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Welcome to Souldust

We are an open-hearted community of soulful seekers, who gather together to reconnect with our deepest knowing, through exploration, creativity and adventure.

Travel Retreats

Souldust Bali:
Immerse Yourself in Joy

April 21-28, 2017
Bali, Indonesia
Honor your sacred inner light on the Island of the Gods.
Feel the Joy


Camp Souldust:
Magic in the Woods

April 21-24, 2017
Key Peninsula, Washington
Summer camp + soul work = magic.
claim your bunk!

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Rebirth the Senses

The world is full of magic things,
patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.
~ W.B. Yeats

What would it take to experience life vividly every day?
To live lit up, turned on, tuned in?
Wake me Up

We Believe

In approaching life as both curious seeker and deep listener.
In the magic of trusting creativity and intuition.
In the spiritual power of towering trees and crashing waves.
In connections forged around kitchen tables and campfires.
In community, and a willingness to show up, see and be seen.
That the soul of the world lives in all of us. In you.

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Rachel Ford

Souldust Founder + Guide

Jennifer MacNiven

Souldust Guide

Nicole Marie LM, CPM

Souldust Guide

Gail Jessen

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Carla Jean Lundgren

Souldust Guide

Veronica Smith

Souldust Guide

Mellissae Lucia

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Debby Fleming

Souldust Guide

“The workshop was fun, creative and enlightening.  Thank you for your perspective on our collages – interesting, thoughtful, and thought-provoking.  I think your title of ‘intuitive collage workshop’ describes it well.  It was fun, revealing, tapped into a creative side (which some people may think they don’t have) and intimate – surprisingly so.  The process provides an opportunity to get  a different perspective and reflect on oneself.”

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