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camps and retreats

Step away from the chaos of everyday life and reconnect with your natural instinct at our soul-quenching camps and retreats.

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creative workshops

Remove the grey outer armor of expectations and make space for your inner technicolor self through creative, intuitive workshops.

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travel adventures

Experience the wonder of discovering yourself by connecting with the creative soul of a new place or culture in our curated travel adventures.

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one-on-one mentoring

Take a practical, playful one-on-one journey of the soul with us, to create a life that aligns inside and out.

  • welcome to souldust

    Together we shake off the dust of everyday life and create a bit of
    honest, much-needed space.

    Together we gather for creative, intuitive experiences under starry-skied nights. We find our paths and other like-minded people.

    Silence the chaos and reconnect to your true self. You don’t have to live in shades of gray when a colorful soul is dying to get out.

    Here we take the first step of a pilgrimage back to
    who you are and who you want to be.

    read our manifesto
  • Awaken in the City of Light

    Paris awakens the senses on every street corner, cobblestone lane and park bench -- beauty is in the DNA of everything you eat, do and see. When immersed in this beauty, it’s impossible not to catch a glimpse of the same beauty within yourself.

    Join us on a magical week in France where we rebirth your authentic, lit-up self through a delightful exploration of experiences and people who will engage your heart, soul and senses.

    Spaces are filling up. Register now to claim your room in our gorgeous French chateau!

    mais oui!
  • Wander to Wonder

    Ever felt lost? Maybe you woke up one day to a nagging whisper of “how did I get here?” Perhaps you’ve felt your true self slip away slowly, over the years. Been there, done that.

    It’s time to channel your inner Indiana Jones – treat the search for your inner light as a great adventure. We have created a FREE eBook, full of curated inspiration, thoughts on this idea of wandering back to yourself, and easy practices to help clear the cobwebs.

    download now
  • The world is full of magic things...


    What would it take for you to experience life vividly every day? To live in a way that’s lit up, turned on, tuned in? To hit the reset button and wake up, like Dorothy moving from Kansas to Oz? To have nothing short of a rebirth - a sensory awakening that dissipates the numbness clogging up your life?

    Join us for a 1-week technicolor journey, in our FREE Rebirth of the Senses mini e-course.

    Wake me up

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“I’m not really a crafts kind of person and I not only found this fun, but also fascinating. I found this exercise to be an incredibly effortless way to peel back the layers of pretense and see and articulate different aspects of myself in a way I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

- Megan S., Soulful Vision Boards

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