The call to Souldust Paris

Paris awakens your senses on every street corner, cobblestone lane and park bench.
Beauty is in the DNA of everything you eat, do and see.

When immersed in this beauty as a temporary Parisian, it’s impossible not to catch a glimpse of the same beauty within yourself. And, while there are hundreds of lovely museums and tourist sites to visit, the real delight is in connecting with authentic, inviting experiences and people who will engage your heart, soul and senses.

Your guide will lead you on a magical adventure in France where we explore a week of beautiful living, moment by moment. Where we romance ourselves through fully present sensory immersion. A saturated technicolor “la belle vie.” 

"Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet."

Bob Dylan

Have you ever had a time where you felt alive, all your senses wide awake?

Aware of the scent and feel of a breeze, its touch on your skin? A sensory symphony, where the each sense amplifies another? The heat and beat of a country western bar, the floor shaking with line dancers. An amazing 5-star meal by dim candlelight. Picking fresh berries on a trail, the juice staining your fingers.

Were these moments fleeting?  You know what this feels like, but you’ve also had more moments where you:

  • Drove somewhere without remembering how you got to there?
  • Arrived at and left the office while still dark out, a full day without the sun or fresh air?
  • Scarfed down food without tasting it, on the go or in front of the television or computer?

Sound familiar? As children, we explore every inch of our senses with abandon. But, as adults, how often do we sleepwalk through the world? Numbed by the daily grind of being a parent, an employee, a spouse… all the roles and masks. Tuning out the intensity of the world and times in which we are living. Even on vacation, we get caught up in the itinerary, the lines, the perfect photo op, wrangling the family. The relentless pursuit of moving forward.

What would it take to experience life vividly every day?

This sensory numbing disconnects us from our innate wisdom. That GPS voice whispering directions for navigating our own unique magical path. Our senses are a blessing. A gift. We should use them.

The Experience

Waking Up to Yourself in Paris

Wandering with Souldust is a field trip to sensory freedom, with an close-knit community of humans you never knew you needed in your life. Outside of the hum of daily life, you have permission to wake up, to open up to new experiences. Deep connection to a place, people, your self seeps into your very being. You feel the strange familiarity of a land or cityscape, see yourself mirrored in others. And you return home different. Refreshed. Energized. A bigger, brighter version of you.


Feel the beauty of the world again…

Souldust Paris is for the one who is done with feeling numb, and craves the messy beauty of wide awake living. If this sounds like you, this week is an invitation to: 

  • Pause, recalibrate and clear off the grime of everyday life,
  • Remember how to access and savor all six (yes, six) senses,
  • Learn practices and rituals to integrate sensory awareness,
  • Practice setting energetic boundaries for moving through the world,
  • Reclaim bone-deep internal knowing about this “one wild and precious life,
  • Bring the experience home into daily life, as a form of self-care and self-love,
  • Feel the simple beauty of being alive and present.

Elevate everyday experience into the extraordinary.

Spoiler alert: Anything can be beautiful. Why do we smother our senses when they are one of the clearest paths to knowing, to truth about ourselves and the world around us?  Forming a healthy relationship with our senses and what they tell us– embracing allll the feels–helps us connect without defaulting to numbing or overwhelm.

Every morning, after a traditional Parisian breakfast, we will prepare for a day of being fully present, gathering sensory practices and tools for weaving ourselves into the subtle but vibrant energy of Paris. For walking with beauty.

We will explore the neighborhoods of Paris at a pace that is both full and easy. Where the time stretches on in a way that feels limitless, and we’re surprised at how much we experienced when each day has ended.

While public transportation will be utilized, Paris is a city made for walking. This trip is best suited for guests who are able to walk 5-10 miles per day. And yep, we’ll walk the paint-spattered stairs in this photo, at 59 Rivoli.


“My Paris retreat was a dream come true! Every detail from the first email to the daily schedule was organized and easy. My fellow retreaters became like family. I always felt safe and each day of exploring the senses was new and exciting. Our daily workshops and journaling helped me decode and break down what I was feeling. Rachel really outdoes herself and gives you the most beautiful experiences. Going on a Souldust retreat  is an adventure within an adventure, and rediscovering yourself through new cultural experiences is the ultimate in self-love.” ~ Melissa V., 2016 Paris retreat guest

“Souldust Paris was amazing and rejuvenating. I loved all the food and slowing down to pay attention to the experience. I had always wanted to go to Paris, plus Rachel does amazing things so it was a no-brainer.” ~ Melissa W., 2016 Paris retreat guest


Engage with the vibrance of French culture.

We believe travel retreats are meant to be experienced through curiosity and exploration, not socked away all day looking at the walls of a hotel meeting space. That’s why all Souldust retreats are packed full of gorgeous experiences that engage all the senses.

Each day holds a different experience– such as an evening boat cruise on the Seine river– the best way to get introduced to the City of Light, a guided tour of one of the most popular outdoor markets in Paris including tastings, a classical concert in a stained glass chapel where the kings of France used to be serenaded, an excursion to the Palace of Versailles, a lesson in perfume making from a woman who has advised Dior and Givenchy… and so much more.

These adventures will be surrounded by spontaneous exploration of Paris’ many neighborhoods, including museums and monuments that strike our fancy– you’ll receive an all-access museum pass as part of your registration.

Sitting in sidewalk cafes sipping a café or wine, and people watching? Check. (It’s Paris Fashion Week, so we’ll have plenty to watch.) Gathering baguette, wine, and cheese for a picnic under the Eiffel Tower? Check. Scouring the flea market for that perfect vintage souvenir? Check. And no worries, there will also be space to seek your personal slice of Parisian life, or to simply rest.

Photo left: Shakespeare & Company, a bookstore famed for housing artists & writers, including Hemingway. Nearly 30,000 have slept between its shelves. Yes, we’ll visit it.

Find nourishment in deep, human connection.

A huge part of any Souldust experience is being in community. Guests arrive as strangers and leave with lifelong friends. In Paris, this is amplified given our intimately sized group, designed to help us move through the city with ease.

Imagine 6 of the warmest, most open-hearted people you didn’t know you needed in your life. Ridiculously human humans who will see you exactly as you are ~ whether it’s reserved, boisterous, weird, traditional, swear-y, anxious, whatever ~ and be delighted by all of your awesome. Uncool and awkward? You’re our kind of people. (And, let’s be real, most of us are uncool and awkward.)

The Souldust approach to community includes learning how to be nourished by deep connection and collective energy. Practice how to observe and discern with kindness and objectivity. And benefit from a circle of witnesses, practicing how to take in observations as a litmus test for what is true for you from the inside. Yes, “being seen” might be a little scary at times. But it’s also soooo juicy and amazing.



What’s included?

  • 8 days, 7 nights in an authentic Parisian loft apartment
  • Daily traditional French continental breakfast
  • Hosted dinners on arrival and departure nights
  • Daily mini workshops on awakening the senses
  • Daily spontaneous neighborhood explorations, led by Rachel
  • Excursion to Versailles, including train and entrance fees
  • Evening cruise on the Seine, with champagne toast
  • Multiple unique guided tours on Paris culture and history
  • Tour of the Marché Aligre outdoor market, with tastings
  • Perfume workshop in the home of a master perfume maker
  • Classical concert in a Gothic chapel built for royalty
  • Unlimited use Metro pass for entire week in Paris
  • 5-day pass for entry to over 60 museums + monuments
  • Group airport transfers to & from the apartment
  • Curated care package for enhancing your experience + senses

What’s not included:

  • Airfare or other transportation to/from France
  • All lunches except market tour day, and 5 dinners
  • Trip insurance (strongly recommended- we like World Nomads)
The Lodging

Live like a Legit Parisian

We love intimate locations that are beautiful while still being comfortable. With a typically effortless French bohemian vibe, our 2-story, 5-bedroom apartment is a yummy home base for experiencing Paris local-style. We’ll gather ’round in the gorgeous  living and dining space, enjoy our daily foodie spoils in the big (for Paris) fully equipped kitchen… and rest our heads and weary feet in cozy private or shared bedrooms.

Located in a trendy neighborhood near Bastille, we’ll be able to easily walk or ride the Metro to anywhere in the city. This airy apartment is the perfect respite after a day adventuring through the illustrious streets of the City of Light. You won’t want to go home (to your day-to-day home, that is.)

The Guide


Rachel Ford
Souldust Founder + Shenanigans Ringleader

Your guide for the week is Rachel Ford, founder of Souldust. Rachel is a nerd for intuition + alchemy, she loves witnessing people waking up to the messages AND waking up to ~ remembering ~ who they are and all of their magical superpowers.  She shares practices she has used daily in both personal and professional settings, including leveraging mindfulness, clarity-seeking and intuition in her decades as a software executive and as a full-on solo mom. Following the signs has led her to amazing experiences, opportunities and relationships, as well as clearing space for growth and healing.

As the founder of Souldust, she is obsessed with building a community of people willing to see and be seen, listen and be heard, a community that welcomes in all walks of life with open arms and hearts. In travel retreats, Rachel delights in exploring and experiencing new cultures with wide-eyed, friendly curiosity, open to absorbing it all through conversation + connection.

"The world is full of magic things,
patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper."

W.B. Yeats

Ready to Wander With Us?

Hooray!  Space is limited to just 6 beauties who are ready to immerse themselves in all the things, so we encourage you to claim your spot early. Because of the intimacy of shared rooms and bathrooms, this retreat is open only to guests who identify as female or non-binary.

Registration is $2795 for a private room, and $2495 for a shared room. Reserve your spot by paying in full now, or optionally choose a payment plan, with the balance due before retreat arrival. All payments are in United States Dollars (USD).  Payment plans begin on the month following registration – contact us if you would like to make alternate arrangements.

Also, due to venue and energetic commitments, registrations are non-refundable.  You can read the full cancellation policy in our Products & Services Terms of Use.

Souldust Paris:
La Belle Vie

$2,395 to $2,895


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