We are Family

There’s an interesting thing that happens in the Souldust community. We call it the “we” moment. When someone who is new to Souldust says at a camp or a retreat… “we should do XYZ next time” or “we should invite so-and-so to join us.” When they decide to become a member of the community instead of just a visitor passing through. When this happens, our hearts explode with delight and honor. Every. Single. Time.

These We’s are what sustain us, because Souldust is ultimately a grassroots effort, with plenty of heavy lifting behind the scenes to make the magic happen for each of our guests, our future community members. That heavy lifting is orchestrated by a small staff team, an army of volunteers, and a beautiful crew of teachers (aka guides).

Interested in becoming part of the experience, and maybe a future ‘we’? You can find out about opportunities in the team here, or apply to be a teacher here.

The Souldust Team

Rachel Ford

Souldust Founder

Michelle Stephens

Project Manager

The Souldust Community

Co-Creators of Infinite Awesomeness

Souldust Guides, Past + Present

Aaron Johnson

Holistic Resistance

Abigail Rose Clarke

Embodied Life Method

Alexis Saloutos

Founder, Chakredy

Andréa Ranae Johnson

Social Change Coach + Facilitator + Writer

Carla Jean Lundgren

Yoga for Anxiety & Healing

Daemond Arrindell

Poet, Performer, Teaching Artist

Darla Antoine

Ancestral Activist

Debby Fleming

Spiritual & Energetic Healing Practitioner

Dyana Valentine

Oracle in Residence

Dylan Wilder Quinn

Trans Healer + Community Builder

Eric Isaac

Sound Weaver

Heather A Adams

Space Holder, Clearer, Brightener

Heather Fantin

Breakthrough & Mindset Coach

Irene Ingalls

Sound Healing Practitioner

Jehey Vy

Medium + Energy Healer

Jennifer MacNiven

Wellness Coach + Joy Ringleader

Dr. Juliana Morris

Founder, Be Your Own (S)expert

Kirin Bhatti

Intuitive Counselor + Speaker

Laura Perlin

Ritualist + Ancestral Lineage Repair

Lola Medicine Keeper

Ceremonial Herbalist + Wild Witch

Lyla June

Poet, Musician & Activist

Mandy Greer

Fiber Artist + Performer

Mary DeJong

Deep Ecologist + Wild Soul Guide

Mellissae Lucia

Intuitive Artist + Mischief Maker

Michelle Allen

Ecotherapist + Intuitive Healer

Miik Wells

Cheshire Catalyst

Nicole Donovan

Earth Medicine Warrior

Niema Lightseed

Medicinal Poet + Embodiment Teacher

Porsha Beed

Holistic Resistance

Preston Coyote Vargas

Reclaiming Witch + Oracular Artist

Rachael Maddox

Trauma Resolution + Pleasure as Power

Rachel Ford

Souldust Founder + Shenanigans Ringleader

Rian Roberson

Psychic Guardian + Space Wizard

Rosie Llewellyn

Practitioner of Yoga, Art & Wild Happenings

Sarah Love McCoy

Inspirational Artist and Love Activator

So Sinopoulos-Lloyd

Queer Nature

Spring Courtright

Kayak Guide + Environmental Educator

Suzanne Ragan Lentz

Energy Intuitive + Shamanic Herbalist

Tigre Pickett

Wild Earth Mystic + Guide

Vanessa Couto

Artist + Archetypal Astrologer

Veronica Smith

Intuitive Astrologer

Whitney Freya

Creative Visionary

Xanne Sarka

aka "Xaxxie-K"