more soulful living. The faster our world spins, the stronger our need becomes to slow down and remember the truth of our essence. Join Souldust for a weekend in the woods, surrounded by the wild, revitalizing elements in the presence of others seeking harmony… communing, breathing, remembering how to simply and fully be. Deepening connection to self and soul through nature, learning more about the quiet places within you.

At this mini-camp, you will experience all of the hallmarks of a Camp Souldust experience– connection to creativity, self-care, play, spirituality/woo, nature, embracing your gifts, and a deep sense of belonging– with a special emphasis on the healing properties of being in communion with Mother Earth. This intimate two-day weekend experience of just 40 campers is a respite of soul work amongst the plants, trees, waters and skies of the Pacific Northwest.

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.

John Muir
The Experience

Our time in nature…

A weekend of traditional camp experience.

Your Camp Souldust weekend has all of the camp good vibes of our big Camp Souldust experience, just on a more intimate scale. Stay two days and one night in traditional cabins with bunks, complete with counselors and new friends. Enjoy all the camper delights, including campfires, trails, canoes and more. And share dining table camaraderie over four delicious meals made from scratch, served in the beautiful lodge overlooking the lagoon.

Ground your Self with a morning of yoga.

Nature lives also within our pulsing, moving, ever-evolving bodies, these amazing bodies that need mindful movement to thrive. We will start our Sunday morning with an all-levels yoga practice to stretch into our feeling and strengthen the connection between body, mind, spirit, and heart. Breath-focused, alignment-centered, part moderate Hatha Flow, part gentle Restorative, all Love.

(Re)connect on the trails with Michelle.

Life is complicated; healing doesn’t have to be. There is something magical that happens when we temporarily suspend our everyday madness and give ourselves just a little wiggle room. We’ve all got those moments, right? The moments we wish we could hit “PAUSE” or call a Zack Morris style “TIME OUT” so that we could have just a little room to think?

This is our chance. We are going to hit the PAUSE button, put our outside world on the shelf for another time, and step into the timeless and spaceless wonderland of Nature. We are getting back to the basics – walking, meditation, play – to remind ourselves that healing, sanity, and a new perspective is within our reach. Breathe in that fresh air, soul friends. There is a better way.

Amplify your relationship with nature with Suzanne.

Wildcrafting is the act of sustainably gathering uncultivated plants from their natural or “wild” environments for food or medicinal practices. In your time with Suzanne, plant energetics, communication, uses, and wildcrafting techniques will be covered.

Begin with a walk in the woods to identify native medicinal plants and trees. Nature grounds our central nervous system. When we are at one with nature – slowing down to its pace, there is an ease to sensing the flora’s energy and listening to their stories. Next, move inside to more transform local plants into an herb-infused oil, the precursor to making salve. Finally, wrap up outdoors communing and meditating with a plant or tree friend— grounding into its energy and listening to any messages.

Open your heart in healing ceremony with Niema.

We will come together in ritual with the teacher plant cacao to explore what is awakening within our hearts, practice deep inner listening and authentic sharing, and cultivate community. Niema uses her tools gathered from various healing traditions to weave a gentle and potent community journey.

What is cacao? Most of us have enjoyed chocolate since childhood. It holds a special place in our memories and offers a sweetness unparalleled. The source of chocolate, ground beans of the cacao tree, offers an experience of joy beyond the pleasures of the palate. As a messenger from the jungle, cacao teaches us about the fertile, abundant nature of life. As a being that grows in an interconnected forest canopy, she offers visceral insight into the true nature of prosperity. And as a plant spirit that resonates at the frequency of the heart center and the Earth, she teaches of clearing energetic blockages, melting our emotional armor, and opening our hearts to Mama Nature and our own essential nature.

In cacao ceremony, we drink cacao as a warm elixir while focusing on our intentions. We combine prayers, heart sharing, music, guided meditation, movement, creativity exercises, oracle listening, and other ritual elements to create multifaceted experiences of healing and connection.

Craft with nature, making magical runes.

Runes are an ancient divination tool, engraved with symbols of the runic alphabet from the 1st and 2nd centuries. Like a tarot deck, each symbol has a specific meaning. Runes are traditionally made of wood as “a tree is the most spiritual of beings” with its roots buried in mother earth and its branches reaching up to the heavens.

Because they are handmade, runes become a deeply personal divination tool. In this evening hands-on workshop, you will craft your own set of wooden runes using simple carving, wood burning and sewing techniques. Camp Souldust provides all the supplies while Suzanne provides the history, instruction, and an overview of each runes’ meaning.

Circle around the campfire + stargaze with new soul friends.

Trade stories and song with each other with time around the campfire, then wander to the beach for quiet stargazing together (weather permitting).

The Lodging

Summer Camp Nostalgia

We’ll spend our weekend together at Camp Colman, the same location as our flagship Camp Souldust. Colman is a youth summer camp located on the Case Inlet in lower Puget Sound. Since 1912, its protected salt water lagoon, shoreline and 100 densely forested acres have offered a rich environment for people to learn about themselves, their surroundings and living in a community.

You’ll know you’ve entered somewhere magical, a place between, when you cross the waters on a single-lane spit that bridges Camp Colman with the rest of the world. Set on a quiet and private wooded hillside, the camp is equipped with all of the usual summer camp amenities and play-filled delights.

The rustic cabins are set in a ring around the lagoon. Cabins contain sets of bunks in an open space plan, with a private bathroom inside the cabin. Each cabin has a deck overlooking the lagoon, perfect for quiet early morning journal time, late night socializing or watching the sun set over the water.

Conveniently situated on the Key Peninsula, Camp Colman is an easy 60-90 minutes driving distance from Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia.


The Guides

Your Weekend Soul-Stirrers

Michelle Allen

Michelle digs relationship: relationship with earth, self, others, and the infinite. She believes that strengthening these relationships is the heartbeat of emotional and spiritual healing. As an ecotherapist, she works with groups and individuals in nature to explore, confront, contemplate, wrestle with, and celebrate the breathtaking (…and often maddening) nuances of being human.

Born and raised in Small Town Ohio, Michelle moved to Seattle in 2008 in search of something she craved but couldn’t name. She obtained a Masters in Counseling Psychology, became certified in Energy Medicine and as a Reiki Master, and found reprieve in the lush wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. You can find her leading heart-centered hiking trips locally and internationally. She fancies herself a Rock Goddess: equal parts Led Zeppelin, Amethyst, and Olympic Peninsula.

Niema Lightseed

Niema is a poet, yoga teacher, student of bodywork, and feminine mystic seeking to weave the world towards healing through medicinal words and experiences of embodiment.

She has been a healing arts professional since 2004. As a full-figured woman of color, she understands the myriad expressions of oppression and strives to transform them through awareness, heart-centered action, personal and community ritual, and art.

Originally from Chicago, Niema has called Portland home since 2013.

Suzanne Ragan Lentz

Suzanne trained as an artist as a way to channel her psychic childhood into an acceptable career, until her quest led her down an unconventional path of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and energy medicine. Thus birthed her life’s work as an energy intuitive, shamanic herbalist, and spirit baby whisperer.

Suzanne founded Botany of the Soul to synthesize the energetics of the plants with the energetics of the human body, bringing systems into balance. Whole plants, minimally processed, are used to create energetic salves and energy clearing products.

She grew up in the woods of rural Maryland where the murmured voices of the trees and plants first made themselves known. Now in Seattle, she loves urban hiking, foraging, Orcas Island, and snuggling with her husband and dog.

“It’s hard to describe the synergy and magic that happens when you get a group of soulful, like-minded spirits to congregate in the woods for… soul searching and talking about plants and trees… bonding with gorgeous souls and SO much more.” (Stephanie S., Camp Souldust 2017 camper)

“I had never heard of eco-therapy before, but I totally get it now. It is amazingly healing to walk quietly through the woods and make space for whatever thoughts bubble up. Michelle was a terrific guide and created a very healing space for all of us. I loved it. I wish I could start every day this way.” (Camp Souldust 2017 camper)

“Suzanne was so warm and wonderful. I loved the wildcrafting and taking the tour of the grounds looking at the plants and learning about each one. I have been using Suzanne’s energy clearing techniques in my home and personal life and they have helped.” (Camp Souldust 2017 camper)

“I have experienced both a sacred cacao ceremony between two people, as well as, a group setting. The magic of cacao is powerful and Niema’s sweet, gentle nature guides you on a powerful journey to heal your heart. So wonderful! Everyone should experience a Cacoa ceremony with Niema!” (Amanda F., Portland)

“The greatest delight the fields and woods minister is the suggestion of an occult relation between man and the vegetable. I am not alone and unacknowledged. They nod to me and I to them.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ready to get wild with us?

Hooray!  Space is limited to 40 campers who are ready to find their place in the natural world, so we encourage you to claim your spot early. This retreat is open to adults over 18 of all genders. There will be 4 partial or full scholarship spots.

$375 to register for this all-inclusive weekend. Reserve your spot by paying in full now, or optionally choose a payment plan, with the balance due before camp arrival. All payments are in United States Dollars (USD).  Payment plans begin on the month following registration – contact us if you would like to make alternate arrangements.

Please note all sales are final. Registrations are transferable but non-refundable, so please be sure before signing up. You can read the full cancellation policy in our Products & Services Terms of Use.

Souldust Mini Camp: Nature Edition


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