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Have you ever seen a heist movie with an expert safe-cracker? He gets out his trusty stethoscope and holds it to the door of the impenetrable safe. Everyone holds their breath while he turns the dial, one click at a time, until he hears the tumblers and pins move in perfect harmony, and the door to the safe swings open.

You are an expert to the safe that is your soul, you are the one who can pick the lock. But you need to quiet yourself and listen. And you might need help remembering what to listen for – what does it sound like for those tumblers to fall into place?

It’s hard to remember, isn’t it?

There is a hunger for clarity and truth, to fully remember ourselves and be seen by others. Why do people enjoy Cosmo quizzes and online tests? There’s a popular website dedicated to random, unscientific tests … we complete one after another and share the results in Facebook. I’m this 80’s movie character! My ideal city is Barcelona! We are both trying to validate our perceptions of ourselves but are also curious about what might show up that we’ve forgotten.

(For the record, I’m Mia from Ferris Bueller, my ideal city is Paris, my Myers Briggs is INTP, my Fascinator is Mystique, my astrological sign is Aquarius and Chinese zodiac sign is the Pig, the list goes on…)

Sometimes you just need someone to look and listen and mirror back to you what’s going on. We’re all seekers and safe-crackers, but we’re looking through a window that is grimy on the outside. Let someone else rub a little dirt off the window for you.

A Souldust Guide doesn’t have preconceived notions about who you are or who you should be. We listen, observe and reflect with you. We explore the dreams that may feel unreachable, and challenge perceptions that feel like they might be irrational.

Through guided Souldust Exploration, we dig into recollecting who you are, at the core.

Stop acting so small, you are the universe in ecstatic motion.
– Rumi

Rather than relying on arbitrary online tests, we harness tools for remembering, including creative activities such as intuitive collage, personal mandalas and maps, “homework” adventures as explorers of the world, and more. We borrow from tried-and-true practices such as the 8 limbs of yoga, mind mapping, chakra energetics, the Desire Map, and the Artists Way. These tools and practices are blended together for a custom coaching experience suited to where you are on your journey.

On this journey, you test your intuition and get to know yourself again, setting aside distractions and judgments. It’s all about seeing and hearing that quiet voice from within, consistently. And, by doing so, you remember what you need to create alignment and live with ease, even thrive, despite the dustiness of day-to-day life.

I don’t believe everyone needs a dramatic overhaul to have more ease, joy and energy.

Just like extreme diets, great dramatic overhauls are usually not sustainable, and may be out of reach for those living with realities of fixed responsibility. But, there are ways we can tweak perceptions of these realities,  introduce change that will create more alignment and make you go “aaah, there I am.” To open the safe, clear the haze from the windows. And then, sometimes, a dramatic change is exactly what is needed.

Souldust Guided Exploration can be a one-time conversation to dig into a specific area or question. It may be to provide a fresh perspective, reignite a dream you’ve been hesitating to chase, or bring clarity to an idea that’s on the cusp of breakthrough. Or it can be a series of mentored explorations, where we collaborate to rediscover your soul’s journey.

Contact us below to schedule your free introductory consultation. We’ll determine if we’re right for each other, and what our journey together might look like.


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Souldust Personal Exploration

With the help a Souldust Guide, dig into recollecting who you are, at the core.

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