Sponsors + Partners

Each year, Souldust collaborates with a limited number of partners who are in alignment with our our mission & vision of creating an inclusive, immersive experience of camp play + soul work + deep belonging. These partners help us deliver an amazing experience while still making the Camp accessible to as many as possible.

With a Camp partnership, share your brand year-round with our fiercely loyal following, both in the intimate setting of the Camp itself, as well as the broader, always-expanding virtual community of the Souldust collective. Partnerships come in all shapes and sizes, and can be monetary, in-kind goods, experience sponsorship, co-marketing, trades and more.

To learn more about becoming a sponsor or partner of a Souldust event, please contact us at

photography partners

We are also grateful to the talented photographers + videographers who document our magical Camp experiences.

Autumn Randolph
Compassion Camp 2019

Mary Campbell
Compassion Camp 2019

Emmy Wu
Camp Souldust 2018

Stephanie Savoia
Camp Souldust 2017-18

Kai-Huei Yau
Camp Souldust 2018

Jennifer MacNiven
Camp Souldust 2018-19, Morocco

Some of our Past Partners