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Camp Souldust
Magic in the Woods

Returning April 20-23, 2018
Key Peninsula, Washington
Summer camp + soul work = magic.
claim your bunk!

We Believe

In approaching life as both curious seeker and deep listener.
In the magic of trusting creativity and intuition.
In the spiritual power of towering trees and crashing waves.
In connections forged around kitchen tables and campfires.
In community, and a willingness to show up, see and be seen.
That the soul of the world lives in all of us. In you.

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“I loved the carefree atmosphere you created by unleashing my messy monster. tearing into paper and throwing it on the floor was liberating. I loved that I did not have to make too many choices. This could have gone art depot crazy with glitter, stencils, markers, etc. which would have totally overwhelmed me.”

“The workshop was fun, creative and enlightening.  Thank you for your perspective on our collages – interesting, thoughtful, and thought-provoking.  I think your title of ‘intuitive collage workshop’ describes it well.  It was fun, revealing, tapped into a creative side (which some people may think they don’t have) and intimate – surprisingly so.  The process provides an opportunity to get  a different perspective and reflect on oneself.”

“The experience was challenging, enlightening, and stays with you as you continue to explore what the picture you made means to you. It as very interesting to just let something hit you although you’re not sure why it resonates with you. Also, Rachel was very knowledgable, which was great.”

It was incredible. Rachel was an amazing facilitator. There were so many small details that made it magical.  The exercises that she walked us through helped me to dial into my first CDF’s. It was a safe space for sharing and self reflection. A poetry reading. A spiritual yoga practice. Sisterhood.

“Overall, my experience at the event was exhilarating, restoring and superb. I also loved meeting new friends along this journey, all of us live diverse lives, but this retreat brought us together for just a few moments that will bind us together for many moments to come.”

“My experience was awesome – I loved the combination of ritual and art. I totally felt safe; that a sacred space was created and held. I was able to explore, expand and contract as needed. I loved that we were all seen as capable and responsible for our own emotions – while also knowing there was support if asked. That’s the highest and greatest we can be for one another. Loved it!!”

“It was a beautiful and life-changing event for me.  At times I felt exhilarated and at other times I felt pain in a very deep place within, but I know that pain can often come with true self-work.  It’s just plain HARD at times to be truly honest with oneself and lay it bare for others.  Rachel and the other leaders were quite simply amazing and so full of knowledge, love, and acceptance.  It felt like an incredibly safe place to be as I and the other women became not only vulnerable to each other, but also to ourselves.  I walked away from the event feeling like I better understanding of myself and as well as a beautiful, loving, and trusting sisterhood.”

Intuitive collage has become a part of my whole being. I find myself needing it most when my head is cluttered and heart, shuttered. Upon completion of a small page, my soul feels heard, and mentally I am clearer to carry on about living, having wiped off the fog. In short, it is a sustainable practice for listening to the quiet voice.

“This workshop was about telling my mind and my mouth to take some time off and let my heart and subconscious do some talking. One of the best things for me was that parts of the workshop are timed. This made me let go. Let go of thinking too much and just let my subconscious do its thing and feel. I was intuitive and instinctual about the pages I was flipping through. What was speaking to me?

I ripped and cut images and words with abandon. When I finished, what I saw was a little freaky. I had put things that related to each other next to each other. I had a story to tell about where my inner self was that day. My heart was telling my head things to make me more aware of what I was feeling. With this workshop, I’ve taken home a technique that I can do to replace or complement my journaling.”

“Memorable, visionary, everyone should experience it.”

“This is an intimate learning process about oneself.  One can really dive deep into themselves/their soul, and your insights can really make a person feel or see something that has been in their “blind spot” for a short or long period.”

“I loved that it was all intuitive, no thinking required and the results were organic, interesting, whole process was fun.”

“I’m not really a crafts kind of person and I not only found this fun, but also fascinating. I found this exercise to be an incredibly effortless way to peel back the layers of pretense and see and articulate different aspects of myself in a way I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

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