What is a Private Session?

Amplify your soul-quenching Camp experience with a limited availability private session!

In addition to the numerous workshops and activities available at Camp Souldust, campers have the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with a number of the workshops teachers, as well as energy and bodywork professionals. In these sessions, you can soak in the teacher’s magical goodness 1:1 while diving deeper into exploring your path with transformative personal coaching, energetic and shamanic work, and tools and practices such as Tarot/oracle cards, essential oils and astrological birth charts. Some of these sessions aren’t available anywhere else!

Private sessions are extremely limited due to teacher availability + a packed Camp schedule. They are offered in the open times before and after dinner (4:30 and 6:30 PM) as well as during the Rise & Shine session (7:30 AM). Session registration will be available at Camp check-in ~ however, to ensure you get a session with your favorite teacher, register ahead of time online (below).

Please note these sessions are only available to registered campers of the Camp Souldust Fall Session in October 2018. Visit www.campsouldust.com for details.

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are.

Carl Jung
The Guides

Session Descriptions

Dylan Wilder Quinn: Neuron Attunement OR Tarot Tutoring

In a Neuron Attunement session, rewire your brain to become more resilient to stress and anxiety, and find yourself in a place of joy and gratitude more frequently. Have you heard the phrase “Neurons that fire together, wire together?” Neuroplasticity refers to our brains’ ability to change and rewire throughout our adulthood by specifically focusing on firing the neurons that we want to wire more strongly together. People rewiring their brain using neuroplasticity principles become more resilient to stress and anxiety and find themselves in a place of joy and gratitude more frequently.

While I often teach this in group settings, individual mentorship sessions are most powerful as I combine my intuitive therapeutic healing style with science-based mindfulness. Experience the deep healing of embodying safety, strength, gratitude and resilience. You will walk away with a neuroplasticity plan to help increase your neuron activity and sense of calm and control even after the session is over.

In a Tarot Tutoring session, learn the basics of reading tarot in a private, personalized setting. Reading tarot can be daunting – too many rules (“72 cards, 72 meanings to memorize.”) while at the same time, not enough structure (“My intuition isn’t telling me anything! How do I memorize the tarot spreads AND the meanings AND how these cards fit together? And then there are the reversals! Aah!”). Through a private session, I will teach you tangible, memorable ways of remembering the cards, different spreads that are simple and easy to remember, and will bring you gently through the vulnerable practice of reading for yourself or another person. I will meet you where you’re at with tarot, whether you’ve never touched a deck and are woo-skeptical, or if you have have a deck but are still finding yourself confused and disconnected from the readings.

Bring your tarot card and a journal or recording device (based on how you best learn). I have tarot decks to share if you do not have one (let me know beforehand). Leave feeling open curiosity about the world of tarot, and more connected to your intuition and your own sense of self.

Dylan Wilder Quinn (pronouns: they/she/he) is the founder of Wildly Healed, an organization that seeks to create a platform of systemic liberation with a lens of healing our individual and collective traumas through connection, spirituality, pleasure, and political change. At Camp Souldust, Dylan will be teaching Roots to Resilience and Your Hero’s Journey: The Major Arcana of the Tarot, as well as DJ’ing morning ecstatic dance.

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Dr. Juliana Morris: Relationship or Sexuality Deep Dive

Have a burning question to ask a therapist? Want to seek an objective view on a relationship issue? Need to unload a secret? Have a question related to your sex life? Dr. Juliana is a licensed marriage and family therapist and licensed professional counselor. She has heard it all and loves holding sacred space one on one to support someone in a particular situation or a general question. Most sessions feel like they are 5 minutes long they are so fun and meaningful but also feel like a full day’s retreat because the work is full of deep, soulful work.

Dr. Juliana Morris is the “girl next door” (with a PhD) — she’s always up for a down-and-dirty conversation about sexuality, relationship, and intimacy. As a credentialed therapist, academic, and a bona fide (s)expert, Dr. Juliana has spent decades counseling and supporting thousands of women on their paths to discover and own their sexual agency. She believes that when women share their feelings about sexuality in a safe space, magic happens. At Camp Souldust, Juliana is teaching Tantra 101 as well as Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall.

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Kirin Bhatti: Heart to Heart Healing Session

For those who are ready to release any clutter, doubt, indecision, confusion or anxiety that keeps you from powerfully feeling the truth of your unique medicine, power, and purpose. In these sessions, I will connect my heart deeply to yours and to your spiritual guides to reflect your true essence back to you. We will digest and release any blocks that are keeping you from feeling your strength and use healing meditation, energy work and spirit guide channeling to strengthen the pathways that allow you to feel how shiny you are no matter what life circumstances you are up against. Heartwork is given at the end of each session so you are empowered to continue the healing on your own. You will leave feeling deeply connected to your heart and wholeness so that all of your actions, decisions and thoughts can continue to be guided by your light.

Kirin Bhatti is a witch, a magician, a mermaid bridging the magical and mundane. Privileged to have her creature self birthed in a beautiful brown body born of hearty earthy Punjabi roots, Kirin has been gifted an ancient heart deep as the ocean. At Camp Souldust, Kirin is teaching Aligning Your Beliefs With Your Internal Compass and Beloved Love: Believing in the Unseen.

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Lola Pickett: Wild Soul Guidance

What does your soul want you to know? In our fast-paced lives, we rarely make time and space to listen to our souls. The voice of the soul can be hard to hear, or inconvenient, or irrational.. and yet we suffer when we don’t heed the soul’s messages, desires, and needs.

In this session, gain access to messages your soul most wants you to hear. I weave together a combination of esoteric and therapeutic approaches to help you feel restored, encouraged, and better able to listen to your intuition in daily life going forward. You can expect to receive homework, herbal guidance, and/or custom rituals to help you integrate and embody your soul into your every day.

Lola’s a holistic herbalist, mama to two wild kiddos, energy healer, ceremonialist, and entrepreneur. She loves nothing more than helping re-ignite people’s power, soul, spark, and life force. When not creating playful workshops, facilitating ceremonies, or guiding her clients, you can find Lola on an outdoor adventure, crafting herbal remedies, or loving up on her family. At Camp Souldust, Lola will be teaching Finding your Inner Witch, Fertile Silence: A Morning Meditative Walk in the Woods and Play as a Medicine Path.

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Nicole Donovan Wells: Soul Alignment Sessions

Take a 2 hour deep dive into aligning your life with your Soul’s purpose. The first hour of the session will be held at camp, with a one hour follow up session conducted virtually within one month of camp to integrate and strategize moving forward with the information we uncover. We will use my unique Soul Alignment System to assess the 7 Power Centers within your body, in addition to the energy guidance from Above, Below and Spirit. The Power Centers we gather guidance from are the: Rooted Magician; Wild Creator; Sovereign Warrior; Sacred Midwife; Spell Weaver; Wise Oracle and Divine Mystic. We will uncover what needs to be worked with to bring you to full state of Soul Alignment with your divine purpose on this Earth. You will leave this first of two sessions with a clear understanding of the current state of affairs and WHAT needs to shift at this time. Our follow up session will include the HOW, and processing the guidance further, creating practical and energetic strategies for working with each energy and to give you quantum leaps forward on your Soul Alignment path.

Nicole Donovan Wells is passionate about guiding people to discover their authentic voice, connect more deeply to their intuition, embody their gifts, and live the life they have always dreamed of. She feels blessed to spend time throughout the year guiding people worldwide – both virtually and in-person – sharing her knowledge of tarot, chakras, shamanism, seasonal cycles, Mama Bliss, and birthing a heart-centered business. At Camp Souldust, Nicole will be teaching Project You: Get Grounded and Bloom and Making Medicine Bags: Honor Your Gifts, as well as leading the Rebirth Your Magic night ceremony.

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Niema Lightseed: Transformational Bodywork

Therapeutic Massage combined with Energywork to address chronic pain, injury, postural imbalance, repetitive use strain, physical or emotional tension, and/or stress. Sessions may include physical and holistic assessment; deep tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial massage, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation; Reiki energywork; cupping; aromatherapy; and crystal bowl sound healing.

Niema Lightseed is a priestess of the new paradigm dedicated to offering experiences of deep embodiment through words, movement, ritual, and art. A healing artist since 2004, she offers therapeutic bodywork and Reiki energywork, teaches yoga, writes and performs medicinal poetry, creates community ceremonies, and seeks the marrow of life through a variety of meditative and creative disciplines. As a full-figured woman of color navigating the intersection of multiple forms of oppression while determinedly seeking the joy that is our true nature, she strives to create safer spaces where the work of seeing, accepting and celebrating the fullness of the human experience is possible. At Camp Souldust, Niema will be teaching Medicinal Poetry Writing, Disarming our Language, and Cacao Ceremon.

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Rosie Llewellyn: Solo Sessions

Solo Sessions are ground-breaking for any student wishing to grow their practice, and it may be just your thing if you find yourself coming from injury, aspire for a deeper understanding of postures and breath, or are working towards an individual goal. With intention of both strengthening and expanding your current state, you will be guided through a creative and foundational practice with careful attention to detail specific to your needs. The tips you’ll receive will give you more in-depth knowledge of alignment, modifications, and variations that can be applied to your regular class practice. Solo sessions are a great way to ask what can’t always be addressed in a typical class and help to create a personal practice to understand what is and isn’t safe for your body. Our time together will be comprehensive and playful!

The creative pathway of Rosie connects where vibes meet vision. Her teachings inspire movement, poetry, and activated daydreams into an elevated yoga practice. As a freelance artist with roots in the Caribbean, Rosie has lived much of her life in the PNW immersed in the magic of nature. She followed her intuition after art school and began exploring the origins of yoga. This influence has launched her into trainings and adventures across the globe that continue to open an expansive window into mind and body. At Camp Souldust, Rosie will be teaching Yoga Space: Pass the Vibes, and Yoga Space: Creativity as Power.

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Seryna Myers: Soul Sessions: Messages from your angels and Akashic Records

When we find our energy, inspiration, or motivation low, or we catch ourselves in repeated patterns, there is often a misalignment between how our soul most wants to be expressed, and the things we’re doing in our daily lives. Our soul came here with a purpose, but also with the energy and lessons from the lives we’ve experienced before, and it’s our job, as conscious beings, to unravel the old energies that no longer serve in support of our highest good, our highest truth, and our highest purpose.

By working with angels inside your Akashic Records, we’re able to gain access to a deeper understanding of why things feel less vibrant, and release the energy tied to the patterns that are making life a bit less sparkly. You’ll gain a deeper understanding in who you are and why you do the things you do by peeling back the layers from this life, and often many others. With more energetic flow, and more alignment to your purpose, you become an active co-creator in your everyday life.

Seryna Myers is a sacred soul mentor who helps women release barriers to being seen. Her work with angels and the Akashic Records takes a soul-aligned approach to coaching and branding. She believes in living a life with purpose, on purpose, and that inner work can unfold with joy, ease, and grace. Seryna has overcome corporate boredom, burn out, and the desire to blend in. At Camp Souldust, Seryna is teaching Akashic Records: Unleash Your Inner Magic

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Stacey Hankins, LMT: Massage

Aches and pains? Mobility goals? Too much of your soul in the clouds (or trapped back at your work desk?) Stacey specializes in getting you back in your body, your feet on the ground, and fluidity in your movement. She believes in functionality as a primary goal, and uses moderate to firm direct methods, tailored to your pressure sensitivity. As a life-long migraine spoonie, and an enthusiastic weightlifter, Stacey understands that people have different goals for bodywork, whether it’s pain management, better sleep, or getting a new personal best on that

Stacey Hankins has been a licensed professional bodyworker since 2005 (OR #11769.) Her passion is the anatomy and mechanics of functional movement. She specializes in goal-oriented integrative massage, shiatsu, pregnancy massage, and cupping. She’s a Pacific Northwest native, and is an avid birdwatcher, artist, and science fiction reader.

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Vanessa Couto: Archetypal Astrology Session

This session aims to help you get a big picture of the archetypal themes of your life story and how they are playing out now. We will discuss central themes in your birth chart (the core archetypes), and also touch base on current transits that speak to the ongoing development of your psyche. You will walk away with much food for thought, inspiration and some practical steps that you can take in your cosmic dance with the planetary archetypes.

Vanessa Couto is a liminal mentor, cosmic storyteller, and artist. In her work and art she weaves elements from archetypal astrology, depth psychology, and mythology. At Camp Souldust, Vanessa is teaching A Luminary Romance – The Phases of the Sun, the Moon, and You and The Cosmic Tango: Astrology Basics for Life.

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Time Slots. Providers have decided which time slots they will be available for, based on their teaching schedules + energetic capacity. Other time slots may be opened if a provider sells out, but it is at the discretion of the provider and Camp staff.

Session Duration. All sessions are 55 minutes unless otherwise noted in the description.

Location. Session location will vary by provider and time slot. All providers will meet you at the information desk in the lodge at or just prior to the agreed-upon start time, and proceed from there to the designated location.

Cancellation. All registrations are final. Sessions can be transferred but not refunded, except in the unlikely event the provider becomes unavailable. Please be certain you wish to do the session before signing up.

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