So you want to join the Souldust party?

Let’s start with full disclosure… Souldust is a tiny but mighty and growing venture. We are a team of three, supported by an amazing village of fiercely loyal collaborators + volunteers. A village of individuals who want to be part of a collective-driven, inclusive community. Three years of international retreats, sold-out camps, and workshops galore have been a dream of a beginning, but we’re just getting warmed up.

Why are we sharing this with you? Because, while we have a deep affection for well-oiled systems + gifted teams where individuals can maximize their superpowers, we still play whack-a-mole most days. So, we rely on collaborations, volunteers and trades to help us make the magic happen. We look for people who are capable of bobbing and weaving. Rock stars who see this as an opportunity to be in at the ground floor of something magical. People like our founder, who traded in the high flying space of software to focus on positive change in the world.

Also, we like humans who are into owning their human-ness, hugging trees, deep connection, curiosity, a little bit of mysticism and a whole lot of shenanigans. Because, sometimes, the Souldust magic requires wearing unicorn masks in the streets and cafés of Paris.

If you want to go quickly, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.

African Proverb.

Still want in?

Here’s the treasure we’re currently hunting for!  All roles are contract (with the possibility of permanent) or trade. Trade = participation in Souldust domestic and international events exchanged at full event price, assuming availability of space. Travel and other expenses not included. Also, women and minorities of all stripes are highly encouraged to be in touch regarding partnerships and collaborations!

For any positions you’re interested in, email with details on why you’re interested in Souldust + relevant experience. Include position title(s) in subject line.

Social Media Sorcerx

Description: Have you mastered the dark arts of Facebook? Are you a voracious consumer of content, and lover of beautiful aesthetics? We are looking for that special someone who loves all things Souldust-vibe. Who can nurture and grow our social media presence with grace, warmth and originality.

You will curate relevant and create original Souldust content in all forms, with the unique “voice” of Souldust. Content is posted in Facebook and Instagram, aligned with a planned calendar which you participate in co-creating.

Open to contracts and trades with individuals or small businesses.

Details: Contract with possibility for permanent hire. Hours are negotiable. Initial 3 month duration. Preferred experience includes social media scheduling + photo editing tools such as Canva and Photoshop. Location is flexible– bonus if you’re in the Seattle area!  Position is open through February 2018 or until filled.

Superstar of Systems (aka Virtual Assistant or Project Coordinator)

Description: Much of the whack-a-mole we play is care & feeding in a variety of systems, projects and shared documents. Obsessed with detail, super speedy with all the things, and an articulate communicator? This might be your jam.

Superpowers may include coordinating or taking care of granular details on events and programs, building mail campaigns in our CRM, herding cats (teachers, counselors, staff), talking to vendors, and loads of research on the Google and elsewhere.

We are seeking an up-and-comer with a lot of enthusiasm + raw talent, or a seasoned soul who yearns for more rewarding work. Some of the systems we use: Google Docs, WordPress, WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, MailChimp, Asana, Canva, and Photoshop.

Details: Contract with possibility for permanent hire. Hours are negotiable, maximum 20 hours/week. Initial 3 month duration. Preferred experience includes 2+ years with some or all of the above systems + relevant soft skills. Location is flexible– bonus if you’re in the Seattle area!  Position is open until March 2018 or until filled.

Pretty Committee Chairperson (aka Graphic Designer)

Description: We love our brand, and our community loves to connect to it. Which means we have a constant flow of need for creative support, big and small.

Small might look like a quick design for a camp T-shirt, a set of clever camp patches, or a new social media template that can be used by staff to proclaim our enthusiasm for new sponsorship partners.  Big might be a refresh of the brand artwork, or a redesign of the way visitors discover products on our website.

Because this is a mix of graphic design and user experience, physical and virtual, this may be a mix of humans as well. The common denominators being the ability to weave together visual elements in a way that is accessible + unique + beautiful while still having a sense of humor, and an enthusiasm for the experiences we are creating at Souldust.

Details: Contract/collaboration with possibility for permanent hire. Hours are negotiable. Initial 6 month duration. Open to all levels of experience. Location is flexible– bonus if you’re in the Seattle area!  Position is open until we find the right partner.

Maker of Magical Experiences (aka Event Planner)

Description: High quality, intentionally designed in-person experiences are our lifeblood. If you have run events, you know that no small amount of blood, sweat + tears goes into pulling off something amazing. Let alone multiple amazing somethings.

In 2018, we are doing more events than ever, big and small… which can create a wee bit of heavy lifting, in the form of piles of advance planning followed by the *whoosh* of the event actually coming together. Rinse, repeat. We are looking for that special someone who knows how to pull together a gathering filled with play + natural beauty + community. Less Martha Stewart dinner party or über-sponsored yoga festival, more s’mores around a campfire, cozy corners and belly laughs. You also know how to operationalize this into a repeatable experience, on a budget, so that we can keep our experiences accessible to the masses– critical to our desire for a highly inclusive community.

This is most likely a contract collaboration/partnership with a fabulous individual or business, with an eye towards the mutual benefits of our long-term growth. Scope and terms of collaboration completely subject to experience + opportunities for leveraging our staff and volunteer army.

Details: Contract/collaboration with possibility for permanent hire. Hours are negotiable. Initial 6 month duration. Preferred experience includes 5+ years event mojo. Location is flexible– bonus if you’re in the Seattle area!  Position open until March 2018 or until filled.

What’s it Like?

Souldust is more than a workplace for me; first and foremost, it’s a community. I first experienced Souldust at Camp 2017 and, after witnessing the passionate intention Rachel Ford puts into her endeavors, made sure I got on the team which, at the time, was essentially just her. Her ability to create this village of people and events has wowed me time and again, and her commitment to ensuring absolutely everyone is not only welcome but celebrated is one of the many reasons I’m grateful to be part of the team. She has a keen eye for detail, an impressive breadth of knowledge in business and art, and she’s a lot of fun to share fries and champagne with, too. 

— (Callie, editor of Souldust Journal + Associate Camp Director)

What’s it Like?

Having worked for Rachel years ago in the software world and seeing her abilities then, I jumped at the chance to join her at Souldust when the opportunity came up in late 2017. Beyond her warm and friendly exterior is a fierce businesswoman who expertly mixes the fun, artful creativity, and shenanigans that are all-things Souldust with the discipline and drive that come from years of experience in technology. She’s smart in business and even smarter in life; embracing others and trees, living fully, thoughtfully enjoying the ride, and building an inclusive community of some of the coolest humans on the planet.

— (Michelle, back office magic-maker for Souldust)

Other Opportunities

Teaching at Camp Souldust! 

Applications are accepted year-round for teaching at our Camps. Teachers are usually finalized 6+ months before a scheduled Camp. We encourage you to attend Camp to check out whether it’s your kinda experience, and so we can meet you. You can find the application and details here.

Volunteering at Camp Souldust!

Volunteer staff at Camp Souldust attend at discounts or for free, depending on the role. All volunteers must have previously attended a Camp Souldust. If you are inquiring for financial reasons, we encourage you to either (a) check above for whether we might have need for your skills in trade, or (b) check out our Scholarships.

Writing for the Journal! 

We love to have new stories around the campfire, both villagers from our existing community + new exciting voices. Visit the Write for Us page for more details.

Taking Photos!

We do bring photographers to our Camp events, either trade or paid engagements depending on level of effort required. We do not currently do photography trades at our international retreats, due to their intimate size. Contact us if you would like to be considered.

See also our FAQ for other common inquiries, or email us if you have additional questions!