Help us make the magic happen…

Seems like you’ve landed here because you are interested in teaching a workshop at Camp Souldust? If you’re someone who loves to be silly + soulful, who knows how to get a group lit up, and who can be counted on to follow through, this might be your jam.

We are always looking for amazing teachers who are aligned with the vision of Souldust and our Camp.

We have a foundation of alumni teachers, but like to call in fresh energy to make it truly shine.  The underlying theme is “Magic in the Woods”, where the “magic” that shows up is a reflection of that Camp’s unique combination of teachers, campers and current social & cultural events shaping that moment in time. We strive to provide a blend of playful+soulful experiences, where transformations can unexpectedly and naturally emerge.

We believe that each individual has their own unique magic ~ their gifts ~ and that there are many paths and modalities to rediscover this magic.

We believe that deep, authentic connection and a sense of belonging leads to reclaiming these gifts, to personal soul healing and awakening, and through this we are able to share our gifts and participate in healing the world.

Camp attendees run the gamut of early, curious soul-seekers who have been timid about their exploration and are dipping their toes into things, to people who have been around the block and are wanting to deepen or simply get a break from the frenzy of daily life.  Alumni campers are range from 19 years old through their late 60’s, spanning a range of gender, race, spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, ability, lifestyle, and socio-economic status. We hope to continually increase the diverse nature of our community.

What we’re looking for.

YOUR magic. Workshops that support the above, through creativity, movement, personal work, energetic exploration, ritual and more. Session content can be practical, educational, or self-exploratory.

A little more about workshop content…

  • Examples might be intuitive art, astrology basics, or yoga for anxiety. Content should be either material of your own creation, or more general in nature (such as astrology or yoga).
  • We do not include workshops that rely heavily on someone else’s material. For example, we would not have a Danielle LaPorte Desire Map workshop … unless Danielle is joining us to teach it 😉
  • The Camp is open to all genders, so we prefer workshops that are in service to anyone on the path. In other words, women-only workshops or content are better suited to women-only events.
  • We at Souldust are continuously striving to be culturally and socially self-aware, which is a work in progress! We trust that you exhibit the same cultural sensitivity in your workshop content.
  • There is the opportunity to creatively integrate teaching with camp amenities – archery, canoes/kayaks, climbing wall. Contact us if you have questions about what’s on the property.

A little more about workshop logistics…

  • Workshops can be held indoors or outdoors. We use traditional summer camps, typically heavier on outdoor spaces.
  • Workshops are either 2 or 4 hours in length. Morning movement workshops are maximum 1 hour.
  • Workshops must support a minimum capacity of 15 campers (35 for movement), setting aside venue constraints.

We understand you may have additional questions about compensation, incentives, requirements and more. Some of this may be answered in the application.  The remaining information will be made available when an invitation to teach has been issued, after we review your application. Questions? Feel free to reach out to us at

Still interested?

Submit your application below.

This application takes at the most 15-20 minutes to complete, if you already have an idea of what your workshop will be.  It has the option to save if you need to step away. We review submissions and send invitations on an ongoing basis. We typically confirm a Camp lineup 6+ months before the event. As we have limited space, we will also send you a note if we’re unable to include you this time around.

Application deadline to be considered for the Spring 2019 camp is November 15, 2018.